Tesla Needs A Cybertruck Mode That Turns Your Tesla Into A Cybertruck

Tesla Needs A Cybertruck Mode That Turns Your Tesla Into A Cybertruck

The most successful brands are created with love in mind. And, clearly, Tesla is experiencing a lot of love. However, Tesla provides an excellent ownership experience that includes (but is not limited to) access to its supercharger network, no fuss service facilities, low-pressure sales process, software upgrades with easter eggs, and invitations to Tesla's fantastic events, to mention a few.

In the spirit of easter eggs, I suggest that Elon Musk and Tesla include a 'Cybertruck' mode in existing Tesla automobiles. This should feature the option to change the GUI representation of your Tesla (and any vehicles around) on the dashboard and center touch screen into a Cybertruck, among other things. A suspension and ride haptics setting that simulates or mimics the ride and handling of a Cybertruck wouldn't hurt.

Tesla Cybertruck Mode

Why Is This Important?

As proven by over 1,200,000-3,000,000 pre-orders (depending on who you ask), the Cybertruck is now the trendiest and most talked about automotive either in existence or soon to be in existence. It is also undoubtedly Tesla's greatest asset right now, and Tesla would be well to extend that coolness to its existing lineup as quickly as possible before the buzz wears off.

Because Cybertrucks will not be available for purchase until 2021, the next best thing is for current Tesla owners to be able to play make-believe with their current Tesla models through a digital transformation/representation of their Tesla vehicles into Cybertrucks within their dashboards and center touch screens.

Some Background

Tesla has done this previously. Exhibit A is the Tesla dashboard's 'James Bond mode,' which enables you to think you're driving the famed submersible Lotus Esprit from the enormously loved James Bond films.

It Makes Absolute Sense

Tesla (and Elon Musk) are well-known for incorporating fascinating easter egg elements into their automobiles while remaining loyal to their software heritage. When Tesla customers receive notification that a new software update is on its way or has been loaded, they experience a level of exhilaration that only Tesla owners experience.

I refer to it as 'Update Day,' and it occurs frequently, lending validity to the claim that, unlike other vehicles, which depreciate with time, the Tesla increases in value from day to day with new capabilities that it was not capable of when you first got the vehicle. It's no surprise that the Tesla Model S has been named the world’s best automobile for the third year in a row by Consumer Reports, as it continues to wow both admirers and skeptics.

Tesla Update

The James Bond Mode

Simply tap the Tesla logo at the top of the 17-inch screen to enable James Bond Mode, and you'll be presented with a range of easter egg feature options, including the Lotus Esprit submersible. A second tap on the Lotus Esprit submarine picture changes your Tesla (virtually) into a submarine similar to the Lotus Esprit submersible.

Musk, like the quintessential James Bond Elon, is the mastermind behind every new Easter Egg feature released to Tesla vehicles. In a case of art imitating life, Musk also purchased the actual James Bond's transformable submarine featured in The Spy Who Loved Me for $866,00 back in 2013 and gave Tesla owners the chance to live their 007 fantasy as part of the v5.9 software upgrade.

I recently had the opportunity to witness the Lotus Esprit submersible up close and personal at the Cybertruck announcement event at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California. My objective is to start a petition on Change.org asking Elon Musk and Tesla to examine, review, and add a 'Cybertruck Mode' easter egg feature in the next Tesla software update. If you agree and would want to see this function implemented in the next Tesla software update, please sign the petition below.

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