What To Look For When Buying A Used Tesla

What To Look For When Buying A Used Tesla

In this tutorial, I will tell you all you need to know about what to look for when purchasing a Tesla. When you get into a Tesla, you instantly consider abandoning your gasoline and diesel vehicles in order to have this fantastic experience for the rest of your life.

This is the automobile of the future, and the only thing that should deter you is the vehicle's high price. Well, there is some good news: you can now buy old Teslas with up to a 50% discount. So, if you're seeking to purchase a used Tesla, this is the guide for you.

But wait... Is a secondhand Tesla truly what you need right now? This is an important thing to ponder, but you should also evaluate if you can afford a fresh new Tesla as an alternative. You can get a new Tesla Model 3 for roughly $45,000, a Model S for $93,000, or a Model X for $108,000. This implies you'll get the standard Tesla battery for that model, which comes with few alternatives. However, whether you choose a Tesla with extras or not, it is just a better alternative than purchasing a used Tesla. The new Tesla automobiles include improved hardware as well as minor tweaks that make them superior to prior Tesla models.

Buying a used Tesla

One thing you'll constantly hear about Teslas is that they never grow old. This is because they are constantly updated over the air. Yes, with an internet connection, your automobile can obtain brand new features from time to time. There are also some adjustments with regard to the hardware. For example, the recently published autopilot upgrade is only compatible with vehicles manufactured in 2014 or later.

Changes made to Tesla hardware are very different from other automobiles, which only come with standard pieces for every car built during that time period. You should know what to expect from the used Tesla automobile you want to purchase. To find out what to anticipate from the used Tesla automobile you want to buy, look at its VIN, which normally ends with P#####. You will notice 5 digits that simply indicate the sequence in which your car was constructed. The number 25,612 indicates that it is the 25,612th Model manufactured.

As a general rule, the higher the digits, the better for you. For example, the Model S is a new car that began production in 2012. As the first of its sort, numerous flaws had to be ironed out. Fixes have been done since then, but the cars we see now from Tesla are intrinsically better. This suggests that the automobiles we have now are more optional and of greater quality. To help you understand when a car was manufactured, numerals between 28000 and 29000 represent the intersection of Models manufactured in 2013 and Models manufactured in 2014.

Some considerations to make regarding hardware modifications are outlined below.

Sensors for parking
The Model S, unlike many SUVs, is fairly large. So you need assistance with parking. The automobile comes with a backup camera on its 17-inch screen; nonetheless, parking sensors are a vital feature. Prior to early 2015, parking sensors were completely optional, but they have now become standard.

We didn't get to examine the autopilot hardware until late 2014. Original purchasers can have their vehicle outfitted with the autopilot option for a charge.

People who live in colder climates would appreciate this option, which was not accessible until 2014.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)

Tesla's Certified Pre-owned program was created in 2015, giving prospective purchasers a space on the Tesla website where they could source for used Teslas of top quality. It has been a success since then, with millions of dollars worth of secondhand Teslas sold. As the program is still in its early stages, CPO purchasers' experiences have been variable. You may just go to EV-CPO.com and look at various secondhand Teslas. EV-CPO.com gets its used inventory data from the Tesla website, so it should be up to date.

According to the website, the goal of EV-CPO.com is simple: to compile all of the New and Used Inventory automobiles featured on the Tesla.com Used Inventory and Tesla.com New Inventory websites into one convenient location. By entering the "VIN" of any automobile listed on EV-CPO, you will be sent to the Tesla.com website, where you may examine and/or purchase the vehicle straight from Tesla. EV-CPO.com is nothing more than a listing service. You may also go straight to the Tesla website and search the pre-owned inventory there.

Pre-owned Tesla pricing

If you're serious about purchasing a secondhand Tesla, complete the steps listed below:

  • Make a detailed note of every element you believe is necessary for the automobile you want to buy, such as color, sound system, and air suspension.
  • Purchase an EV-CPO sub and search the history data for automobiles that match. This will allow you to determine how much is expected of you.
  • Next, set up email notifications to notify you of matching autos as soon as the market receives one that meets your requirements.
  • Keep in mind that the top discounts do not last long on the database. So, one possibility is to communicate with Tesla dealership workers to get first-hand information.
  • You're probably wondering if geography matters in this scenario. If you have a Tesla dealer in your region, you will be able to test drive the vehicle. If you remain in a different location, you will have to incur the risk, but bear in mind that Tesla has specified requirements and standards that CPO vehicles must follow. This implies you'll be receiving a highly reliable vehicle.

This is not to argue that everything that has happened as a result of the Tesla CPO program has been flawless. Customers voiced unhappiness with what they received throughout the company's early phases. If you see anything that piques your interest but is located in a remote place, all you have to do is contact a Tesla salesperson who will send you images of the car. Another option is to call the site and seek further information about the vehicle's condition.

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