The Best EV Channels On YouTube

The Best EV Channels On YouTube

Some of the best channels today are found on OTT or streaming platforms. If you are a fan of automotive content, there is no reason you can’t find the channels that you love on popular video streaming platforms like Volty TV!

This is the first installment in my series of articles on the best automotive channels on streaming platforms. Today, we dive into YouTube!

YouTube needs no introduction as it is where we first head to when looking for a particular type of content. There is a bewildering array of videos to choose from, including from amateurs to professional studios. We have helped you comb through the lot to locate the best EV automotive channels.

Fully Charged Show

This YouTube channel is a bit different from the rest because it focuses on electric vehicles and clean energy. If you desire to reduce your carbon footprint, follow Robert Llewellyn as he busts myths about renewable energy and goes into detail about owning and operating electric vehicles. Join his 882,000 subscribers that do not want to miss his videos.

Two Bit da Vinci

This Youtube channel is run by Ricky and it focuses on the latest and future trends in technology, energy, and transportation. 268,000 subscribers keep returning to watch Ricky’s content which answers questions like why an e-bike should be your first EV, comparing EV startups and legacy auto manufacturers, etc.

Ben Sullins

This Youtube channel has amassed nearly a quarter of a million subscribers and 50 million views by using data to tell stories of sustainable living. The channel covers different electric vehicles, from Tesla to Lucid and Rivian. You can also learn how to make water right on your roof, with Ben speaking from experience, of course. The host will also show you how to upgrade your Tesla car or buy an old one.

Tesla Raj

This channel brings the best content centered around Tesla cars, with the aim of educating the public about the American EV maker. If you are a Tesla fan, you will feel at home as there is a community built around this YouTube channel.

Tesla Economist

Are you interested in Tesla stock? Whether you own some shares or not, you will find this channel interesting, with its Economist view. With over 38K subscribers, this host combines 25 years of stock market experience with a love of automobiles and a special interest in Tesla. Disclaimer: the host is heavily invested in Tesla and has no other stocks.

E for Electric

For the best daily scoop and analysis of the electric vehicle industry, look no further than the ‘E for Electric’ YouTube channel. Get updates from Tesla, Chevrolet, Lucid, Nissan, BMW, and many other companies. Almost 164,000 subscribers look forward to videos from ‘E for Electric’.

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