The Cost if Having a Tesla After 5 Years – Is It Worth It?

The Cost if Having a Tesla After 5 Years – Is It Worth It?

We will utilize the Tesla Model S as a case study to see how a Tesla keeps up after around five years of operation. With an analysis of numerous customers' experiences, you'll be able to read an in-depth assessment regarding how the Model S holds up after five years and if it's truly worth it.

The Battery Pack

We're sure the greatest question on your mind right now is how the battery pack will function over the next half-decade. Mileage is one of the elements examined to assess its health, and age is another one that might affect its performance in the long run. So, if you bought your Model S in 2017 and still have the factory-fitted original battery pack, you'll be astonished to learn that it still has a ton of range. This means you can start looking at how time affects the battery vs. those who log thousands of miles on the road each year. The Tesla Model S P100 has a range of around 426 kilometers.

However, after 5 years, it would have dropped to around 403 km when completely charged. This indicates just a 6% deterioration after five years, which in my professional judgment, is pretty outstanding and demonstrates that Tesla's batteries indeed have sophisticated charge management as well as cooling technology.

The Car

The automobile will far exceed your expectations. Assume you purchased the car in excellent condition with minor touch-ups performed by Tesla through their recertification procedure. Almost everyone who isn't familiar with Tesla automobiles would believe you received the car as a whole new model. Anyone would be surprised to notice that a car that is about five years old still has a new look.

The automobile itself will far exceed your expectations. Assume you purchased the car in immaculate condition, with minor touch-ups performed by Tesla through its recertification procedure. Almost everyone who is unfamiliar with Tesla automobiles would believe you purchased the car as a completely new model. Anyone would be surprised to see an automobile that is over five years old yet looking new.

The Interior

After five years, you still notice that the car feels quite sturdy when driving, and its ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds will have you smiling the entire time. Basically, no matter how many kilometers you drive, the ride is virtually smooth, and even if you start to detect wind noise, it is still very small, and all other aspects of the car perform as intended. There may be some small difficulties with one or two parts failing, but as soon as you call the Tesla service team, a service specialist will come to your home and fix it.

This is one of the most common criticisms, especially when considering the Model S's most current models. This is largely about the vehicle seats. The amount of wear on them is relatively low, which is a good thing, but because Tesla only began to enhance its seats in recent years, the feel of the seats may not be what you want. When comparing Tesla's most recent automobiles to previous generations, the distinction is evident.

In my professional opinion, this type of issue should not be expected from a $100k vehicle in the past or now. This is not to mean that the car seat will provide you a horrible driving experience. No, not at all. However, what we mean is that when you sit in the newer Model S models and then return to the older models, you truly want them replaced.

The Positives

When it comes to the Tesla Model S, there are several advantages to consider. This is about the inside. One of the main reasons why people adore the brand is that its interior has some amount of durability after 5 years. It is quite effective at aging. Initially, upon its debut, the concern was that the cabin seemed a little cheap in comparison to the standard experience in premium automobiles.

However, many people now would agree that Tesla's strategy, which employed a minimalistic approach centered around enormous displays, was a really clever move. This is why the Model 3s have a much simpler interior.

Fast forward 5 years, and this car is still capable of receiving software upgrades aimed at improving the driver's experience. With all of this in mind, the argument is that the Model S is completely worth it since it stands the test of time.

The degree of depreciation on a Tesla vehicle is actually rather low, especially if maintained carefully. So, if you are interested in acquiring a Tesla but your budget does not allow for the purchase of a brand new Tesla model car, one choice is to look into Tesla certified used automobiles. You may be confident that these cars will last for many years.

From the battery to the interior to the car itself, you can be confident that you will be getting a Tesla that is made to last. Now if all this makes sense and you're thinking it's more cost effective to get a used Tesla as opposed to breaking the bank for a new one, you can checkout my guide to buying a used Tesla.

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