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Finding your ideal backpack is like finding your suitable pair of jeans – essential, comfortable, and just the right item you need in your collection. For everyday activities, we usually feel super inadequate without a legendary backpack to go along with it. 

Some people can’t survive without their backpacks, and for a number of good reasons. A decent backpack e.g our Cyberbackpack is like your sturdy, dependable friend that you can rely on for everything you need and be your go-to accessory at the right place & right time. 

Versatile, utilitarian, and classy, the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack can add that much-needed comfort, familiarity, and convenience to any activity. Below are some reasons and situations that make the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack an absolute necessity. But before we get to that, watch Miss Go Electric put it in her own words from the surface of Mars.

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Why Cyberbackpacks are Essential for Everyday Life

Mobile phones provide the means to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, and indeed most of the world's population instantly. Unlike previous communication devices, they are designed to be on hand and accessible at all times. So what happens when they eventually run out of battery and you have nowhere to charge them up?

With the Cyberbackpack, you never have to worry about running out of charge just when you need it the most. That's because the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack comes with a custom matching Cyberpowerbank included. This allows you to instantly charge up your smartphone and laptops with additional USB-C powerbanks.


Why Cyberbackpacks are Essential for Everyday Life

Mobility is the feature that most people appreciate with the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack; you can get up and take your Cyberbackpack anywhere at any time, without giving it a second thought. This is exactly the type of freedom that our sturdy Cyberbackpack offers in your normal life. The Cyberbackpack can fill you with joy, whether you are going out hiking, on a work assignment, or traveling. Being a hardshell backpack also makes it the perfect companion for carrying important accessories like fragile electronic devices during a trip. 

Cyberbackpack are essential, yet not too cool for school! 

Why Cyberbackpacks are Essential for Everyday Life

While the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack is obviously functional and essential for work, school, and college, it is also a genuinely cool fashion statement. With the Tesla Cybertruck backpack, you can express your personal style and create a cool factor like no other as there aren't really any other backpacks in the market that evoke such style and utility - similar to the Tesla Cybertruck. 


Why Cyberbackpacks are Essential for Everyday Life

I'm certain we have all been in that situation where we just can’t find anything when we want it because our bags are simply too big! The unending looking for keys, searching for pens, and attempting to find that one small thing turns out to be extremely troublesome in the disorganized abyss that most backpacks can be. Even with some oval-shaped men's duffle bag options, this can be a fundamental issue. 

Guess what, the Tesla Cybertruck CyberBackpack has come to the rescue. One of the absolute favorite things about our Cyberbackpack is that it not only provides adequate storage, mobility and style, but things are so easy and simple to find because of the way it is organized into pockets and compartments. 

The Cyberbackpack comes with impeccably organized slots and pockets of different sizes for specific storage purposes. The relief of knowing precisely where to reach for which item is usually underrated but it makes life that much simpler and is one less thing you have to worry about. 

Security and safety 

Why Cyberbackpacks are Essential for Everyday Life

Portability today involves carrying several expensive and big-ticket items. It is common to carry at least one expensive device, such as a tablet or a laptop to work, and no trip is complete without a high-definition camera to capture stunning views and adventures for the Gram. However, without a safe, protective, and easy way to carry these items, going anywhere becomes an anxiety-inducing task, which is why our affection for the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack goes way beyond how cool and functional they are. 

The Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack is made from a hardshell case that has a crucial weight-shifted shape, sturdy zippers, and is made in a durable Nylon fabric which is also waterproof and it keeps your belongings safe from unfavorable weather conditions. 


Why Cyberbackpacks are Essential for Everyday Life

If you don’t use a backpack, you might need to carry your items with your bare hands. You might have no issue holding a small item or two. However, difficulties may arise when you need to carry a ton of stuff at once. 

The Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbackpack can help you carry several items, from books to clothes, and other essential items. The backpack effectively distributes the total weight evenly across your back and shoulders with its weight-shifted design. And as a bonus, your hands are free to hold other things, like your smartphone or your partner. 

Low Maintenance 

Why Cyberbackpacks are Essential for Everyday Life

Cyberbackpacks are low-maintenance accessories. Hence, you don’t need to clean them every single day, unless you’re living in an extremely dirty or dusty area which in that case you simply wipe with a damp cloth - much like you would your Tesla Cybertruck if it ever got dirty.

The next time you get out of the house, consider bringing our high-quality Cyberbackpack along with you. It is fashionable, and it provides comfort, among many other benefits. Likewise, you can have peace of mind because you know that your things will remain safe from dirt, rain, and the hands of bothersome thieves.

Stylish & Functional Hardshell

Why Cyberbackpacks are Essential for Everyday Life

Cyberbackpack is stylish, functional, and durable. Its hardshell case is made from a combination of carbon fiber and PE material in a unique blend that gives it its strength. This rugged and smart backpack with an iconic design makes life easier for the student or professional on the go and expands to meet your needs without weighing you down.

Light Weight Shifted Design

Cyberbackpack Is So Light Your Back Will Thank You

Stay agile with its travel-friendly light weight-shifted design that weighs less than 2.9 lbs yet still has enough room for all your gear. With the ultimate futuristic urban design, Cyberbackpack is the travel gear and Cybertruck accessory you've been searching for.


