How Owning A Tesla Can Improve Your Family Life

How Owning A Tesla Can Improve Your Family Life

In case you haven't noticed, electric vehicles are the automobile industry's future. Cars now operate on electricity, and the demand for gasoline is constantly decreasing. This is why Tesla, the world leader in electric car innovation, continues to gain widespread acceptance.

However, other people believe that Tesla automobiles are solely for computer bros and fast-living business types who can live their life without worrying about marriages or children. We're here to disprove that misconception. To that end, here are several key ways in which you, as a family lady (or man), may profit from owning a Tesla.

The money savings are incredible

Tesla Powerwall Savings

There is almost no way to discuss electric automobiles, particularly Tesla ones, without mentioning money savings. To begin with, electric vehicles are powered by electricity, so you will never have to pay for gasoline again.

Consider this: you don't have to waste time queuing at the gas station or put up with the foul odor of gasoline. That time will now be spent doing something productive, perhaps with your spouse or children. Furthermore, the money you save by not purchasing fuel may be spent on more important things, such as your family or Tesla accessories.

Also, if you don't want to pay that much money upfront, Tesla provides its own lease program. Furthermore, you do not have to buy a brand new Tesla to experience the benefits of having a Tesla; you can just purchase a used Tesla. Check out our article on what to look for when buying a used Tesla.

Minimal maintenance will definitely free you up for some precious family time

Tesla service maintenance

Electric vehicles typically have fewer moving components, which means you won't have to spend as much money on routine maintenance. In fact, this is one of the most important benefits that electric automobiles have over regular, gasoline-powered vehicles.

Apart from tire replacements and maybe dealing with uncommon and infrequent battery troubles, you don't need to be concerned about maintenance expenditures. With these maintenance savings, you can simply transport your children without worrying about unforeseen issues that may cause your automobile to break down.

You can bring your kids to soccer practice on time, get them up from school, and do so many other things with a car...all without the worry of a maintenance stop. Furthermore, if you get into an accident (through no fault of your own), Tesla has you covered with their collision repair service.

Charging is very easy and convenient

Tesla Model X Supercharging

When you have a Tesla, all you need to ensure that it runs efficiently is a good charging location in your home or near your home. Another factor that you should consider is the level of convenience that these cars bring. Each Tesla comes equipped with it’s charging cable and you can take it with you everywhere for charging on the go.  

A lot of buildings are beginning to have charging spots for electric vehicles. It’s like having a mobile petrol station with you everywhere you go; the only difference is that with a Tesla, you have a green mobile petrol station that doesn’t emit any environmentally-dangerous and toxic chemicals.

Not to mention the Tesla Supercharger network, which presently has 1533 Supercharger stations and 13,344 Superchargers worldwide, ensuring that you are never too far away from adequate charging no matter where you are.

Let’s not forget about the Tesla Supercharger network that currently numbers 30,000+ global Supercharger stations all around the world which ensures that you are never too far away from adequate charging no matter where you are.

No more Range Anxiety

Tesla Model S Range


One of the main issues about Teslas and other electric vehicles is their restricted range on a single charge. Of course, this is reasonable; with a restricted range, there is always the risk of running out of energy in the middle of a trip.

However, given that all Teslas have a range of at least 250 miles, that concern has been totally dispelled.

Take, for example, the above-mentioned 2018 Tesla Model S. The range of this car is 370 miles (or 595 km). With this kind of range (though keep in mind that you only get this range when the vehicle's battery is fully charged; something that only takes about an hour at most) you can definitely get around; get your kids to school, get to work (and if you're lucky, your workplace has a charging spot that you can use to top off), and run a few errands throughout the day. When you consider that most individuals travel roughly 30 miles each day, having a Tesla makes perfect sense.

No more air pollution

Family wearing gas mask due to pollution

Aside from the economic and practical benefits of Teslas, there is also a health and psychological benefit that many people overlook.

Consider this: when you buy a Tesla, you no longer have to worry with the dreadful air and noise pollution caused by a combustion engine. No, literally; you don't even get a whiff of gasoline, and it's better for the environment.

Consider this: The horrible sensation you get in your stomach or chest when you smell fuel will no longer bother you! Your children will no longer have to deal with such an unpleasant odor in the future. You have to admire that.

Also, remember that the electric motors that come with Teslas make them completely silent while being driven. With Teslas, the only noise that you will ever get to hear is the noise that your tires emit when they make contact with the road; that smooth, easy sound that doesn’t make you or your kids want to rip your ears out.

They pack a punch and can fulfill your need for speed

Tesla Roadster

There is a common misconception that electric automobiles cannot compete with combustion engine vehicles in terms of speed, implying that you are sacrificing power to save money. Tesla has completely demolished that fallacy.

One of the things that attracts people to Teslas is the fact that they are likely the quickest and most powerful automobiles on the road. Moving up hills and turning like a pro is significantly more exciting in a Tesla than in any Ferrari or Lamborghini.

All of this comes with the bragging rights that you can beat almost any car in a drag race while still saving a lot of money! 

Tesla won't make you or your kids sick

David is this real life meme

Car sickness is a nightmare, especially for children and pregnant women.

Car sickness is mainly caused by petrol emitted from the gas tank, along with the constant vibration of the combustion engine, and it is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women. However, another significant advantage of Teslas is that they do not produce any petrol odors (they do not operate on gasoline, remember), thus you or your children will never get car sick.

This health benefit is extremely beneficial to anyone (or thing) that relies on breathing in oxygen for survival.

Another important source of vehicle sickness is the jerkiness and physical effect that an automobile produces when maneuvering, climbing hills, or driving across uneven terrain. Teslas can sustain significant degrees of imbalance thanks to its industry-leading smart suspension, which continually adapts to road conditions. Teslas can also memorize a terrain and then alter their suspension the next time you drive through it.

So, are you sold yet?

If you like this essay and are in the market for a new Tesla, Tesla has an incredible referral program that provides you 1000 free supercharging miles if you use a referral code when you make your purchase. As a Model S and Model X owner, I can promise you that purchasing a Tesla will be the finest automotive purchase you've ever made and will ever make in your life.

However, if you simply cannot afford a Tesla on account of their high prices, fear not, you can grab a Cyberbackpack instead. It's definitely not your grandpas's backpack.

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