Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It? 

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It? 

Tesla's premium connectivity service offers a suite of features and apps that provide access to streaming media, live traffic visualization, and more. This post will help you understand exactly what Tesla's premium connectivity is and how it can benefit you.

Is Tesla premium connectivity needed?

Tesla's premium connectivity service offers a suite of features and apps that provide access to streaming media, live traffic visualization, and more. Wondering what all the fuss is about and if it's worth the price?

This post will help you understand exactly what Tesla's premium connectivity is and how it can benefit you. If you've recently purchased a Tesla, congratulations! You're on the cutting edge of transportation technology.

As a Tesla owner, you now have access to various features that other car owners don't. One of those features is premium connectivity.

tesla premium connectivity

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Premium Connectivity was a standard feature on every model when Tesla first launched.

However, as technology and the amount of data required for features such as Traffic Visualization changed, Tesla was forced to alter the connectivity fee structure. 

But what actually is Tesla Premium Connectivity?


What is Tesla Premium Connectivity? 

What is Tesla free premium connectivity?

Tesla Premium Connectivity is a subscription that adds real traffic visualization, and satellite view maps that are not included with Standard Connectivity. These extra functions are handy for daily commuters and frequent travelers.

Fun Fact: Cyberbackpack also comes with a power bank to keep you charged up and connected for your daily commute and travels.

Tesla Premium Connectivity ultimately optimizes three driving experiences and services. They can be divided into the following categories:

Navigation Improvements 

Can you change Tesla navigation?

Tesla's Premium Connectivity feature lets you see real-time traffic conditions on your screen, which can help you plan better routes and save time on your travels.

Even without this feature, Tesla's navigation still factors in traffic conditions, so Premium Connectivity only adds the ability to see traffic visually.

Some people might find this feature useful, while others might find it more distracting than helpful. We think it's more of a nice-to-have than anything else, but it can be very useful to line up landmarks and visuals to find a destination easier.

Entertainment improvements 

Can you upgrade your Tesla entertainment or sound system?

The ability to stream music and videos over the car's cellular connectivity is a substantial advance brought on by Tesla's Premium Connectivity.

This entails playing Caraoke, streaming videos, and accessing your Spotify account while driving. It also provides access to built-in apps like Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube. 

Security Improvements 

Finally, Tesla Premium Connectivity contributes to a small increase in vehicle safety. With the advent of Live View, members can now use the Tesla app on their mobile devices to access the live cameras on their vehicles.

This is undoubtedly a benefit, and it can be used to frighten off potential intruders when combined with distant honking. 

How Much is Premium Connectivity Tesla Price?

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It? 

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How do I activate Tesla premium connectivity?

In the U.S., Tesla's premium connectivity costs around $10 a month, and in Canada, it's $13.99 per month with no option for an annual subscription.

However, you will have free premium connectivity if you purchase your Tesla before June 30th, 2018.

Tesla updated the cost of premium connectivity in February 2022 to give customers access to a Tesla app's yearly or monthly subscription plans.

The cost of a Tesla premium connectivity plan per year is approximately $99 plus relevant taxes.

Key Takeaway: Should You Give the Tesla Premium Connectivity a Shot?

Since its debut in 2018, Tesla's Premium Connectivity has been the subject of intense controversy. Let's analyze the benefits and drawbacks now. Sincerely, We would say that it is worthy of purchasing.

We are aware that it is expensive!

However, considering as safety of both you and your car, it's not a bad value for the added peace of mind that comes with having all those services at your disposal.

For $10 a month, features like real-time traffic visualization, video streaming, podcast listening, and satellite maps are unquestionably worthwhile.

This video will give you a quick rundown of Tesla's premium connectivity:


What do you think about the Tesla Premium Connectivity?

Is it worth it? 

Let us know in the comments section below :)

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