Citroen Mini EV Sells Out in Under 18 Minutes Then Takes Swipe at Elon

Citroen Mini EV Sells Out in Under 18 Minutes Then Takes Swipe at Elon

A limited-edition of 50 Citroen tiny electric cars were sold out in less than 18 minutes, according to parent firm Stellantis (STLA.MI), prompting the French brand to send a playful greeting to electric car pioneer Elon Musk.

"Sorry Elon, the only way to get one is to buy us," Citroen stated on a billboard outside Paris' Gare de L'Est train station, referring to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's penchant for transactions, which recently included a $44 billion offer for Twitter.

The billboard quote is intriguing. This is not the first time a car manufacturer has mocked Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Tesla is one of the world's best EV manufacturers (in many countries). It is viewed as a competition by every incoming and present EV manufacturer. Citroen selling out of its Ami automobiles in such a short period of time comes as no surprise, according to the phrase on the billboard.

Citroen has sold 22,000 Ami electric vehicles in Morocco, Europe, and Turkey since the model's debut in April 2020. The vehicle is manufactured in Morocco and does not require a driver's license. 

The canopy is replaced with a canvas that can be folded back for the limited edition "My Ami Buggy" variant, and metal tube gates replace the doors. It is priced at 9,790 euros ($10,361). It is only available online and should definitely make it into our cheapest electric vehicles list.

Citroen claimed in a statement, "The fastest buyer completed the whole purchase procedure and received his 'My Ami Buggy' in under 2 minutes and 53 seconds."

Citroen revealed plans to produce a $6,000 electric vehicle last year. It was expected to begin in the United States with a subscription service. It is likewise identical to the above-mentioned limited edition in size and appearance from a distance.

The limited-edition, on the other hand, has its own set of distinctions. In May, the business revealed that it will debut EV vehicles in India in 2023. There are no specifics regarding the features or specs. Hopefully, they will launch in the US soon as micro-mobility vehicles are exploding in the US

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