20% of Americans Don't Want EVs

20% of Americans Don't Want EVs

According to a Consumer Reports poll issued Thursday, more than a quarter of Americans said they want nothing to do with electric vehicles and would not consider buying one.

The comes recent price hikes by EV manufacturers like Tesla and Rivian have been on the news. So it only makes sense that the most significant challenges to purchasing an EV according to those surveyed are its price, followed by range, and the availability of charging stations. However, Consumer Reports also discovered a new factor: a lack of knowledge or education about battery-electric vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. This is the problem we are trying to solve at Volty. By building a unified repository of all EV-related videos, customers can learn everything there is to learn about EVs all in one place.

According to the study of 8,027 respondents, 14% would certainly purchase or lease an electric-only car, 57% would consider obtaining one, and 28% would not contemplate buying one under any circumstance. The willingness to drive an electric car was also connected to age, income, and education level.

According to the report, a lack of information about potential financial incentives, tax credits, environmental effect, and how an EV operates is a crucial stumbling block in EV adoption. Almost half of all Americans (46%) are unaware of any incentives offered to EV owners.

"Some of us have reservations about the shift to electric vehicles because many of us are unfamiliar with them," said Dr. Quinta Warren, Consumer Reports' assistant director of environmental policy. "Expanding charging choices and increasing incentives, together with education efforts and allowing more people to physically experience EVs, may all help boost adoption."

When asked what their top three worries about purchasing or leasing an EV were, 61% mentioned charging logistics, 55% said the amount of miles the car can drive before needing to be charged, and 52% said the expenses of buying, owning, and maintaining an EV.

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