What Cybertruck to Order?

What Cybertruck to Order?

When deciding on whether or not to order the newest offering from Tesla, you might be wondering what Cybertruck to order. The website can be a little bit intimidating, with a large image of the upcoming electric pickup truck and a mysterious button that says “ORDER NOW”. But what should you order? What happens when you click that button?

If you proceed, another screen will appear that directs you to order your Cybertruck for a fully-refundable sum of $100. Clicking this button will lead you to a form to input your contact information and your credit card information. In small text at the top, the website informs you that you will be able to “complete your configuration as production nears”.

Unfortunately, the easy answer to this question as it stands is that the only Tesla Cybertruck that you are able to order is just the standard preorder without customization, but let's dive into the configuration options that we know about so far to better answer your question!

The Tesla Cybertruck will offer three different primary configurations which come with huge differences in pricing. The Single Motor Tesla Cybertruck will run you $39,900, the Dual Motor Tesla Cybertruck will be offered for $49,900, and the Tri-Motor Tesla Cybertruck will be offered for $69,900. The differences between the configurations are stark. The single motor option will only have rear-wheel drive, while the other two options will have all-wheel drive. As well, Tesla claims that the Cybertruck’s top speeds and zero to 60 rates will differ between the different options.

Unfortunately, as continued delays plague the release of the Cybertruck, not much is known of the differences between the different configurations of the Tesla Cybertruck. For those who are itching to get their hands on futuristic, new products that are similar to the Tesla Cybertruck in the way that it creates modern improvements to everyday objects, the Cyberbackpack and Cyberpowerbank may be the products for you! Be sure to check out www.cyberbackpack.com for more information.

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