Top 8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Major Tesla Vibes

Top 8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Major Tesla Vibes

Looking for your daily dose of Tesla vibes but don't know where to look? Instagram is the best place to start.

The photo-sharing app is a goldmine of Tesla-themed accounts, with countless shots of perfectly positioned Teslas with sun-kissed paint jobs, fantastic aftermarket enhancements, and happy owners who never come down from their Tesla High. By the way, I coined the term 'Tesla High' which I use to describe the unexplained excitement and pride one experiences the minute they take possession of their Tesla. And, using Instagram's Favorites feature, you can keep all the photos you like in one spot, making it easier to crystallize your idea of exactly what you want when you ultimately take the plunge and buy a Tesla. Current Tesla owners may also revel in the beauty of owning a Tesla by following the Tesla community on Instagram.

Before you travel to a Tesla Store or make the leap online at the Tesla website, be inspired by 8 of our favorite Tesla-themed Instagram accounts that take The SUPERCHARGED Life to new heights:

1. @TeslaMotors

For obvious reasons, Tesla's Instagram account is ranked first. Tesla has demonstrated that it can conquer social media in such a short amount of time, with 6 million followers globally. The Tesla Instagram account is a gathering place for Tesla fans, owners, and enthusiasts to show their enthusiasm.

It is the epicenter of the Tesla community on Instagram, and that is likely that every Tesla owner follows this account since, with less than a million Teslas delivered thus far, it leaves another 5+ million followers who do not yet own a Tesla but are devoted to The SUPERCHARGED Life. Simply, following Tesla on Instagram is an important step toward purchasing a Tesla. I remember starting to follow Tesla's Instagram account a few years before I bought my first Tesla.

2. @TeslaMotorsClub


Tesla MotosClub Instagram account describes itself as "#1 Spot For All Things #Tesla.". Now I do agree with the second half of that description. Yes, Tesla Motors Club is pretty much "All Things Tesla", but I would beg to differ on the "#1" characterization. I think the #1 Spot For All Things #Tesla is actually Tesla's Instagram account. But I am willing to give Tesla Motors Club a strong second place because the numbers don't lie. With over 224K followers, Tesla Motors Club is definitely the only Tesla-themed Instagram account that has cracked the 100K mark and that's highly commendable.

As someone who manages two Tesla-themed accounts - and @theevchannel, I can attest to how extremely difficult it is to grow an Instagram account and gain followers. Actually, I think any Instagram user will agree with that assertion. So I take my hat off to the folks behind Tesla Motors Club for providing the Tesla community with a great source of Tesla-themed content to keep our Tesla vibes going all day long. Additionally, the page does not currently have a link to its bio which means it's a Tesla fan account for now but has a lot of potential to become a business focused on the Tesla market.

3. @EverythingTesla

EverythingTesla needs no introduction. As the name implies, everything if features are Tesla, Tesla, and more Tesla. EverythingTesla's Instagram account, which previously describes itself as "The Zero Emission Page!" has over 103K followers. If images of Teslas looking amazing are what you need to feed your Tesla hunger, EverythingTesla will not disappoint. The majority of the images are taken from other accounts, as are almost all Tesla-themed Instagram accounts. However, if you're searching for more content or substance than a constant stream of Tesla porn, this may not be for you.

4. @UnpluggedPerformance

The Instagram account Unpluggedp Performance bills itself as "the global leader in Tesla improvements." Established in 2013 in Hawthorne, California, Unplugged Performance builds bespoke whole automobiles and modifies components for Tesla. Despite the fact that that is quite a mouthful, the Unplugged Performance Instagram account lives up to every word in its description and has grown to 69.3K followers.

Just taking a look at some of the incredibly stunning images of updated Teslas on its feed will show you why it is the "world leader of Tesla modifications." Every photo on the Unplugged Performance stream accomplishes the apparently difficult challenge of improving on something that is already flawless. More can be done to a Tesla," and each highlighted customized Tesla on its stream answers that question with flawless execution.

