How to Choose the Right Backpack for Traveling & Vlogging

How to Choose the Right Backpack for Traveling & Vlogging

A travel laptop backpack that suits travelers, vloggers & workers can be difficult to find. Check out these pro tips to choose the best backpack.

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While traveling and shooting or editing videos a person always needs to transport his/ her laptop from one location to another. Whenever they move or explore new locations with different climates, they are very concerned about dust or rain getting into their laptop. To keep your digital devices safe, you need a protective laptop bag/case/pouch that is comfortable and works hard to keep it safe.

Let’s dig deep and find out how to choose the right laptop backpack which provides 100% protection to your tech products. 

What is the Best Laptop Backpack for Travel? 

The best travel laptop backpack is one that claims to be water-resistant, hardshell, and durable for a longer period. It is estimated that there are thousands of laptop backpack suppliers worldwide that are marketing their products, but not delivering on their promises. Your laptop is an expensive asset so always purchase a laptop backpack from a reputable retailer. As Elon Musk quote: 

 “Great Companies are Built on a Great Product”  

How to Choose the Right Backpack?

If you are planning to buy stylish laptop backpacks for traveling or vlogging, then you reached the perfect place. As I will guide you, pay attention to some crucial characteristics when choosing a travel laptop backpack, such as: 

Light Weight

The travel laptop backpack needs to be as lightweight as possible. The reason is very clear as the laptop and its accessories already have their own weight. Having a heavy laptop backpack will lead to back pain and muscle discomfort. The laptop backpack must be less than 3 Ibs. While purchasing an online backpack must check the weight in the product description or you can directly ask the supplier. Therefore it will be easy and comfortable to carry the laptop backpack in traveling or hiking. 

Padded Shoulder Straps, Back Panel and Pockets

The backpack's main purpose is to free your hands from carrying items while walking. The buyer should select a backpack that has strong, durable, and foamy straps. Ensure there are zipped pockets on the outside of the laptop backpack as well. Keep important items such as a passport, train ticket, or credit card in this place so you can access them frequently. Your shoulders will not get fatigued from the heavy weight being carried by the strong padded straps.

Highly Waterproof

The water-resistant material is the foremost element of a travel laptop. If you are hiking on a sunny day with your laptop backpack, and suddenly rain started what will happen? If you get water in your laptop's operating system, it will slow down your device or completely damage it. That is why a waterproof laptop backpack is the only way to protect your laptop from uncertain climate changes. 

Refreshment Holder

Choose a laptop backpack that has a separate compartment for food and drinks with no risk of leakage. In choosing a backpack for hiking or any other type of trip, the traveler always considers this element. So, a separate water bottle holder makes your trip easy and comfortable. Most backpacks come with an external water bottle holder. however, specialized hardshell backpacks like the Cyberbackpack comes with an internal waterbottle holder, suitable for tumblers that don not leak like the Splitflask.

Large Capacity

The travel backpack should have a large capacity enough to fit your laptop. It must be adjustable to all standard sizes of laptops ranging from 14 inches to 17 inches. Also have additional space for other accessories such as a charger, flash drives, power bank, and smartphone. Consider that when making your decision.

Password Protection

Password protection is an advanced feature introduced by some laptop backpack retailers. By doing this, you will keep your laptop safe from theft and unauthorized access. You only need to set a passcode or password to the laptop backpack and no need to keep an eye 24/7.

Cyberbackpack: Stylish Laptop Backpacks for Traveling

Since the 2021 Cyberbackpack was manufactured, we design and deliver top-notch laptop backpacks for students, travelers, and workers. We are continuously struggling to make our laptop bag stand out. In comparison to the other laptop backpacks on the market, our Cyberbackpack has all these above-mentioned distinctive features. We already earn thousands of people's trust by offering them a laptop backpack along with a FREE power bank. So, place an order now and get your stylish travel laptop backpack at your doorstep!

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