Netflix and your Tesla

Netflix and your Tesla

Tesla vehicles are the present that keeps on Tesla owners. Throughout history, rare and exotic cars were the only vehicles that increased in value or got more desirable over time. For over a century, when you buy an automobile and drive it off the lot, it became stuck in time.

All of the features and capabilities that the car had on the day you acquired it was locked in, and nothing new could be added. However, Tesla, with its OTA (Over The Air) updates, ushered in a new future where mass-market vehicles are capable of increasing their intrinsic value and worth over time.

For a while, Tesla vehicles were the only vehicles on the market today that could improve over time without the need for additional hardware. This was part of Elon Musk's experience as a software developer where there is no such thing as a final product. As software products are continually evolving, so are Tesla vehicles.

It wasn't long before the automotive industry took notice and started implementing OTA features into their vehicles. Now it is standard at least for all-electric vehicles released in the last few years.

This brings me to Netflix because as I realized over the holiday weekend, you can now have as much fun sitting in a Tesla as you can driving one. Tesla has offered the ability to access Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ Youtube, and some social media platforms like TikTok for some time now. However, I have never really had the opportunity or needed to use them because I mostly charge at home.
This past weekend was different as I drove from Los Angeles to San Diego in my Tesla Model X. As you guessed, I had to make a few Supercharger stops for about 50 min on average, and what better time to catch up on my Netflix shows.
Tesla has done a great job creating a very immersive and theatrical experience within the cabin of your Tesla. From the comfy seats and surround sound, you almost feel like you are in an old-school drive-in movie theatre.

Elon Musk, in my opinion, should stop teasing us and simply start selling in-car movie releases for Tesla owners to purchase and watch in their Teslas - sort of a Tesla-only Pay Per View as opposed to going to the movies and paying $100 for a family of 4 including snacks and soda. I would gladly forego the movie theater experience every now and again in order to view the latest MCU blockbuster movie in the luxury and privacy of my Tesla Model X.

"When complete self-driving is allowed by authorities, we will enable video while moving," Musk stated on Twitter. Netflix, YouTube, and additional console entertainment options are now paired with Autopilot V10, Tesla's driving assistance technology, which is released to all Tesla vehicles in 2019.

The V10 Autopilot software also ushered in superior driving on the highway, improved red signal, stop sign detection, as well as Smart Summon. Smart Summon is one of the most futuristic capabilities that are now available in Tesla vehicles. Cars equipped with this capability can automatically navigate a parking lot, find an open parking place, and return to you when requested.

So you just pull up to the entrance of a parking lot, exit your Tesla, and then send your Tesla on its way to find a parking place with the click of a button on your smartphone's Tesla app. Gone are the days when you wasted important shopping time driving aimlessly around a 6-story parking lot looking for a parking spot. Although there is no indication of what your Tesla will do if it cannot find a parking spot. But I'm sure Tesla will soon figure it out.

By the way, it is expected that the soon-to-be-released Cybertruck will have the most advanced version of Tesla's Autopilot Software and still be at a price point that is accessible to many Americans. Elon Musk confirmed a 2023 delivery date for the Cybertruck which marks the fourth time he has promised delivery of the Cybertruck. Perhaps giving a Cyberbackpack to every Cybertruck reservation holder as a gesture of gratitude for their tremendous patience might just break the internet.



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