7 Ways Your Expensive Laptops Can Be Damaged in Backpacks 

7 Ways Your Expensive Laptops Can Be Damaged in Backpacks 

Imagine taking your laptop out of your backpack just to find the screen broken, or worse, doesn't even turn on. As sturdy as they might appear, laptops are fragile machines that can be seriously harmed or broken if they are not packed correctly in the right type of laptop bag. 

Here are 7 ways you can quickly damage a laptop in your backpack: 

  1. Broken screens: Your laptop screen is one of your laptop's most delicate and exposed parts. Loosely packed objects like pencils or earbuds inside the laptop can cause your laptop screen to break. 
  2. Dropping: Tossing your backpack onto a bed or allowing it to drop on the ground is not recommended as it can significantly impact the laptop. 
  3. Trauma: Your backpack may be able to handle getting knocked or banged around, but your laptop can't. The more padding your backpack has, the better.
  4. Weather damage: Not all backpacks are climate safe or water resistant, which means a stroll through the rain or snow could cause moisture to permeate the interior and damage your laptop. 
  5. Food/beverage damage: You might want to consider not sliding an uncovered laptop into a backpack with your lunch. Even if your food or drink is covered, an accidental spill could cause plenty of issues for your computer. So multiple-sized separated pockets are a must for any laptop backpack.
  6. Overloading: Just because your backpack can accommodate a lot of items doesn't mean you should overstuff it. Putting a laptop into an already-full backpack is a fast approach to potentially crushing it. Having a backpack that can be expanded in key.
  7. Pressure: You should also not let anything rest on your backpack while it contains your laptop. That's why having a hard shell backpack highly is beneficial because they retain the structure of your backpack even when something heavy rests on it.

How to Protect Laptop in Backpack in respect to the CyberBackpack 

  • Keep your laptop in its compartment: while placing a laptop in the Cyberbackpack, put it into the padded laptop compartment. Do not place it in other places other than its compartment because the laptop compartment in the Cyberbackpack contains a foam layer that prevents it from damaging during bumps or up and downs. 
  • Organize accessories in the backpack: If you are traveling with your laptop in a Cyberbackpack you must need its charger, external hard drives, flash drives, and other cables. Always put them into the separate compartments available in the Cyberbackpack. Don’t stuff them in with your laptop in the laptop compartment. A great advantage of organizing your accessories is that you do not have to search for each item in the Cyberbackpack because you will know the exact location of each item at a glance. 
  • Secure your laptop: Always make sure that any objects food or drinks present in the Cyberbackpack are properly closed and free from leakage because it might affect your laptop. Also, Keep your laptop far from oily things as the laptop is a gadget whose hardware is sensitive to liquids. So, it is not practical to pack your food in with your laptop. 
  • Grip your Cyberbackpack carefully: You should keep a grip on your Cyberbackpack and do not toss it randomly to any place as it can damage the laptop. Always keep your Cyberbackpack secure and refrain from hitting things with it because the resulting shock might break your laptop. And Always remember to zip the Cyberbackpack up and slide the zippers into the provided passcode lock to prevent the laptop from sliding out into the hard ground. 
  • Get a waterproof Backpack to protect your laptop from the rain: If you are going out and the weather changes leading to a downpour, you will need to safeguard any conventional backpack from the rain otherwise it will damage the laptop. So you need to figure out a way to keep your laptop dry while trekking in the rain. Luckily, the Cyberbackpack is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about this at all. 
  • Get an Anti-theft backpack: If you are leaving home with an expensive laptop like a Macbook Pro or Alienware laptop in a backpack, then chances of it getting stolen are always present. So one should buy an anti-theft backpack because its design and function are different from a conventional backpack. And guess what, the Cyberbackpack is an Anti-theft backpack with hidden pockets and a zipper that is also password protected. So unless the thief knows your passcode, they are quickly gonna get frustrated while trying to access your Cyberbackpack's inner compartment.

By keeping these safety precautions in mind, you can prevent damage to your laptop in the Cyberbackpack. Any little damage to your laptop causes a lot of worry and anxiety because they contain our lives and livelihood. Also fixing them can be quite expensive. But fret not, the Cyberbackpack has got you covered.

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