It's our mission to make the best things. Not good, not great, but literally the best products in their respective categories. It is also our mission to not create any unnecessary waste. That is why all Cyberbrands products come with a no-hassle, no-rhetoric 1-Year warranty. When you spend your hard-earned money on our gear, you can do so knowing it will remain fully functional and defect-free. You can also rest assured that we will do everything in our power to keep your product in use and out of a landfill.


Our 1-Year Warranty covers:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failures or breakages that render part or all of your product to become non-functional

Our 1-Year Warranty does not cover:

  • Cosmetic blemishes, scratches, stains, or wear & tear
  • Failures or breakages due to misuse, neglect, or intentional damage
  • Things we don’t manufacture ourselves (obviously)

To submit a warranty claim, simply shoot us an email at Or read on to learn more.

In the event of a warranty claim:

If a part of your luggage is damaged, we will ship you a replacement part, with instructions for installation. Shipping and processing times may vary based on availability. We will ship you replacement luggage if defective components cannot be repaired or replaced. We cannot guarantee exact replacement of limited edition, discontinued, or out-of-stock items. We guarantee that the replacement luggage will be of equal or greater retail value to your original purchase. We make replacement decisions at our discretion and reserve the right to decline a warranty claim.


If any part of your Cyberbrands product* becomes non-functioning or defective, we will repair or replace it with a fully-functioning item in the same or better condition.

Note the "non-functioning or defective" part. This means that the warranty does not cover cosmetic wear that does not affect the safety or function of your product. In our opinion, a little scratch or knick here and there is nothing more than bragging rights that you've been having some fun with your gear. But if something breaks due to a manufacturer defect or during normal use, don’t worry one bit. We’re behind you all the way.

Also, note the "same or better condition" part. We're serious about keeping our products in use and out of the ground. When we can, we issue warranty replacements from our stock of open-box, gently used, or refurbished items. All warranty replacements are quality-checked and certified to be clean and fully functioning, and come with the same 1-Year guarantee as to your original purchase.

*Standard warranty does not apply to apparel. We guarantee apparel against manufacturing defects, but it is not guaranteed for a lifetime of use.


Items listed in our Apparel category are guaranteed against defects, but are excluded from our standard 1-Year warranty...see the footnote above. Also, as described above, our warranty does not cover cosmetic wear, scratches, blemishes, stains, etc. It is the nature of our gear to develop bits of character over time. Our warranty primarily covers defects or failures that affect the core functionality of our products. If you have a dirty or stained product, simply wash it.

Aside from that, we're not going to nickel-and-dime you out of a warranty with a bunch of silly exceptions. We've built our reputation on building high-quality gear and offering the best customer service out there, and we’re going to keep up our end of that bargain. We kindly ask our customers to keep up their end, too. Please don’t interpret our warranty as a license to misuse, neglect, or intentionally destroy your CB gear. We reserve the right to not replace a backpack that you poured concrete in, a luggage you used to hammer on, a sling that you dropped, and so forth. We also won't replace stolen or lost items, so we recommend insuring your gear. We also reserve the right to change this policy in the future.


We have designed and built our products to work well with nearly all devices and accessories, and we believe our gear is very safe to use. Cyberbrands is not liable for damage to cameras, equipment, clothing, or anything in your surrounding environment as a result of using them. Cyberbrands is also not liable for bodily injury to yourself or others as a result of using our stuff, so please listen to your mother and be careful when you’re out there having fun.


Thank you for choosing our products and taking advantage of our discounted offerings. We appreciate your trust in our brand and are committed to providing you with reliable and high-quality items. This warranty outlines the terms and conditions specific to discounted products purchased from our company.

  1. Limited Warranty Coverage: This discounted products warranty covers discounted items purchased from our company and applies to manufacturing defects or failures occurring within the stated warranty period. The warranty coverage is limited to replacement only, and the replacement product will be offered at a discounted price, equivalent to a 50% discount off the original purchase price.

  2. Eligibility: To be eligible for the discounted replacement, the following conditions must be met: a. The product must have been purchased directly from our company as a discounted item. b. The warranty claim must be made within the original warranty period specified for the product. c. The defect or failure must be due to a manufacturing defect and not caused by misuse, negligence, accidents, unauthorized repairs, or modifications.

  3. Warranty Claim Process: To initiate a warranty claim, please follow these steps: a. Contact our customer service team through the designated channels, providing details of the issue and proof of purchase. b. Our customer service representative will guide you through the verification process and determine if the claim meets the warranty criteria. c. If the claim is approved, you will be offered a replacement product at a 50% discounted price. d. Payment for the replacement item, including applicable taxes, shipping, and handling fees, will be required prior to shipping.

  4. Exclusions and Limitations: This discounted products warranty does not cover the following: a. Normal wear and tear of the product or its components. b. Damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper handling, or storage. c. Damage caused by unauthorized repairs or modifications. d. Incidental or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use the product.

  5. General Terms: a. This discounted products warranty is an extension of our standard warranty policy and does not affect any other rights or remedies you may have under applicable laws. b. Our company reserves the right to modify or terminate this warranty addendum at any time without prior notice. c. The discounted replacement offered under this warranty addendum is non-transferable and has no cash value. d. Any disputes arising from or related to this warranty addendum shall be subject to the governing law and jurisdiction specified in our standard terms and conditions.