As a Tesla Purist (someone who believes Teslas are ideal inventions that require no modification), I am regularly pleasantly surprised and pleased by the Tesla changes I have seen on the Unplugged Performance stream. Unplugged Performance is for the Tesla lover who wonders "what more can be done to a Tesla?" and answers that question with flawless execution with each highlighted customized Tesla on its feed.

5. @TeslaOwnersItalia

Teslaownersitalia self-describes as "Official Tesla Club | Our World Record: 1078 kilometers in a vehicle! I complimenti di Elon Musk" translates to "Official Tesla Club | Our World Record: 1078 kilometers on one charge!" thanks to Google Translate. Elon Musk's praises ".

According to the description, Tesla Owners Italia is devoted to commemorating the zero-emissions journeys of its club members and the larger Tesla community in Italy. The majority of their feed is comprised of images selected by other Tesla owners and enthusiasts in the Italian Tesla community. So, if you are a Tesla owner or fan in Italy, Tesla Owners Italia is unquestionably your go-to community for all things Tesla. Localized to the Italian area and with almost 30.4K followers, Tesla Owners Italia is unquestionably your go-to community for all things Tesla.

6. @TeslaClubSoCal

The description in the Tesla Club SoCal profile is as follows: "Great People | Fun Events | Community." That is because this is the official Instagram account of the largest Tesla club in Southern California, hence the SoCal moniker. This Instagram account is a great page to follow the meetups and events happening within the Tesla community in Los Angeles. It also curates Tesla photos from its Tesla owners members and their Instagram profiles. With 22.5K followers, Tesla Club SoCal offers up a genuine passion for the Tesla brand and has built a thriving community behind the page. This is a must-follow for any Tesla owner in the Southern California area.


Coming in at #7 is my main source of pleasure and satisfaction in terms of my Tesla presence. is my electric vehicle-themed OTT television channel's Instagram profile. Many people wonder where the name Volty came from or what it implies.

Volty, for those who are curious, means "to have the attributes of an electromotive force." In theory, anything possessing the characteristics of an electromotive force may be defined as a "Volty." However, for the purposes of my EV obsession, Volty is defined as "a blog and platform that focuses on and promotes the industry of electric automobiles."

Volty, like Unplugged Performance, is the only other business-related Tesla Instagram account on our list. Volty is where you can read our articles from the Volty blog, as well as a curated feed of fantastic EV photographs from the Volty Instagram community of 31K people.

On Volty, you will find postings on Tesla news and information, new Tesla products, new Tesla features, Tesla business choices, and everything Elon Musk does because, let's face it, to love Tesla is to adore Elon Musk. My ambition for Volty is for it to become the go-to internet destination for anybody searching for help determining which EV model is best for them depending on their salary, family size, and city.

Some may claim that the Tesla Motors website already accomplishes this, however they are mistaken. The Tesla Motors website presents a one-sided perspective of EVs and their offerings, whereas Volty presents a multifaceted perspective of EVs and their offerings from the perspective of a three-time Tesla owner who has gone through many of the same experiences that any prospective Tesla (or EV owner) will undoubtedly go through. Sometimes there are glitches, but most of the time it's a lovely experience, but I'm not going to avoid mentioning the troubles I've had while owning several electric vehicle.

8. @TheEVChannel

The EV Channel is my personal Tesla diary. I post frequently about my ongoing experience with my Tesla Model X and Model 3. My family is an all electric vehicle household and that can be challenging at times, especially when my wife and I both forget to charge our Teslas overnight and wake up on the morning to severely depleted batteries from the previous days driving. Lucky for us, there is a Supercharger located less than a mile away from our home. So as long as we have a few miles left, we can get to a Supercharger. But it can be annoying at times.

However, so far, it has been a wonderful experience of no longer having to go to a gas station or experience the outrageous costs of regular maintenance and servicing. This is not to say that our Teslas doo not require servicing but when they do, it's never anything major.

The EV Channel currently has over 27.8K followers and growing. So join me on my Tesla journey and I promise to do my best to keep you entertained.


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