Tesla backpack: What’s Special Inside?

Tesla backpack: What’s Special Inside?

Buyers have gone crazy for things like Cybertruck-shaped door stoppers and whistles, so there's no doubt that almost any product with the Tesla golden touch will sell out, regardless of how ridiculously overpriced it is. So, how about a backpack inspired by Cybertruck?

Buyers have gone crazy for things like Cybertruck-shaped door stoppers and whistles, so there's no doubt that almost any product with the Tesla golden touch will sell out, regardless of how ridiculously overpriced it is. So, how about a backpack inspired by Cybertruck?

Tesla backpack

Here, we bring you the Cybertruck backpack named Cyberbackpack.

Cyberbackpack Background

A few months ago, a self-proclaimed Tesla fan got his 15 minutes of fame with the Cyberbackpack, a product he designed and sold online. Riz, the superfan designer, told Yanko Design that he wanted to bring Cybertruck-inspired fun in a variety of products to keep other Tesla fans entertained while they waited for the Cybertruck to begin deliveries.

Riz, on the other hand, wasn't just riding Tesla's coattails. He promised to design a sturdy, durable, and smart backpack made of high-quality materials. The hardshell exterior was made of PC and carbon fibre, while the softback was breathable and extendable. According to Riz, carrying your belongings in the Cyberbackpack was easier on your back than other backpacks because the special weight-shifted design made the load feel lighter.

And now for the twist: Electrek reports that Tesla applied for a slew of trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office just days before its big Texas Cyber Rodeo last week. Most merchandise trademarks were made available during the Rodeo, but one did not: the Cyberbackpack, which had already gone viral online.

The Tesla application states that the "CYBERBACKPACK TM trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of book bags; school bags." According to the media outlet, this could be great news for Riz because he will be able to fulfill his dream of selling his design for $349 a piece and splitting the profits with CEO Elon Musk. If he hasn't already trademarked the Cyberbackpack name, he's in for a rude awakening.

If Tesla does bring the Cyberbackpack to market, it wouldn’t be their first backpack in the US not including the recently launched carry case for the Starlink internet satellite receivers.

Tesla Backpack

Checkout this cool morph between the Cyberbackpack and the Starlink Carry Case.

Tesla Backpack

In China Tesla fans can purchase two backpacks, one of which already has a hint of the Cybertruck’s design.

Tesla backpack: What’s Special Inside?

Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack Features

A modern and sleek anti-theft backpack to accompany you to work, on your travels, and at leisure. This cleverly designed backpack weighs only 1.4 kg when empty and has a volume of 19.2 L expandable up to 26.4 L, allowing you to meet your needs while traveling. The bag's interior features a compartment with straps for a computer up to 17.3 inches in size.

The polycarbonate and chromophore coating provides rigidity while also providing resistance to cuts and water. You will be able to connect your external phone battery for an easy recharge thanks to an access through the side of the bag inside. This backpack will keep you safe from theft not only because of an anti-theft pocket against your back, but also because its main compartment is code-locked.

Tesla Cyberbackpack Design

The designed specifications of the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack is given below:

External size: 47 cm (Height) * 31 cm (Length) * 15 - 20 cm (Width)
Weight: 1.4 kg
Fits laptops up to 17.3 inches.
Polycarbonate Hardshell
Ultra Soft Elastic TPU Handle


Advantages Of Using Cyberbackpack

To attract the buyers with some extraordinary features and advantages, Cyberbackpack comes with:

1) USB Charging Ports:


Tesla backpack: What’s Special Inside?

No need to get fear of low power batteries, if you have an extraordinary Cyberbackpack. You can charge your devices such as mobile, laptops and tablets with USB charging ports at anywhere and anytime. This is cool, isn’t it?

2) Passcode Lock:

Tesla Cybertruck CyberbackTesla backpack: What’s Special Inside?pack: What’s Special Inside?

The main compartment of the Cyberbackpack comes up with a lock. It provides remarkable safety for your luggage.