Light Weight Shifted Design

Cyberbackpack is expandable by up to 3 inches, allowing for a larger and roomier capacity to fit all your belongings when needed. You can easily compress Cyberbackpack in a few seconds back to its smaller configuration by simply zipping up the expansion zippers.

Light Weight Shifted Design

Cyberbackpack measures 18.5 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches. This allows for a sizable volume of 19 liters in its compressed configuration, and a whopping volume of 26.4 liters in its expanded configuration.

Based on 1283 reviews
Great Backpack but….

Received my backpack and love it but the shipping carrier destroyed the box where the backpack was in and taped it together like nothing happened feel like UPS should be more carful with people’s deliveries

Awesome Backpack, But….

I absolutely love the backpack but i was worried when I received it because the packaging was all torn apart and taped afterwards

Shipping Protection
John Russell
Nice but….well kind of plain…not a lot of features for the money paid!

The backpack is some smaller than I anticipated. I also was looking for more compartments. Only one zipper area on the inside and 1 area on the outside.
Really hard to carry a normal size envelope for example. No designated place for pens and keys. Just not as functional as I had hoped for. Taking it on my first road trip this week to Chicago… we will see how it holds up.


It was a well received gift

Love It

SUPER CONVENIENT… i travel alot with work … the perfect travel back pack !

Shipping Protection
Alfredo Villanueva
Excellent product

A+++ product, was very impress with the materials and overall quality, product is well made. Happy with the product, will order more

Great bag 💼

I love it

Formidable Player

A good sized and well featured hardshell backpack. Feature rich, well constructed and lots of room

Great Backpack

This backpack is very cool. While the original reason I got it was an impulse purchase of a cybertruck related accessory. This thing has proved to be useful and durable. I travel on many short trips and this bag is perfect. It fits just enough and keeps it organized to boot. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who could afford it.

Shipping Protection
Edith Suarez
Cyberpack & Cybersling bundle

I’m so in love with this purchase, bought it as a present for my husband and I already know he is gonna love it as well! Definitely I will recommend it! Thank you

Shipping Protection
Felipe Lebron
Good Materials, seems to be good quality

I received the package on time... Mail packaging was superb.

The Luggage, backpack and the small pack seem to be good quality, LOVE LOVE LOVE the design!!!

I don't have the Luggage at hand at this moment, the only thing worries me a little is the two rivets at the bottom seem to be a little bent... I'll send photos later.

The thing that bugs me are the power banks... (I got thee instead of One!!!🤯😎❤️ much appreciated!!!). But why are these USB-A and MICRO USB???
i bet whoever buys these Luggage and Backpacks do not have Micro USB devices/cables anymore… as a matter of fact, Im willing to bet all of us customers of yours despise Micro USB… please fix this!!!

Other than that…. So far I am happy with my purchase!

Cyber Gear rocks!

I purchased the entire set and love all three. As there is always room for improvement to make the best product possible, here are my thoughts. Battery pack / side input should also include a USB C. The small case should include a few more pockets inside to organize things. The suit case - love it. Would be nice to have a better way to store the battery pack unless I haven’t figured it out yet. On Two of the three bags when you plug in a charging cable into the port on the shell they don’t work. Yes the battery pack is connected inside. Quality is great. Zippers are great. Love the dust bag , rubber wheels - not plastic. Big fan.

Bigger thanm it looks

Was impressed with how much stuff can put in it. Overall a cool functional backpack.

Shipping Protection
Doni Torres
Even though

I ordered 2 and only one got delivered because potentially one was stolen but I was sent a replacement free of charge

CyberLuggage 38L Carry-on Suitcase


I love it. its nice and secure enough room for my things and light weight!

An excellent backpack that has all the bells and whistles plus security.

Greatest Backpack ever

This is the most functional and beautiful backpack I ever had or have seen, and I am sure it will fulfill my storage and transportation needs fully. Thank you!


Carryon back is great however the backpack has limited space due to it shape and straps interfiere when on top of the carryon

Great product

I purchased this for one of our interns that spent the last 8 months working with us. He worked with us on several projects, one of them being cybertruck products. He was also traveling with us using a backpack and outdated roller. This backpack was perfect as it would give him something to remember his time with us as well as be useful for future travel. Great product and came with a free charger. A couple others from my team are thinking of purchasing this for their interns as well.

Shipping Protection
Ariel Ariel

Muy bonita con estilo y excelente producto.

Sophisticated and Cool

Used it for an airline trip and easy to carry, business classy. And the built in charger was great to have. I paired it with my carry on. Worked well.

Backpack arrived dented

I received the Cyber Back Pack a few days ago and I was impressed and disappointed at the same time. The quality and functionality of the pack is great, the locking zippers and charging pack included with the backpack is great to have if you to charge a device on the go. The downside is, I don't know if quality is checked before it is packaged because my backpack arrived with a very noticeable dent on the lock combination side of the backpack that cannot be taken out. I'm looking to return it for an exchange.


Thanks for your order and we appreciate you letting us know.
The next step would be to send us a photo of the damage and the box it came packaged in. Perhaps the damage might have occurred during shipping. Nevertheless, we will take care of it.
Please email us at support@cyberbackpack.com

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