Everything You Need To Know AboutThe Tesla Bot

Everything You Need To Know AboutThe Tesla Bot

It is incredible the number of fronts Elon Musk is leading a revolution. He has completely altered the world of electric vehicles (for good), upended the space industry, and will soon put an implant in the human brain. There is, however, another aspect of human life that Musk is impacting hugely; labor! The billionaire multiple-CEO has revealed the Tesla Bot, and it promises to change how we view work!

What is the Tesla Bot, and what does it mean for you? Keep reading this article to find out.

What is the Tesla Bot?

The Tesla Bot is a humanoid robot that is equipped with Artificial Intelligence. It will balance on its two legs and carry out tasks autonomously.

Musk revealed the human-sized robot at the last Tesla AI Day event, even though he hired an actor to wear a costume and pretend to be a robot during the presentation.

The Tesla Bot is unmistakable with its black face and white body if that is Tesla’s final design. The robot appears to be wearing boots as if it is ready for serious work.

Musk revealed the Tesla Bot would use tech that his company already owned. It will use Autopilot and Full Self-Driving to navigate its environment. Musk says Tesla cars are robots already and all the company needs to figure out is how to make them work on two limbs.

To address the fears of people getting scared of the Tesla Bot, Musk said they would be made less powerful than the average human.

What is the Tesla Bot going to do?

According to Musk, the Tesla Bot will do tedious, repetitive, and dangerous work. He sees the Tesla Bot replacing humans at labor eventually. Since they will be expendable, Tesla Bot can be deployed in situations where humans cannot cope. They will also work long hours since they are robots, unlike humans. They will also be more economical for manufacturing.

Musk also wants the Tesla Bot to fill a need it can see looming. He feels there will be a labor shortage as the human population reduces, a side effect of civilization. The birth rate is dropping almost everywhere. Exports are already warning that the dwindling population can affect the world economy.

However, apart from industrial applications, the Tesla Bot will work in domestic settings too. You will be able to send the Tesla Bot to the store, for example, or help with chores around the home.

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