THE TESLA SEMI – What We Know So Far

THE TESLA SEMI – What We Know So Far

So, a lot of people are wondering if there is a potential for the Tesla Semi to seriously compete and disrupt the trucking industry.

For some people, it could come as a surprise to find out that Tesla is not just a car maker. In the coming years, we’ll get to see electric Semi trucks from Tesla transporting shipments from one state to another. So, let us delve into the Tesla Semi and what we know so far.

The latest

It is expected that the Tesla Semi will be launched sometime in 2023. When we take a look at the rather colorful history of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk when it comes to release dates, we have reason to believe that this date may be a mere suggestion rather than a fact. However, this is every indication that there’s progress being made on the Tesla Semi truck as it has been seen in various locations throughout the United States in places like the superchargers, as well as, Tesla factories. In fact, it has been spotted making Tesla deliveries to customers.

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Some stuff that you probably missed – let’s catch you up on that

The announcement of the Tesla Semi by Elon Musk was made in 2017 during an event held by Tesla. According to Musk, the truck will be powered by a battery that comes in two options. The first option is the 300-mile range pack while the second option is the 500-mile range pack. In addition, there is to be a totally new apparatus for charging the Semi truck which he called the Megacharger. When compared to the current Tesla superchargers that we have seen everywhere, this particular charger has up to 10 times more power. 

Ever since the announcement was made, there are a number of global logistics firms that have made large deposits in order to acquire the Semis. These companies include UPS, as well as, Pepsi and Walmart among others who have gone ahead and made reservations. It is suspected that Tesla now has thousands of pre-ordered Semis. 

Tesla Semi pricing

With information referenced on the official website of Tesla, we expect that the Semi will start from between $150k to $180k. This is basically influenced by the particular range chosen. Each of these vehicles comes with a reservation fee of about $20k. On the Tesla website, there are claims that savings made on fuel purchases will amount to about $200k. So, despite the fact that the Semi might have a very high price, it still is better in the long run economically. According to the company, the estimated average payback period is two years. Just as with every car released by Tesla, the Tesla Semi has a unique design as well as, tech features never seen before in a conventional Semi truck.

A luxury truck built for high performance – The specs

The Tesla Semi promises to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph when fully loaded in about 20 seconds and will achieve the same mph in 5 seconds when not loaded at all with an estimated 500-mile range. What Elon Musk hopes to do here is to launch a vehicle that is totally breathtaking into the market of Semi trucks which can easily outperform all the other diesel trucks that we have come to know and dominate the industry.

Besides the acceleration and power, this Semi truck from Tesla will be equipped with some features that we have seen in the Model S, as well as, the Model X which has totally put them ahead of the pack. The Tesla Semi will eventually be fitted with self-driving tech. However, for the near term, Elon Musk has talked up some of the features that the Semi will be equipped with such as an auto emergency braking system, auto lane keeping, as well as, warning for a possible collision. 

Another interesting aspect in terms of software is the fact that this vehicle will have the ability to activate Convoy Mode. This technology will give the trucks the ability for Semi-autonomous driving to help lower the consumption of energy through reduced wind resistance.

The design of the Semi

A very outstanding feature of the Tesla Semi that totally ups the game and sets it ahead of the pack as the very best is how the cockpit is designed. This is totally different from what you see with traditional diesel trucks as the driver's seat takes a central position. Then again, it will be equipped, just like other vehicles from Tesla, with touch screen controls which will come in the form of double display screens that are very large on both sides of the driver's steering.

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In regards to color options, the available prototypes which have been seen so far come in silver, red, as well as matte black.

EV & Solar – A blend of perfection

To ensure that the current superchargers, as well as, the widely expected Megacharger network get all the power it needs, Tesla is beginning to install solar panels, as well as battery packs at every of its charging location. This way, Tesla will be able to ensure that the drivers of its vehicles can get the energy that is cheap and also very clean at its charging locations. With the Megacharger network being built out, it is obvious that solar energy will be very essential to the functioning of the charging system.

Then again, it is not a necessity that you must visit Tesla superchargers for the supply of energy to your electric car. All you have to do is install solar panels and a Powerwall at your home and you'll be able to generate all the electricity that your EV requires. 

Evidently, Tesla is going to change the game for the trucking and ground logistics industry which has historically been a very dirty and polluting endeavor. So Tesla entrant into this space is for sure a welcome development. With Tesla, a cleaner future is now within reach.

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