Which Tesla Cybertruck to buy?

Which Tesla Cybertruck to buy?

Which Tesla Cybertruck model is the best for you to buy? The answer to that question is going to rely on a number of things about you and your current lifestyle, so let's have a look at what's involved in selecting which Cybertruck to buy. Is there a version of the Tesla electric pickup truck that genuinely stands out from the crowd? All three versions deserving are pretty much similar as a starting point, and then get more awesome from there, depending on what you are willing to pay.

To begin, let us clarify that there are currently three proposed versions of the impending Cybertruck. However, this may likely change as the launch date approaches which as of now is scheduled for late 2022. But for the time being, there are three separate versions of the Cybertruck as far as we know. Cybertruck will be available in three different specifications and configurations namely: single motor rear-wheel drive, dual-motor all-wheel drive, and tri-motor all-wheel drive. Each offering differs in terms of performance, range, and pricing.

The cheapest version of the Tesla cyber truck will run you $39,900 to start for the base trim and peak out at $69,900 for the top trim with the tri-motor configuration, according to Tesla's since taken down Cybertruck versions page. Although if the past few months are any indication, Tesla is likely to raise prices on non-reservation holders once the Cybertruck begins rolling off the factory floor.

The Cybertruck tri-motor configuration will have a promised range of more than 500 miles per charge. The standard single-motor variant will have a range of more than 250 miles. In addition, there will be a trim level in between the two. It will have a range of more than 300 miles.

Look at the figure below for additional information on the changes between the three versions:

which Cybertruck cyber truck options to buy

Rival firms have been able to bring their own versions of an electric pickup truck to market in the roughly three years after Tesla announced and debuted its futuristic-looking pickup vehicle. The Lightning, Ford's battery-powered F-150, is set to go on sale this summer, while Rivian's R1T electric truck and the Hummer EV from GMC have been on the market since late last year.

Nonetheless, the launch of the Cybertruck was excellent news for enthusiasts, leading to awesome products like the Cyberwhistle and the Cyberbackpack. Demand for the Tesla electric pickup truck exceeded 1 million units in January 2022, giving Tesla a potential Cybertruck sales value of more than $80 billion.

According to Musk, the Tesla Cybertruck will be Tesla's crowning work, and millions of reservation holders seem to agree.

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