Where to Buy Cybertruck?

Where to Buy Cybertruck?

So you want to get in on the newest piece of Tesla technology by purchasing the future-forward automotive companies first ever electric pickup truck, the Tesla Cybertruck. With its innovative design that looks like it is straight out of a video game and its relatively low price for a truck, let alone an electric vehicle, who could blame you?

Figuring out where to buy a Cybertruck can be a bit of a disappointing task though, if you aren’t in North America. It appears that sales of the Tesla Cybertruck have been suspended in both Asia and Europe for the time being. On the Tesla website, the ‘Order Now’ button for both regions has been replaced with an option to sign up for further updates and information.

If you are located in North America - that is, the United States, Canada, or Mexico, you are still able to order yourself a brand new Tesla Cybertruck through Tesla’s website. However, ordering now could run you quite a lengthy wait time. Elon Musk previously stated that the amount of Cybertruck pre-orders will cover the first three years of the Cybertruck’s delayed production schedule. For new purchasers, that could mean that your wait on a new Tesla Cybertruck could be 3 to 4 years from now!

So now that you know where to buy a Tesla Cybertruck, will you take the dive and wait for the Tesla electric pickup truck’s release? In the meantime, you could look to upgrade some of your existing products with Tesla-inspired products such as Cyberbackpack or Cyberpowerbank! Both of these products take the same modern approach to products that we interact with every day, just as Tesla has approached the average pickup truck with the creation of the Cybertruck.

While waiting for your Cybertruck order, check out a piece of the future that you can carry with you every day right away!

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