What Exactly Is Elon Musk Attempting To Do With Neuralink?

What Exactly Is Elon Musk Attempting To Do With Neuralink?

What are your thoughts on a chip implanted in your brain? Many individuals will shrink in dread as they consider all the things that may go wrong. People can become zombies, have their lobotomies removed, or be taken over by hackers who grab control of the implant! You can also dismiss it as sci-fi movie fodder. Tesla's Elon Musk, (The Cybertruck Father) on the other hand, believes that implanting a chip within the human brain has several advantages. This is the focus of his firm, Neuralink.

This article investigates the operation of Neuralink as well as its prospective advantages.

How does Neuralink work?

By combining the two, Neuralink hopes to establish an interface that will allow the human brain to take benefit of today's powerful technology and information on the internet.

For those who consent to the surgery, a chipset known as the link is implanted in the skull by cutting a hole the same size as the subject's skull. The link contains a chip linked to small flexible threads connecting to the brain, allowing communication between the link and the body's most critical organ. The installation is performed by a robot and, if done correctly, is bloodless. The connection, which is the size of a penny, is the sole external proof.

Other devices, like cellphones, can then wirelessly connect to the network to receive or send data.

What progress has Neuralink made with its tech?

Animals were used in Neuralink's experiments. In one of the earliest public demonstrations, a Neuralink chip was implanted in the skull of a pig, and signals from the animal's brain were displayed for all to see while the animal sniffed about.

The following demonstration was much more stunning. The study team was able to educate a monkey to play ping pong using only its mind utilizing Neuralink.

Musk claims that the technology is safe to install, operate, and remove, and that Neuralink is ready to begin human testing in 2022. He does not anticipate any difficulty in obtaining regulatory clearance because he thinks his company's standards are much higher than those required by the FDA.

What are the benefits?

The possibilities, according to Musk, are limitless. It can help those who are paralyzed walk again. The technique will aid those who have had spinal cord injuries or who have neurological diseases. Even if they are unable to walk or move their arms, Neuralink can assist them in controlling their phones with only their brains.

Neuralink can also assist those with speech disabilities in putting their thoughts into words using their cellphones.

In addition to the aforementioned supposed benefits, Musk has stated that technology can aid in the treatment of depression.

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