Designed for the Tesla generation, this smart backpack lets you pack more while weighing less.

Regain Your Travel Swag
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    We want you to love your Cyberbackpack. If you buy one (or two) and decide it's not for you, return it for a full refund.

More utility than a backpack

This powerful, high-tech backpack is designed for men, work, and travel, packed with a multitude of features to suit your every need.

  • Stylish and functional hardshell

    You deserve only the best when it comes to looking your best while traveling. Forged from a single sheet of carbon fiber, this is one conversation-starting backpack you'll be happy to take everywhere.

  • Compact and light, with tons of space

    You shouldn't have to choose Gladiator style between which items get packed and which ones stay behind. With an expandable capacity of up to 50%, you'll have enough room for everything you need.

  • Safe and secure passcode protected

    Thieves and pickpocketers would have to try the next guy! With the passcode lock and anti-theft pockets, you can rest assured that everything inside your Cyberbackpack is safe from bad hombres.

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External USB charging

A USB port on the side for easy access means you'll be sure that your precious gadgets will never run out of juice.

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Cyberbackpack comes with a breathable and massaging back panel design that efficiently dispels heat, keeping you cool and comfy all day long.

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Cyberbackpack™ comes with a 5cm expandable inner lining, allowing for 50% more capacity when needed, perfect for work and travel.

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Luggage Strap

Cyberbackpack™ comes with a luggage strap allowing you to easily attach it to any luggage pull handle for easy carrying and perfect for travel.

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Anti-Theft Pocket

Cyberbackpack™ comes with a hidden compartment on the backside that the carrier can only access, perfect for work, school, and travel.

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Adjustable strap buckle

No more messing with strap adjustments. Our innovative adjustable strap buckle provides a one-touch lock and release whenever needed.

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