Why Tesla Will Continue To Lead The EV Pack

Why Tesla Will Continue To Lead The EV Pack

With all of the hoopla around Tesla, it's easy to forget about the company's humble beginnings and how far it's come. In reality, it has had a major influence on the EV sector. All of the comments on Tesla models appear to be based solely on Tesla's stakes, and every tweet sent out by Elon Musk about the price, interior, and choices available for every Tesla is devoured by both fans and haters alike.

However, when we consider how Tesla has influenced the EV market and our purchasing patterns for automobiles, we can see that Tesla's effect extends beyond their amazing vehicles.


Tesla FSD Beta

Tesla released its first autopilot version in October 2015, and drivers were warned to be cautious. This was the first time such technology had been made accessible in a commercial vehicle. The warning to drivers was quite timely, as there were soon viral videos of drivers acting as though the vehicle was completely autonomous, with terrifying effects. These moves aimed to keep the industry on its toes in terms of automotive's future path.

Although the car was not totally autonomous, Autosteer was a critical Autopilot future feature that assured the car kept in its own lane as soon as you put it on the road, with the capacity to regulate the speed and distance between itself and the car directly in front by itself.

Then came the Model 3, which raised concerns about the future of Autopilot. Tesla severed company with Mobileye, an automobile vision firm, and charted its own course toward self-driving cars. From that point forward, every Tesla vehicle would be equipped with the technology required to be fully autonomous.

With Tesla's advancements, analysts predict that by 2020, most automobiles will be hands-free, with the spread of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles on our roadways. Whatever happens, keep in mind that Tesla got there first.


Tesla Roadster design team

When compared to practically every other electric vehicle, they have a quite generic appearance. This is not very cool. The majority of these vehicles are hatchbacks with a hideous appearance highlighted by an eccentric design. When you consider Tesla's Model S and Model X, both of which have an element of surprise, it's no surprise that the Tesla Model Y is regarded as the ugliest automobile created by Tesla to date. However, this has not stopped millions of people from being interested in and purchasing a Model Y, making it the best-selling Tesla model to date.

Even though the media tends to give them a lot of attention, electric vehicles are still in their early phases. This market is still in its early stages. Electric automobiles have sold in large numbers all around the world, accounting for just approximately 2% of all vehicles sold each year. In fact, many consumers have acknowledged not understanding much more about electric vehicles or how they work. This adds weight to the worries made about issues such as range anxiety and the availability of charging stations.

Electrification is the future

Tesla Supercharger

Elon Musk made an influential move toward a commitment to ensuring that the public were given with electricity, similar to how autopilot influenced the big names in vehicle production to explore the creation of semiautonomous systems. When you examine the Model S, X, 3 and Y, these launches were so successful, and with Tesla's valuation rising to almost a trillion dollars, this proved to be a signal that, once again, Tesla was directing the way in which the industry was heading. In reality, Musk is the driving force behind the acceptance of electrification.

Electric vehicles made by Tesla are cool and highly desirable

Tesla's electric vehicle lineup

The fact is that all of the hoopla about electrification would not have been conceivable if companies like Ford had entered the market earlier. We award it to Tesla because they made electric automobiles fashionable and sexy. They essentially converted automobiles into rolling tablets, prompting analogies between Tesla and another producer of a highly popular consumer product (Apple), to the point that consumers must always wait up before the delivery of Tesla vehicles.

If you look inside a Tesla, you'll understand why it's been likened to Apple. Other automakers lack the audacity and courage to take the risk of replacing everything on the center console with a touchscreen tablet, as Tesla has done. The issue with these legacy automakers is that they have a long history to contend with. However, Tesla was founded at a time when there was a basis for this type of technology in automobiles, rather than when the technology had already begun to mature.


Tesla software

This is where Tesla establishes itself as a game-changer. Its cars can have their software updated over the air (OTA), and this is likely to be the spark that makes others in the auto business highly vulnerable to obsolescence. Since the Model S's introduction, it has been surprising how few cars have the capacity to offer over-the-air software upgrades.

What does the future hold?

Tesla Roadster with Delorean design concept

With the way Tesla has defined the electric car sector, it is clear that Tesla's innovative initiatives will keep it ahead of the competition. Prior to the establishment of Tesla, there were only a few startups working on developing automotive technology. But, since Tesla's entry into the game, we've been hearing about fresh "Tesla killers" attempting to dethrone Musk. They have not yet done so and I doubt if they ever will.

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