Netflix's Password Sharing Crackdown Sparks Tesla Outrage - But Not for Long!

Netflix's Password Sharing Crackdown Sparks Tesla Outrage - But Not for Long!

Netflix has introduced a new policy where devices need to connect to the account owner's network at least once every 30 days. If not, that device will be locked out from the account faster than you can say "chill". This sent Tesla owners into a frenzy, especially those who live in apartments and can't easily connect their Teslas to their WiFi.

Rally 'round, all you good people! Please have a seat and help yourself to anything to eat because I am about to serve you some tea that is steaming hot. Netflix had just made an announcement that it will be taking stricter action against users who disclose their passwords to their close friends and relatives. But you don't need to fear just yet because they won't be coming for your Teslas!

netflix password sharing


The powerhouse in the streaming industry has recently implemented a new guideline, according to which all connected devices must connect to the network of the account owner at least once every thirty days. In the event that this is not done, the account associated with that device will be disabled as quickly as you can say "cool."

The news drove owners of Tesla vehicles into a frenzy, particularly those who reside in apartments and find it difficult to connect their vehicles to the building's WiFi network.

But hold on, there's some exciting information for all of you Tesla drivers out there! DriveTeslaCanada was contacted by an official Netflix representative, who stated that the new policy regarding the sharing of passwords will not apply to the use of Netflix's service in a Tesla. A narrow escape from disaster!

Netflix password sharing


Before this explanation, Netflix customer support staff were advising Tesla owners that, in order to ensure that they would not lose access to Netflix, they should purchase a second account for their vehicle. But let's face it, who really wants to pay for two separate Netflix subscriptions? Not I, without a doubt about it.

Remember that this crackdown on password sharing has already been implemented in Latin America, New Zealand, Canada, Portugal, and Spain. Before you go and cancel your Netflix subscription and make a solemn vow to never use another streaming service again, let's take a moment to reflect on the fact that this. According to Tubefilter, it is anticipated to arrive in the United States prior to the conclusion of the first quarter.

But if we're being honest, we know that generosity breeds caring. Who doesn't enjoy getting all snuggly with their best friend and watching an entire season of Netflix in one sitting? It's not like we're holding up banks or anything like that.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that Netflix will rethink their decision to change their policy and figure out a solution to make everyone happy. Because let's be honest, nobody wants to witness a significant reduction in the number of people using Netflix.

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