⚡️ Charging Your Electric Vehicle - Tesla Edition

⚡️ Charging Your Electric Vehicle - Tesla Edition

For those of you thinking of adding a Tesla to your garage, driveway, or carport (or side street) there are two very important aspects of fueling your new electric vehicle that you need to think about, understand and plan for before you make your purchase.

Both aspects center around the question of where to charge. If you have access to a garage or driveway, then home charging would be your easiest and most cost-effective (in the long run) option. However, if you do not have access to a garage or driveway, then public charging would be your best bet.

In this article, I give you a quick rundown of how both options work and can fit into your daily routine.

Charging at home

Because domestic charging is quick and economical, most electric car users charge their vehicles at home more than 80 percent of the time. Charging at a single-family house, typically in a garage, allows you to benefit from cheap, consistent domestic electricity costs. Over the course of a year, the cost of operating your automobile can be less than that of running an air conditioner.

Tesla suggests installing a Wall Connector for the optimum home charging experience. To charge at home, just plug in your car using the Wall Connector overnight and wake up with a completely charged battery.

Alternatively, adapters for 110 and 240-volt outlets come standard with all new Tesla vehicles. Depending on the automobile, this delivers 2 to 4 miles of range and up to 31 miles of range every hour of charging. Home charging allows you to save time and money while providing a convenience not available with gas-powered cars. The greatest thing is that you will never have to visit a gas station again.

Charging on the road

With access to tens of thousands of Superchargers worldwide, you're never far from quick, affordable, and fast charging. Simply input a location in your navigation screen, and your Tesla will direct you to Superchargers along the way.

You may enjoy surrounding facilities or simply sit back and relax in your Tesla at Superchargers. The Tesla app also allows you to check and control your charge. When you are ready to continue your journey, you will be alerted.

Tesla users may enjoy the flexibility of local and long-distance travel at a reasonable price thanks to the world's biggest charging network. To put the cost of Supercharging into perspective, a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles will cost around $15, while a drive from Los Angeles to New York will cost about $120.

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