🤩2 Big Cybertruck Firsts! Frunk Opening and Windshield Wiper in Action

🤩2 Big Cybertruck Firsts! Frunk Opening and Windshield Wiper in Action

Two thrilling firsts—the frunk and windshield wipers—have been shown for the Tesla Cybertruck. The waterfall frunk's integrated front grille makes waist-height loading and unloading simple and suggests sail and under-bed storage. The driver has good sight because to the single windshield wiper. These futuristic characteristics make the Cybertruck stand out from other pickup trucks.

With its future look and new features, the Tesla Cybertruck has been making waves in the automobile industry. As Tesla fans eagerly wait for the release of this much-anticipated electric pickup truck, more information is slowly coming out about its features.

The Cybertruck's frunk (front trunk) and windshield wipers are two exciting firsts that were just shown off. In this piece, we'll look more closely at these features, how they work, and how they add to the Cybertruck's draw as a whole.

cybertruck frunk open

Credit: @greggertruck


The Cybertruck's frunk, which looks like a waterfall, is one of its most interesting parts. The frunk lid opens up like a grille, like the Ford Lightning, as seen in pictures of the test model and in the holes on the front side. Because it opens to waist height, this design makes it easy to put things in and take things out of the frunk.

This means that people can easily store and organize their things in the frunk without having to get on their knees or stretch in strange ways. The front face and hood of the Cybertruck are built as one piece. This gives the truck a sleek and smooth look and makes it stand out on the road.

The frunk is more useful than just a place to store things. With the ability to load and unload things at waist height, the Cybertruck's frunk could be used for different things, like a pull-out, slide-out kitchen for camping trips. This gives people more ways to customize and use the Cybertruck's frunk room creatively, making it a flexible car for people with different wants and ways of life. Also, the way the frunk is made makes it look like it could have sails and storage under the bed, which could make the Cybertruck's storage even better.


The Cybertruck also has a single window washer that works for the first time. When in use, the windshield wiper seems to cover a large part of the glass, making it easier for the driver to see. This is a very important safety feature, especially when the weather is bad, because it helps keep your view of the road clear. The Cybertruck's window wash works quickly and well, which shows how much Tesla cares about safety and innovation in their cars.

tesla cybertruck windshield wiper

In addition to doing their jobs, the Cybertruck's frunk and windshield also add to its unique look. The waterfall shape of the Cybertruck's frunk adds to its modern and edgy look and makes it stand out from other pickup trucks. The single windshield wiper's sleek and simple design goes well with the Cybertruck's clean and modern look, giving it a high-tech and future look just like the Cyberbackpack.

 tesla cybertruck windshield wiper gif

These parts of the Cybertruck's design not only make it stand out on the road, but they also show how innovative and forward-thinking Tesla is when it comes to making cars.

In conclusion, the Tesla Cybertruck's frunk and windshield fans are two exciting firsts that add to its draw as a modern electric pickup truck. The waterfall form of the frunk, with its built-in front grille and ability to load and unload at waist height, is useful and gives you choices for personalization. The single windshield wiper keeps your view clear for safe driving. These features not only improve the Cybertruck's ability to do its job, but also add to its unique look. As we find out more about the Cybertruck,

Here's a Youtube video of the single wiper in action. 

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