Best Laptop Backpack for Women and Men

Best Laptop Backpack for Women and Men

Daypacks are a great option for those who are looking to carry around a lot or very little on their backs. The differences between what daypacks will work for men and the ones that will work for women are not extremely different, but men and women have different preferences related to fashion.

Hello and welcome to our daily blog. Today, we're looking at the best laptop backpacks for both men and women.

To begin, what is a Laptop backpack?

You could easily shove a laptop into anything and call it a laptop bag. We will not stop you.

Alternatively, you may use a backpack that also has a laptop compartment. Consider a travel backpack for women or men, which is designed for travel but frequently feature a laptop sleeve.

best backpacks for men and women

Choosing the right travel backpack or laptop backpack is an important part of planning your day or week. If you get a laptop backpack that is too big, you will have too much extra weight to carry.

Conversely, you'll never be able to fit everything inside if it's too small! When it rains, your gear will get soaked if you use a laptop backpack that does not have water-resistant materials.

There are so many backpacks nowadays that it can be confusing knowing how to pick the right one. Also to add to the confusion, laptop backpacks are often referred to as daypacks.

What is a Daypack?

A daypack is a small backpack for men or women. They are typically smaller than the average backpack but more versatile and contain tons of pockets.

This means it can be expanded to the size of a large backpack when needed.

Sometimes referred to as a day hiking backpack or hiking day backpack, day packs are grab-and-go backpacks that do not require much thought and are well suited for everyday use.

Daypack backpacks are a great option for those who are looking to carry around a lot or very little on their backs. The differences between what daypacks will work for men and the ones that will work for women are not that far off from each other.

However, men and women have different preferences related to fashion. 

Remember that when you are picking a new daypack (or backpack), your daypack bag will be a new part of your wardrobe! So it is important to choose a color that goes with your fashion aesthetic.

In this article, we will discuss the best backpack daypack for men and women and what makes them better for each gender. 

Best Laptop Backpack for Women (Daypacks)

Best Daypacks for Women

The best laptop backpack for women is a small backpack that contains more than the usual amount of pockets with quick access and arrangement. Women also prefer versatility in their backpack daypacks.

Oftentimes, women have more small and medium-sized items that they will need to carry with them. So the more small and medium-sized compartments or pockets, the better.

A daypack bag that is geared towards women should have enough small pockets and areas for all of your essentials. Here are our thoughts on what's a good daypack size.

Best Laptop Backpack for Men (Daypacks)

Best Daypacks for Men

The best laptop backpacks for men are ones that are on the larger side and more color-neutral such as the Cyberbackpack. Men also prefer designs that speak more about their personality by being subtle, rather than directly expressive.

As well, larger bulkier items tend to be the focus of men who are buying daypacks. Men also are harder on their belongings, so a daypack for men should be able to withstand more wear and tear. Preferably a hardshell day pack would be rugged and durable enough to take the beating that men will put it through.

Best Travel Backpack for Women and Men

Guy at the airport carrying one Cyberbackpack on his shoulder and the other on a carryon luggage.

The size of backpacks is an important consideration when traveling. Everyone wants to know what the perfect size is. There is no such thing as the perfect backpack size. It's critical that your backpack be the right size for your need and your physique; this may mean anywhere from a 20L or 60L bag.

You'll need a travel backpack that's just big enough to hold everything you're bringing plus a little bit extra, but not much more. The optimal backpack size meets all of your requirements, is comfortable, and offers additional storage when needed.

It is critical to understand that the likelihood of being able to bring your backpack on a flight reduces as it gets larger.

Furthermore, if your travel backpack is also a laptop backpack, you will have to take out your laptop for the TSA check. So having a laptop compartment that is easy to access is very crucial for a travel backpack for women and men.

An Option That Serves Your Travel, Laptop, and Daily Needs

Which backpack is best for men and women?

Meet the Cyberbackpack, a futuristic and modern hard-shell daypack that will serve the needs of both men and women.

With an interesting design that will appease both genders and plenty of storage space, the Cyberbackpack is the perfect pick for the best daypack for men and women.

The Cyberbackpack also features incredible perks such as being able to charge your devices on the go through USB charging. Visit for more information.

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