By making a purchase of a discounted item from our company, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this warranty addendum. Our commitment is to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with a cost-effective solution in the event of a manufacturing defect or failure covered by this warranty addendum.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance.

Thank you for being a valued customer.


Got something that is broken and needs repair or replacement? Just shoot us an email at to initiate your warranty claim.

Based on 1381 reviews

A must have for your wife when her battery dies cause she’s on the phone the whole time on vacation taking pictures. Just plug and go. I love it and so does the wife. Happy wife happy life.


I love the design i definitely gonna buy the other bag the luggage and sling for my future travel

Not durable and poor part replacement planning

The top handle broke off after 10 months. Customer service sent me replacement parts to re-attach the handle. I have to cut holes in the liner to re-attach the handle. I was also told to find and reuse the hardware that pulled out of the mounting holes of the handle. They are now in between the liner and the hard shell. There is no way to remove the liner or gain access, say with a zipper, to the inner part of the shell. I have to cut holes rendering the liner useless.

Cyberbackpack Review

Overall very solid product. It’s still growing on me. One of my criticisms is the lack of cup holders for drinks. Other than that there are many pouches and storage options on the inside of the bag. I also wish there was a tool included for changing the numbers on the rolling pad lock. However you can use a ball point pen to make the adjustment.

I’m not very nit picky so I still give it five stars but those are just my recommendations to make the product better.

Best Luggage Ever

I enjoy both the sling and backpack; but, the real winners are the checked luggage and the carry-on! Lockable, exceptionally strong corners where it counts, leak proof sealed checked luggage with great compartments to organize. Best I have ever found. So is the carryon and it has chargeport exposed so you can keep your phone charged while waiting for your flight without worrying about being invaded by fake chargers in the airport...the most secure luggage set with the best features I have every owned... Great Job Riz!+-

Send me my powerpack and I will


CyberPowerBank 5000mAh Phone Charger - Free Gift
Lorena Liliam Álvarez Gutiérrez

My order still hasn't arrived and it's been 3 weeks since I ordered it, that has me worried. I have no way to locate it, please help (mi pedido aún no me llega y ya son de 3 semanas que lo pedi, eso me tiene preocupada, ayuda por favor)

Missing power bank

The backpack is amazing! But the free power bank never came and I’m still not getting a response for it.

Horrible quality and service, not as advertised. Don’t waste your time and money on it.

Strongest backpack and luggage ever

Nothing can kill this stuff. Travel from GFNV to GFTX multiple times and also personal travel and this stuff is just bulletproof. Well built and designed. Unbelievable and versatile. The only luggage and backpack I will ever use

Great Luggage, Unresolved Pricing Issue

I recently purchased this luggage set and was impressed with its quality and functionality. The design is sleek, the materials feel durable, and the various options are convenient for different travel needs. The luggage handled well during my recent trip, with the wheels rolling smoothly and the handles sturdy and comfortable to use.
However, I encountered a pricing discrepancy during checkout and was charged a higher amount than expected. Despite reaching out to customer service immediately, I am still awaiting a resolution and refund for the overcharge. This delay in addressing the pricing error has been disappointing and somewhat frustrating.
Overall, I am pleased with the luggage itself, but the inconvenience caused by the pricing issue and delay in refund processing have slightly tarnished my shopping experience.
- High-quality build and design
- Functional and convenient for travel
- Sturdy handles and smooth-rolling wheels
- Pricing discrepancy during checkout
- Delayed refund processing
I hope that the brand can address these issues promptly to ensure a smoother experience for future customers.

Very Likable

This backpack is very good looking and feel great on the back.

Shipping Protection

I love the bag but it’s a pity it doesn’t have a hidden pouch/pocket.
I have put the bag into use as yet but will be in the next few weeks. It appears very durable and sturdy 👌🏻

Great looking

Very confortable to wear and great looking, people love it.

Worth the price

At 18"x12"x4" it is small for a backpack. I use it for a daypack, to replace an over-the-shoulder bag that was wearing out. It is a little big for that, but not too much.

Looks cool. Easy to use
Great product

Shipping Protection
Gerald Colomb

Shipping Protection

Great suit case

Looks huge, Like it , Matches all my other ones.

Didn't arrive

I was looking forward to using it however it's difficult to review something if you don't have it.
Can you please let me know when I will receive it?

PowerBank is meh

Power Bank is Micro USB not USB-C like advertised, but it is free so can’t say much.

Best back pack

I’ve never felt such a perfect tool. It’s perfect for my back. Tight, secure, and comfortable. Damaged through shipping.

What a great Battery Pack

This battery pack is an essential addition to the cyber backpack. I don't go anywhere without it. It powered my Dell laptop for the last 2 hours of my 18 hour flight. 🙃 otherwise I would not have finished my reports in time, and still had enough juice to bring my phone from 30% to 100%. I've charged it full to empty at least 10 times and it's never let me down. I will be ordering at least 2 more as gifts.

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