Is Buying A Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth It?

Is Buying A Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth It?

Tesla's Model 3 Performance is unquestionably a terrific automobile. However, I have discovered certain drawbacks that will make you rethink whether a high-performance Tesla Model 3 is actually worth it.

Tesla's Model 3 Performance is unquestionably a terrific electric vehicle. Elon Musk even called this Tesla's first mass-market vehicle. The Model 3 comes in the standard range, long-range, single motor rear-wheel drive, and dual motor versions, all with varying price points.

Like all other Tesla vehicles, the 2022 Tesla Model 3 comes with standard connectivity, giving it some high data usage vehicle features such as maps navigation and voice (navigation and voice commands), and 4G connectivity including maps navigation.

The Model 3 was the last Tesla vehicle eligible for the tax credits as it became a victim of its success, quickly exhausting Tesla's tax credit quota allowance.

The wide success of the Model 3 quickly gave rise to the Model 3 Performance which improved on the standard Model 3's performance. However, I have discovered certain drawbacks that will make you rethink whether a Tesla Model 3 Performance is actually worth it.


So is buying a Model 3 Performance worth it?

Is buying a Tesla worth it?

First of all, yes - buying a Tesla is absolutely worth it if you want to see humanity transition from burning fossil fuels for transportation to much cleaner energy. However, it is when we consider the varying trims and models of Tesla that the question begins to present some nuances.

The base Model 3 is already quite quick and capable. However, the experience improves if you choose the performance upgrade package, which includes wider wheels, performance tires, and stronger brakes in the signature red performance color.

Top 6 Model 3 Special Features

The Desirable Features

When it comes to speed, you have to give it to the Model 3 Performance. Although the ride quality and feel when the car turns a corner could use some improvement. When you take a test drive in the Tesla Model 3 Performance, you will discover some more unique details about the car. For starters, this is an excellent electric vehicle. 

I could go on and on about the Model 3 Performance price, debating if it is truly worth a base price of $62k with no options. However, the technology involved in this vehicle is astounding, and it is a quick automobile that is very exciting to drive around.

When thinking about buying a Tesla Model 3, spending a little additional money to get the performance boost is not a terrible idea. That's because you'll already be spending a decent amount of money to get your Long-Range Model 3. So you might as well spring for the performance package as it'll just cost you $7000 more.

Without the upgrade package, it's as if you've lost out on something amazing, and will never enjoy the whole fantastic experience that the Model 3 performance provides.

The Acceleration

Is Buying A Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth It?

The Tesla Model 3 Performance 0-60 will keep you satisfied with the acceleration, cornering, and smooth performance provided by the autopilot system. Also, it is capable of self-parking without the need for human interaction.

In terms of acceleration, it can take you from 0 - 60 mph in slightly under 3.1 seconds. There are few vehicles that can match the 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance horsepower at this pricing.

The Key Card

Is Buying A Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth It?

When we evaluate the additional amenities that come with the Tesla Model 3 Performance, we have to give Tesla credit for restructuring key elements. For example, the automobile lacks a key fob, which is quite noticeable in every other car on the road today. You may program your smartphone to function as a car key.

A key card, which can simply be provided to someone else who wants to drive the Model 3 performance, is another option. There's no reason to start your car and then turn it off just to get out.

Your car will be ready to drive as soon as you get in. You can read more about the top 5 Model 3 special features which I covered extensively in a previous post.

It Can Accommodate a Twin Mattress

Is Buying A Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth It?

Although most people have not actually taken the Model 3 for camping, it is very possible to fold the rear seats of the vehicle down, locate its 12-volt receptacle, and connect an air pump.

Then, proceed to inflate a twin mattress. This should be a mattress that is the right size to house someone that is as tall as 6 feet. You could try this on your own to see how it feels.

This is not in any way similar to the feeling that you get when you lie down to have an MRI procedure. If you take a lying position and face your upper body to the vehicle’s front while your lower body faces its rear, your legs may not have sufficient space but this is not really much of an issue, especially, if you are the kind who doesn't really turn around too much in bed while sleeping.

Basically, the feeling is comfortable. I think it's best to just show you what I'm talking about.

The HVAC System

Is Buying A Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth It?

With the use of the central control screen, you can control the HVAC of the Model 3. However, 2 more reasons exist as to why the Model 3 has a very neat setup. Distinct boxes are indicated for the driver, as well as, the passenger on the touchscreen.

