6 Best Electric Cars For Kids

6 Best Electric Cars For Kids

What are the best electric cars for kids?

While conversations about reducing carbon emissions are regarded as a topic for adults, it is beneficial to start kids while still young, on their journey towards environmentally-friendly mobility. There is no better way to do this than providing them with electric toy cars to drive and play with. Hopefully, the zero-emissions lesson will not be soon forgotten as they become vehicle purchasing adults.

Fortunately, there are good battery-powered kids' cars to choose from. They come in colorful varieties and styling that will appeal to your children. However, if you can’t be bothered going over lots of models, we have done that for you, and we present our picks of the best electric cars for kids.

Radio Flyer’s Tesla’s Cyberquad for Kids

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Yes, Tesla’s Cybertruck and its ATV companion are delaying as the company tries to sort out battery and production issues. However, your kids can have a taste of the Cyberquad with the Cyberquad for Kids by Radio Flyer. It is significantly more expensive than the rest of the EVs on this list at $1900, but that is because it is meant for "older" kids.

The ATV for "older" kids has some serious Cybertruck-inspired styling and can reach a blistering speed of 10 mph. Your offspring (or you) can ride for about 15 miles before the battery runs out. However, the Cyberquad sold out within hours on the Tesla website and is yet to be restocked. I personally reached out to Franz Holzhausen and asked whether this item would be restocked and from what I understand, they have received a lot of interest and are looking into it. 

If you were not lucky enough to get your hands on one of these bad boys, the Cyberbackpack has got you covered.

Radio Flyer’s Tesla’s Model S for Kids

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Radio Flyer also is responsible for the Tesla Model S kids electric car. Back in the day, you'd get this car as a gift from Tesla for referring someone to purchase a Tesla using your referral code. However, that program has since been discontinued. The only way you can get your hands on one of these today would be on eBay.

Little Brown Box’s Chevy Silverado

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If dad is a Silverado enthusiast, there is no reason why this model should not be added to the garage. It means your kids can be independent, even though they are not going beyond the front lawn. The Little Brown Box has you covered.

This model comes with a 12 V battery and reaches a ludicrous max speed of 3.7 mph. Max weight capacity is 66 pounds. There is comfortable kiddie-sized seating for one.

Moderno’s Ford Mustang

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Ford has been making great cars even before dad was born, and one of their most popular models is the Mustang line. Even Ford saw the benefits of making an electric version, which it called the Mustang Mach E, so why shouldn't junior have his own battery-powered little Mustang?

This model comes in colors that will make many adults drool including hot pink! Furthermore, the mini Mustang boasts a number of serious amenities like a leather (not exactly leather, but close) seat for the driver, an MP3 player, FM radio, and LED lights. It is also powered by a 12 V battery.

Costzon’s Mercedes Actros

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Some kids love trucks, and that is ok. While they will never be allowed near the steering wheel of a real one, your offspring can get a taste of the real deal by operating the Mercedes Actros. Fortunately, your kid won’t pollute the air as the miniature truck also runs on a 12 V battery that can last up to two hours of serious kid driving.

Kid drivers can also bring along toys for the ride in the storage compartment. Furthermore, this truck allows adults to take over the control to ensure safety. There are bright LED lights too.

McLaren 720s by Modern-Depo

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What if your cousin or kid wants something a bit flashy? The McLaren 720s by Modern-Depo is so close to the real deal that the young driver might not even notice the difference! Ok, the size is a dead giveaway, but it won’t matter at that age.

The car seats only one but makes up that drawback with other features like doors that open upwards like the real McLaren, LED lights, music player, suspension for smoother rides, parental control when you suspect things are getting out of hand, etc.

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