3) Anti-theft Pockets:

Tesla backpack: What’s Special Inside?

Features also included an anti-theft pocket hidden under the luggage strap. If you have something very precious and important for you, you can use those smartly designed anti-theft pockets to hide them from the main presence.

4) 50% Expandable:

Tesla backpack: What’s Special Inside?

The size of the modern Cyberbackpack is made flexible enough to get expanded by 50%. In case you have some extra luggage which you need to carry with yourself, then you do not need to get worried. The modern Cyberbackpack will help you in this case with its 50% expandable body design.

5) Water Resistant

If you get caught in a rain storm, which is common, you'll be glad you have this feature. But, as you're probably aware, the Tesla Cyberbackpack is waterproof, so you won't have to worry if you get caught in a torrential downpour.

6) Compression Straps

The compression straps are another feature of the Tesla Cyberbackpack. Compression straps aid in stability by adjusting the volume of your pack, preventing your gear from shifting around inside and throwing you off balance.

The Tesla Cyberbackpack can also be used as a stylish backpack, making it an excellent choice if you frequently go on short hikes or travel. Although you can use a regular school backpack or any other type of backpack if necessary, it is far preferable to take the Tesla Cyberbackpack on a hike and have an enjoyable adventure.

Cyberbackpack for Laptops

The Cyberbackpack, inspired by the Cybertruck, is the ideal backpack for expressing your creativity and enthusiasm for the future. The Cyberbackpack has a carbon-fiber exterior with a waterproof and scratch-resistant hardshell.

Placing the laptop in the padded laptop compartment will ensure the safety of the laptop. Place it only in its compartment because the Cyberbackpack laptop compartment contains a foam layer that protects it from damage during bumps or up and downs.

You'll need a charger, external hard drives, flash drives, and other cables if you're traveling with your laptop in a Cyberbackpack. Always store them in the Cyberbackpack's separate compartments. Don't put them in the laptop compartment with your laptop. You will not have to search for each item in the Cyberbackpack because you will know the exact location of each item at a glance if you organize your accessories.

If you are going out and the weather changes, resulting in a downpour, you must protect any conventional backpack from the rain, or the laptop will be damaged. So, you must devise a method to keep your laptop dry while hiking in the rain. Fortunately, the Cyberbackpack is waterproof, so you won't have to worry about it.

If you leave the house with an expensive laptop in your backpacks, such as a Macbook Pro or an Alienware laptop, the chances of it being stolen are always present. As a result, an anti-theft backpack should be purchased because its design and function differ from that of a standard backpack.

And, guess what, the Cyberbackpack is an anti-theft backpack with hidden pockets and a password-protected zipper. So, unless the thief knows your passcode, they will quickly become frustrated while attempting to access the inner compartment of your Cyberbackpack.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1: What is Cyberbackpack?

Answer: A modern and stylish anti-theft backpack to accompany you to work, travel, and play.

Q2: Is Cyberbackpack bulletproof?

Answer: No, Cyberbackpack is not bulletproof. Although it has a kind of solid structure, but it is not bulletproof.

Q3: Is Cyberbackpack good to carry laptops?

Answer: Absolutely, yes. The Cyberbackpack comes up with a padded laptop compartment that ensures the safety of the laptop to prevent its parts to get broken.

Q4: Are Cyberbackpacks available to purchase in the market?

Answer: Yes, Cyberbackpack are available on different platforms on the web with different price ranges.

Q5: Is Cyberbackpack good during hiking?

Answer: The Cyberbackpack can help you with a variety of activities such as commuting, hiking, exploring, and traveling. You can avoid shoulder pain by taking advantage of the strap's easy adjustment and ingenious locking mechanism. You can also avoid straining any muscle group by switching between carrying options.

Q6: Does Cyberbackpack allows charging the devices?

Answer: Yes, the Cyberbackpack contains the charging ports that allow charging the devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets etc.

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