cybertruck stainless steel rust

Navigating the Rust and Care of Tesla Cybertruck's Stainless Steel Exterior

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With its unique styling and "ultra-hard stainless steel" body, the Tesla Cybertruck has generated a great deal of interest and discussion among both prospective buyers and auto aficionados.

Early reports and social media posts have drawn attention to instances of discolouration and possible corrosion on the Cybertruck's panels, despite the vehicle's claims of resilience and longevity. This has raised concerns about the susceptibility of the stainless steel and the required maintenance to keep the vehicle in immaculate condition.

Cybertruck stainless steel rust

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Stainless Steel: Resistant, Not Rust-Proof

Chromium, which creates a shielding oxide layer on the surface, is responsible for the characteristics of stainless steel, which is renowned for its resistance to corrosion. Under normal circumstances, this layer provides protection, but exposure to strong chemicals or salt can weaken it and cause corrosion.

Reports of orange stains and deterioration on Cybertrucks have brought attention to these weaknesses, indicating that even stainless steel is susceptible to environmental stresses.

The Cybertruck Rust Debate: Rail Dust and Corrosion

The emergence of rust on the cars' exteriors following exposure to rain was brought to light in a discussion from the Cybertruck Owner's Club forums. Even while regular rain should not harm stainless steel, the presence of tiny, rusty patches indicates that there may be other influences at work.

It has been suggested that the observed discoloration is more likely to be caused by rail dust, which is iron particles from metal abrasion that settle on surfaces and rust under particular conditions, rather than a fundamental fault in the stainless steel itself.

Cybertruck rust issues

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Tesla's Maintenance Recommendations

Tesla has admitted that the Cybertruck's exposed stainless steel surface requires careful maintenance. In order to prevent corrosion, owners are advised by the company's handbook, which has not yet been made public, to remove potentially corrosive materials like road salt and industrial fallout—implicitly including train dust. The significance of routine maintenance in maintaining the integrity of the stainless steel exterior is emphasized by this instruction.

Owners' Experiences: Stains and Maintenance Challenges

After only a few period of exposure to rain, several Cybertruck owners have seen orange stains or flecks on their cars, raising questions about the vehicle's long-term care and aesthetic appeal. Discussions concerning the stain and rust resistance of stainless steel have been sparked by the persistent discoloration, even after attempts to clean or polish it off have been made.

The Reality of Rust and Stainless Steel

The Cybertruck's experiences with rust and corrosion cast doubt on the widespread belief that stainless steel is immune to these problems. The prevalence of rust spots, which are probably caused by rail dust or other similar impurities, highlights the complexities of keeping a vehicle with a bare stainless steel exterior, even if the material is in fact more resistant than most.

It serves as a reminder that no material is completely care-free and that the Cybertruck still needs maintenance to avoid corrosion in spite of its cutting-edge materials and design.

Cybertruck rust issues


Even though the Tesla Cybertruck's stainless steel exterior is strong and innovative, it can still suffer from rust and corrosion, especially when it comes into contact with environmental pollutants like rail dust. These incidents show how crucial it is to follow Tesla's care instructions and perform routine maintenance in order to keep the car in top shape.

Understanding and resolving these maintenance issues will be essential to maintaining Tesla's customer base's pleasure and confidence as it navigates the Cybertruck's manufacturing and delivery.

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