Top Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Tesla's Resale Value

Top Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Tesla's Resale Value

Tesla detractors often site maintenance costs as a hindrance based on the high initial price tag of the vehicle. They expect that due to its cost, the vehicle will be expensive to maintain or will develop lots of problems later in the future. Some actual owners of the Tesla vehicles have expressed some level of dissatisfaction fro the maintenance process, but if they simply followed these guidelines, it would not only save them the hassle of maintenance but also increase the resale value of their Teslas.

So let us quickly go through some ways you can maintain your Tesla in order to enjoy it longer as well as maintain its resale value. 


Of course, since Tesla is entirely an electric vehicle, it has fewer parts moving relative to the internal combustion engine vehicles, but it certainly needs maintenance. Most of the frequent maintenance needs on the Tesla cars could be a result of abuse. In other words, if these cars are used with care and treated gently, then the maintenance needs will be minimized. Some of those things we can do to maintain our Tesla are:

1. Tesla Batteries Should Not Be Allowed To Discharge entirely

The lithium-ion batteries on the Tesla, like your phone batteries, gradually depreciate in the power value they produce over time, but this can take a long time.

Since these batteries certainly depreciate in their capacity to hold power for a longer time, it is advisable you charge them properly before use. If the batteries are properly charged, then they can last longer before they start to need more frequent charging. It is advisable that you set your charge limit at the 80% mark which your vehicle battery should not go above unless for those occasional long trips.

2. Frequent Checks

Teslas do not need much maintenance but checking your car regularly for faults could save you time and money. You should check the tires, undercarriage, and interior functions regularly for signs of damage or defect. 

3. Relatively Long Periods Of Not Charging Your Tesla Can Be Dangerous To The Batteries

During the winter (while you use your winter car) your Tesla needs to be charged. Sometimes you could even be away on a trip for a long time, probably on travel for work, holidays, etc, and your car may not be charged for a long period of time. In that case, your car is better off with its batteries charged at intervals rather than not charging for months.

3. Heavy Loads

You may have doubts, but yes, very heavy loads or items being towed or carried in your Tesla can have an impact on your Tesla's performance. Tesla even advises that you should not carry items above 80 kilograms of weight in the frunk of your car or items above 130 kilograms in the trunk. This can have an adverse effect on your car's performance.

4. Your Tesla Is Sensitive To Extreme Temperatures

If you leave your Tesla out in the snow for a long while, you will see that it is sensitive to extreme cold weather. If left in the cold, you will discover immediately after you drive out that your Tesla is not driving as fast as it should. Even if this only happens for a few minutes, it tells you that your car will be better inside than left out in the snow.

5. Do Not Ignore Warnings And Alerts

Sometimes you may be notified of a little fault or problem in your car, or you notice something unusual. In a case like this, you are expected to take your car to Tesla for servicing in order to prevent such little problems from becoming a larger problem or damage to your car.

6. Windshield Wipers and Fluids

As Teslas do not have in an internal combustion engine, there are really no fluids essential to the performance of the vehicle. There is however windshield wiper fluid which you are required to maintain at all times. They will help preserve the condition of your windshield wipers and make them last longer.

7. Driving Habits

Your habits behind the wheels of your Tesla are a very integral part of your vehicle's maintenance. If you frequently drive your Tesla at a decent speed, that alone is a form of maintenance. Negative and improper driving habits behind the wheels of your Tesla will certainly have an adverse impact on your Tesla.

8. Maintenance Plan

Considering how expensive and highly technical Tesla vehicles are, it is highly advisable that you let every maintenance need be handled by Tesla's highly trained technicians.

Tesla has a trained maintenance team and program that you can trust to take care of all the maintenance needs on your vehicle. All new Teslas come with a maintenance plan by Tesla that covers the maintenance of the vehicle for 4 years.

During this period of time, Tesla takes care of every single maintenance need your vehicle has, ranging from changing the wipers on your windshield when they are either faulty or worn out, to topping off the windshield wiper fluid to rotating your tires which Teslas require often - about once a year, to changing your tires too when they are worn out which is another maintenance area which can improve the range and resale value of your Tesla, to flushing and replacement of brake fluid, to changing of brake pads when they are worn out.

Actually, every single point of maintenance I have mentioned is entirely subject to the habit of the driver. So if you are prudent and gentle with your Tesla EV, you will have fewer faults that need maintenance along the way. Little maintenance results in your Tesla handling its value longer. 

Maintenance and proper maintenance history, therefore, is a huge factor in the resale value of your Tesla. If maintained properly, it will give you a good resale price. However, if neglected, you might just get be setting yourself up for a reverse sticker shock when it comes to reselling your Tesla.

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