Cybertruck Copycats From Canada To Russia

Cybertruck Copycats From Canada To Russia


This Cybertruck build was first spotted in a video while being driven down a busy expressway. We can tell right away that this was someplace in Europe by glancing at the license plate. Some more research and confirmation from some of our Instagram followers via their comments helped us narrow down the location of this Cybertruck construction to Russia. Our version of the sighting has received almost 50,000 views on Instagram alone, demonstrating that the public's obsession with the Cybertruck is far from gone.

Armed with the location of this Cybertrock construction, we were able to uncover some additional films of it and stitched together the longest video online for what we're dubbing the Cybertruckski.

Russian Cybertruck

Here's another one also from Russia.

Russian Cybertruck


Hacksmith is a Canadian group of creators that take fictitious concepts from movies, comic books, and video games and turn them into real-world functional prototypes. They bent the truck bed out of a single sheet of metal, much like Tesla does for the whole body of the Cybertruck, according to their Instagram photos tracking the creation. The additional sections were then plasma cut and tak-welded together to finish the full body frame. The drivetrain appears to be made of go-kart components. All in all, this is the most faithful duplicate we've seen thus far, measuring in at 1:2 scale. As a result, we'll refer to it as the Replica.

Canadian Cybertruck


This Cybertruck is more of a Cyberflunk. He definitely get’s an A for effort but that’s about it. We were only able to get a photo of this build so we are not sure if it actually functions or not. If anyone has more info about this photo, please let us know. We are calling this the Cyberflunk.

Cybertruck fail


This one is by Motortrend Max. He uploaded a video of the completed result on his YouTube channel. We're not sure about the construction procedure because he didn't record it as Hachsmith did. I liked the LED lights on the floor that displayed the Tesla logo. It's a great touch that reminds you of the feeling of wealth you get when you open the doors of a luxury vehicle. Because this Cybertruck construction has a Mad Max vibe about it, I'll call it the Cybermax.

Fan Made Cybertruck

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