How to Add a Laptop Sleeve to a Backpack?

How to Add a Laptop Sleeve to a Backpack?

Want to know what is a laptop sleeve? How to measure a laptop size for sleeve? Or how to add a laptop sleeve to a backpack? Check out the article & get a way out. 

A laptop is a treasured possession for a student, business owner, remote workers, and other professionals. During working hours, they need to move their digital devices from one place to another place. It's totally ridiculous to use an ordinary bag for storing digital devices because it has no built-in protection. In this scenario, laptop protection and safety is the foremost thing to consider. The solution is to buy a high-quality laptop sleeve and then put the laptop into a backpack. Let’s clear all your queries one by one:

What is Laptop Sleeve in Backpack?

A laptop sleeve is a close-fit pouch or bag designed to protect a laptop from uncertain damages and dust. Many of these sleeves are manufactured from plastic or nylon, neoprene, or leather depending on the supplier. As a rule, the laptop sleeve always has a slightly larger diameter than the laptop it is meant to protect. As well as being fashion accessories, laptop sleeves can also contribute to a company's or individual's style.

How to Measure Laptop Size for Sleeve?

When it comes to laptop sleeves, the laptop size measurement is more critical than the laptop backpacks. In order to fit a laptop perfectly, the sleeve size must be close to the laptop's dimensions. So, for accurate measurements, you need to grasp a measuring tape, pen, or sheet. The key points are as follows:

  • Diagonally Measurement 

The laptop must be diagonally measured from one right corner to the left corner and vice versa. This is the perfect way to find out the correct laptop size. 

  • Dimension Measurement 

The next step is to determine the laptop's height, width, and depth. Make sure you measure the dimensions of your laptop accurately because there are close variations in laptop sizes.

This is how to add a laptop sleeve to a backpack. Moreover, you can check your laptop model and get your laptop measurements. To find out the exact laptop sleeve that will fit, you should talk to the supplier. If you are ordering customized sleeves from a manufacturer for the first time, you should not order them in bulk.

Advantages of Using a Laptop Sleeve

There is a number of advantages of using a laptop sleeve for your micro-computer such as: 

Minimize Risk of Damage

Sleeves serve as the first layer of protection for laptops, preventing scratches, bumps, and dust from entering the computer.

Provide Additional Protection

With a laptop sleeve and backpack, the laptop screen and operating system are even better protected. For your costly robust gaming laptop sleeve and backpack, both are mandatory.  

Keep dust off your Laptop

A laptop sleeve is made from a thick fabric that will keep your laptop protected from dust and other pollutants left by the weather.

Disadvantages of Using a Laptop Sleeve

There are also disadvantage or demerits of using laptop sleeves as follow:

Unable to Protect Against laptop Fall

If your device falls or drops even with the laptop sleeve, there is no guarantee that a sleeve protects the laptop from breakage. This is the biggest demerit of the laptop sleeve. 

Water resistant to a limited extent

The material used in the laptop sleeves will resist water to some extent. There will be a few drops that will absorb in the sleeve, but more waterfalls are still a concern. 

Limited Space or Capacity 

A sleeve has very limited space as you can carry only your laptop with its charger. It has no large compartments like the backpacks.

Last Words

It is concluded that even after buying a laptop sleeve you still need a laptop backpack. Our Cyberbackpack claims that you don’t need a sleeve if you only have our laptop backpack. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a Tesla Cybertruck Backpack now for all your digital device protection. 

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