Will the Cybertruck fit in your garage?

Will the Cybertruck fit in your garage?

A few months back I wrote about how the Tesla Cybertruck would not fit in a regular US garage, which is typically around 20 x 20 feet. I must admit that I was disappointed to find out that my new Tesla Cybertruck (if it ever arrives), would have to be parked outdoors from the start because it would not fit inside my garage.

I'm not going to buy a Tesla Cybertruck simply to park it outside of a perfectly vacant garage. So I was left with just two options: cancel my deposit or buy a property with a larger garage. As a skeptic, I chose the third alternative, which was to try it out for myself and see whether it would fit.

It fits

The Tesla Cybertruck fits wonderfully in my garage, as you can see in the video. However, I had to bring it in as far as it could in my garage - all the way to the front inside wall of my garage. That meant there was no way for me to walk around the Cybertruck. As a result, I'd have to open the garage door whenever I needed to get around the Tesla Cybertruck, which I think is a little price to pay for having something as cool as the Tesla Cybertruck in your garage. So I won't be canceling my deposit or buying a house with a larger garage anytime soon.

I'll be experimenting with my cool AR Cybertruck software to see where else I can put or install a Cybertruck. I've already put it in my dining room. Perhaps a grocery shop or perhaps a Tesla showroom - the options are unlimited, and we have nothing to do except wait until 2023.

I will point out that no one is yet to confirm the actual size and dimensions of the recently unveiled Cybertruck's new design. However, I am confident that it will be a bit smaller that the actual dimensions represented in the AR Cybertruck app, allowing it to fit comfortably in most garages.

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