A Cybertruck Take on the Classic Trailer Camper

A Cybertruck Take on the Classic Trailer Camper

Tesla's Cybertruck. Whether you like it or not, the Bladerunner-style no-curves EV vehicle has a controversial effect. We've previously seen this futuristic pickup truck reinvented in nearly every automobile-related setting after Tesla started the trend with its own camper option that includes a tent and outside kitchen to guarantee you're one with nature while also being modern.

Yes, another outstanding and highly realistic rendering from Motorhome on YouTube that imagines a custom-made trailer is now available. It's nearly evocative of the famous Airstream trailer, but with a Bladerunner-esque look. I, for one, am not a camper in any way. However, if this were to become a reality, 

I could see myself being one with nature.

Because we just have an external rendering to rely on, we can't really imagine what the trailer life would look and feel like 'Cybertruck-style.' However, the designer's attention to detail and attention to the outside depiction is really excellent. From the matching wheels and wheel covers to the signature line lights, everything is in place. It even continues with the oddly shaped windows and straight outer lines devoid of any curves. If and when this trailer enters into production, it will do the same for the existing RV design, which has stubbornly remained practically untouched for decades, much like the Cybertruck did for pickup design and the Cyberbackpack did for backpack design.

Pulling this trailer, regardless of weight (as long as it's under 14,000 pounds), will be a piece of cake for the Cybertruck, which has a maximum pulling capacity of 14,000 pounds. Although the range will be slightly decreased when towing the trailer, the Cybertruck's anticipated 500+ mile range provides enough room to reach the nearest supercharger. Also, because most modern RV trailers already have solar power generation capacity, there is no doubt that the proposed roof of this trailer can more than accommodate enough solar panels to meet your trailer-life needs while also providing more power to the Cybertruck as a possible range extender – clever.

This trailer, with a suggested cost of $100,000, will undoubtedly be affordable to the frequently deep-pocketed Tesla owner. But for the rest of us, we may fantasize about this totally sustainable camping experience and hope to see it one day.

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