The Aptera is a 1000-Mile Range Electric Vehicle That Will Add 40 Miles Per Day From Solar Panels

The Aptera is a 1000-Mile Range Electric Vehicle That Will Add 40 Miles Per Day From Solar Panels

Electric cars emit no pollutants. But what if you could combine solar panels with electric vehicles? This will lessen reliance on electricity generated by emission-producing power plants for charging.

This is the first post in a series about Solar Electric Vehicles (SEVs). The Aptera is the subject of this article. on Aptera

Aptera is manufactured by Aptera, a San Diego, California-based firm founded by Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony. This is the company's second effort to create a SEV. The startup has so far raised $28 million in investor funding. The SEV has received around 13,000 pre-orders. By the way, if you are wondering what's that by the Aptera wheel, it's a Cyberbackpack.

Aptera Interior

While powered by a battery, the Aptera stands apart from other EVs due to its three wheels and unusual design, which gives the impression that it is about to take off towards the sky. According to Aptera, the body is inspired by race vehicles and military planes.

Aside from the driver, there is space for an additional passenger, as well as 25 cubic feet of cargo space in the back.

Aptera interior

Aptera says that the SEV's unusual form increases efficiency by allowing it to glide through the air with 30% less energy. It is possible to go up to 1,000 kilometers on a single charge, which is unprecedented in the EV business. In comparison, the Lucid Air Dream Edition, which has a range of 520 miles, is the longest-range EV in production.

Buyers, on the other hand, may never need to plug in the Aptera to charge it thanks to one of its unique characteristics. It is outfitted with diamond-shaped solar panels that efficiently capture solar energy. With a constant power output of 700 watts, the Aptera SEV can travel 40 miles per day, which is sufficient for most drivers.

The solar panels enable the Aptera to be used even in areas with limited charging options and for those who choose to go off-grid.

The Aptera is a quick EV, capable of reaching 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The two front wheels are driven by a 110-hp electric motor.

Aptera has begun beta testing and plans to begin production in 2022 in a new assembly plant in Southern California. With 3D printing, AI, and a composite body, the business hopes to revolutionize car manufacturing.

Aptera Solar EV

You may reserve your own Aptera for $70 (refundable). Prices begin at $25,900.

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