Top Tesla Owners Clubs Around the World

Top Tesla Owners Clubs Around the World

Tesla owners all over the world have joined branches of the Tesla Owners Club in their area. These clubs are aimed at creating a forum where Tesla owners would be able to communicate with each other while sharing information among themselves with regard to the Tesla brand.

It feels good to be the owner of a sleek new Tesla. No matter the model, be it the Model S, the Tesla Model X, the Model 3, or the Model Y, as long as it is a Tesla electric with all the capabilities, you are golden.

A lot of (if not every) Tesla owners around the world have mentioned that they are very satisfied with the experience of owning a Tesla. Starting from the easy ordering and payment methods, the efficient delivery of the car by the company, the safety measure in the car, and the prospects of the autopilot system; not to mention how environmentally friendly and fast the car is, all these qualities make it an interesting ride for all its users.

Tesla models have become more affordable over the years, and the company is working on even cheaper vehicles. The amenities and facilities provided as a result of Tesla Energy have made life easier for a lot of customers and have made the world a better place with its energy-saving capabilities and the use of renewable energy.  

Tesla as an automobile brand is a rapidly growing giant in the industry and is quite popular for its effort in making its cars more environmentally friendly. Their cars are designed to run on renewable and sustainable forms of energy ranging from electricity to hopefully solar energy. 

Tesla has to a very large extent accomplished the goal it set out to meet when it was founded in 2003. Tesla has proven that to drive an electric car; you do not need to compromise on the stylishness of the car or the expected speed of the car.

But a lot of the available Tesla models have very impressive speeds (even after being compared with a high-end petroleum-fueled car) with very impressive modifications. For instance, the Model X was found to be the quickest and safest sport utility vehicle ever, a result confirmed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

But Tesla has gone beyond vehicles only to also cover Solar Roofs, Powerwalls, and other equipment that has brought power-saving capabilities and convenience to businesses and homeowners around the world.

Tesla owners all over the world have joined branches of the Tesla Owners Club in their area. These clubs are aimed at creating a forum where Tesla owners would be able to communicate with each other while sharing information among themselves with regard to the Tesla brand. 

Tesla Motors Club

TMC is the official and most popular club for Tesla vehicle owners. It gives its members a regular update on the affairs of the Tesla brand. To be recognized as one of its official members, then you need to have a Tesla car of your own. It helps Tesla owners all over the world by providing a platform for them to meet and communicate.

The car owners would be able to exchange vital information among themselves related to Tesla Motors and Tesla Energy.

Tesla Motor Club is a larger umbrella for other independent owners who have established local clubs all around the world. The club was formed in the year 2006.

These independent local Tesla clubs are divided into three major continents. These continents are Europe, Asia (the surrounding Pacific region), and North America. Some of these major Tesla clubs around the world include:

Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley

TOSV was created in the year 2013 and currently has more than 700 members. It covers the Silicon Valley area and the entire California (CA) Bay Area. Enthusiasts of the Tesla brand together with vehicle owners and reservation holders are all welcome to join the club.

Tesla Club SoCal

top tesla owners clubs around the world

TCSC is also known as The Los Angeles Tesla Owners Club, and it is one of the largest Tesla-oriented clubs in the world in addition to being one of the official original clubs of Tesla owners worldwide.

It is open to all Tesla enthusiasts, car owners, and reservation holders. It is a forum for them to get together and exchange knowledge of the brand. They currently have more than 200 registered members.

San Diego Tesla Club

SDTC was created in 2013 and is available for Tesla owners and brand enthusiasts and reservation holders in the San Diego region. Registering to join the club is free. There are currently more than 200 registered members.

Tesla Owners Club of Orange County, CA

TOOC was once known as OC Tesla. It is open to all Tesla owners in Orange County. It is also open to all Tesla car reservation holders in the region. Simply put, it is open to anyone interested in the brand and allows such individuals to exchange useful information and experiences.

It was formed in 2014 and currently has more than 400 registered members. It has an official website through which its members can chat in real-time while exchanging videos and pictures (related to the brand, Tesla).

Tesla Owners Club Austria

Tesla Owners Clubs Around The world

TOA responsible for the famous photo above which was reposted by Elon Musk helps members if they have questions about their Tesla or if they want advice on where to charge or to stay in Austria during their holiday with their Tesla. The club is made up of a group of Tesla drivers and fans from Austria and many other countries like Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Slovenia.

Together with club partners, they offer special deals at hotels for club members. Members also get discounts for several products or Tesla-related services. 

UK Tesla Owners Club

TOUK club covers Tesla owners and enthusiasts across the United Kingdom. Compared to the rest it was created relatively late, it was created in 2017, and currently has about 59 registered members (on its online forum).

Hawaii Tesla Owners

THC (nice!) is open to any Tesla owner, reservation holder, or enthusiast who lives on the islands. It has more than a hundred members who are registered, and it was created in the year, 2013.

Tesla Club Hong Kong

TOCHK is also similar to every other Tesla club. Their doors are open to Tesla owners and enthusiasts in the region.

Most of these clubs have an online presence. This enables their members to always be connected to each other in real time. Hence, they can always share pictures and vital information while also serving as advocates for the brand.

If any member of the club has a problem, this also allows them to determine whether it is an isolated incident or if it is a general issue.

So, almost every major city in the three major continents mentioned earlier has a club. This way the worldwide community of Tesla owners and enthusiasts remain connected.

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