You can use the dots to determine how you need the air in the vehicle to flow. Through the control screen, you have the ability to divide the dots in order to channel the flow of air in different directions.

Another very superb aspect of the Model 3 is the fact that the vents are practically invisible. They are concealed in the vehicle's dashboard inside a larger vent. Since they don't have to be touched to be aimed, it gives you a kind of design where it is not necessary to see or manually direct them, thus, enhancing the minimalist look that the Model 3 interior has.

The Central Touchscreen

Is Buying A Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth It?

On the dashboard of the Tesla Model 3, you will find a touch screen that measures about 15 inches which is the central control unit for everything that functions in the vehicle. Unlike the Model S and X before it, this screen is horizontally aligned and not vertically aligned.

There are menus that give you control over everything that has to do with the vehicle from audio to climate control, as well as, navigation, lights, breaking, and much much more.

To access your glove box, you simply push a button on the control screen. What this implies is that you would be hard-pressed to find any buttons in other parts of the car or something like an instrument cluster as is in conventional cars.

In terms of button count, I never thought I would see a car with fewer button counts than my Model S or X until I got into a Model 3.

The Easter Eggs

The concept of hidden quirks is not just peculiar to this vehicle alone. In fact, it is not just unique to Tesla. But this car maker is widely renowned for having fun with hidden quirks and features while creating a feeling for their customers (as well as their fans) like some kind of fantastic and big inside joke is being played, from Spaceballs and unicorns that fart all the way to 007.

Now, when it comes to this vehicle, there are some classics that have been hidden in the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen. You can make use of the drawing pad as a perfect way to kill the time when you pull over and wait to pick a friend up. With Santa Mode, get ready for some holiday festivity awesomeness.

Then again, you’ll find the More Cowbell feature whenever you get to see a navigation screen that has a theme of Mario Kart for Autopilot. I would let you figure out how to activate that one.

As more over-the-air updates continue to be released, we certainly expect that we will be seeing more Easter Eggs embedded in the Model 3 system. Definitely, the Model Tesla 3 is unique in every single way.

As Elon Musk and Tesla continue to wow me and the world with superb and highly sought-after electric vehicles, the terrain for the production of automobiles is beginning to undergo a revolution.


The Undesirable Qualities

A trunk lid spoiler is included with the Tesla Model 3 Performance. A gauge cluster is also missing, and we believe there is an issue with the automobile being almost entirely reliant on a single mid-mounted touch screen to carry out practically every function.

It is useful when used as an information display. This is due to the fact that drivers nowadays prefer to spend their attention on the touchscreen rather than the gauges.

The Price

Tesla, on the other hand, saw a drop in its dependability ranks. When you think about it, the Model 3 Performance would be wonderful if it were a little cheaper. However, when comparing the Model 3 performance to comparable vehicles that retail for roughly $80000, they are no match in terms of thrill and general refinement.

When you examine the Model 3 performance price, you could easily afford an Audi S4, a BMW M3, or a Mercedes Benz C63. On the other hand, you must remember that these other cars will cost you more money in gasoline and regular maintenance.

The Model 3 Performance is equipped with two electric motors capable of producing up to 450 horsepower. When it comes to specific things that need to be corrected, there are several ways in which this vehicle fails to hit the mark for me. When equipped with the overhyped Upgrade Package, this vehicle has excellent balance and turns with confidence.

The Ground Clearance

However, it still has a much lower profile. The Model 3 Performance does not do very well when it comes to managing bumps. In fact, a Model 3 Performance without the improved wheels and tires feels rather uncomfortable, and if you find yourself on a mountain road with twists and bends, the Model 3 Performance could feel very unpleasant.

In Conclusion

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is a great vehicle for the price. However, electric vehicles by nature of their design are already fast and performance ready. So it would be like taking an already burning campfire and throwing in a few more sticks. Yes, it will burn brighter but was that really necessary? If you are a speed freak then the answer is a resounding yes.

However, if you are a financially conscious consumer like myself, then the base Model 3 is plenty fast. Also, you can get your break calipers painted red if you want, without having to spring for the performance package. so in my opinion, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is not worth it. But don't take my word for it, check out this video that also attempts to answer the same question.

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