Tesla Investor Day 2023 is today: Find out how to tune in and what surprises to expect.

Tesla Investor Day 2023 is today: Find out how to tune in and what surprises to expect.

Scheduled to begin at 4 pm ET on March 1st, 2023, the Tesla Investor Day will take place at the company's Gigafactory Texas in Austin, with shareholders and fans making the pilgrimage to attend in person. For those who can't make it, the event will be livestreamed on Twitter and YouTube. Many are eager to hear about the long-awaited Master Plan 3, which Musk teased earlier this year, along with updates on existing products like the Cybertruck and Full Self Driving software. Investors and Tesla enthusiasts alike are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what surprises Elon Musk has in store.
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Folks, it's that time of year once more! The Tesla Investor Day is quickly approaching, and while a select few make the journey to the Gigafactory Texas, the rest of us can watch the live broadcast on YouTube or Twitter to find out what Elon Musk has in store for us.

Even though the event is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. ET (3 p.m. CT for those who are already present in Austin), you shouldn't anticipate Musk to take the stage exactly when the clock strikes 4. The man loves to keep us on our toes.

Regarding what Elon Musk will divulge, well, your opinion is just as good as ours at this point. TechCrunch has a few hypotheses, but everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for new updates on already released products like the Cybertruck and the Full Self Driving software beta that was returned not too long ago.

The true question that everyone is thinking about, of course, is this: what in the heck is Master Plan 3? It would appear that this is the long-awaited sequel to Musk's original Master Plan from 2006. That plan outlined Musk's vision for a low-volume expensive vehicle that would ultimately fund the creation of a high-volume affordable automobile. Regarding Part Two, it was said that it would feature eye-catching photovoltaic roofs, the ability to drive itself, and the Cybertruck. (which is still nowhere to be found).

Will Musk eventually make good on all of his promises with the release of Master Plan 3? We are unable to confirm this, but you can be confident that we will be watching to find out!


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