Tesla Model 3 Interior: What it's like on the inside

Tesla Model 3 Interior: What it's like on the inside

A 15.4-inch touchscreen dominates the Tesla Model 3 interior dashboard. The only physical buttons in the cockpit are two unlabeled scroll wheels on the steering wheel, a button for the electric windows, a danger light button, and a grab handle button to open each door. The touchscreen controls climate, radio, and "Easter eggs" including "Mars" mode and retro arcade games. It takes time to learn the touchscreen's responsiveness and sharp graphics, but it leads the industry.

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    tesla model 3 interior

    The interior of the Model 3 is equally as stark as the interior of the Model S, which was designed with a maximalist and minimalist aesthetic. The dashboard consists of little more than a slab of wood, a full-width air vent, and a 15.4-inch touchscreen display in landscape orientation. Earlier iterations of the S included a larger screen displayed in portrait orientation. The screen gives the impression that it is floating in the air when viewed from where you are seated, which is on a chair that is slightly narrow but otherwise comfortable.

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    The Cabin

    In the cabin, the only physical buttons you'll find are two unmarked scroll wheels on the steering wheel (left blank so Tesla can change their functions if necessary via software updates), a regular button for the electric windows, a button for the hazard lights above your head, and a button on the grab handle to open each door, although there is a physical lever below that in case the electrics catch a cold. 

    The Headroom

    tesla model 3 interior

    If you are taller than six feet, the space in the back seats may become uncomfortable; nevertheless, this inconvenience is more than compensated for by the panoramic view that can be enjoyed through the full-length sunroof that extends all the way around and over your head. The infinite roof prevents the 3 from becoming a hatchback, so you'll have to make do with a notchback trunk.

    However, the split-folding rear seats will allow you to transport longer items. Are you leaving town for the weekend? When the back seats are removed, there is plenty of room for a double air mattress, and some manufacturers even produce mattresses that can be folded up and stored away neatly in the trunk.

    In general, the build quality and materials are inferior to those of the well-established premium European players; nevertheless, because everything is kept to an absolute minimum, this is seldom really an issue. Acres of plastic switchgear, many screens, and a multitude of sockets would have only served to draw attention to Tesla's deficiencies.

    Be sure to inspect your Model 3 very carefully before you agree to take delivery of it because other test cars that we've driven have had problematic issues, such as windows that wouldn't roll up and trim that wasn't aligned properly.

    tesla model 3 interior

    The Touchscreen

    As things now stand, everything revolves around that primary screen. In all seriousness, you have to hunt through a sub-sub menu in order to alter the reach and rake of the steering column.

    The remainder of the screen is taken up by a map or anything else that you choose to superimpose on it, such as the settings for your climate control and phone as well as your radio or music streaming.

    You also have the option of going into the settings menu (which is best done when the vehicle is stopped), where you may play with with the steering weight, the amount of regenerative braking, and even whether or not the turn signal should produce a fart sound. Really.

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    The Dashboard

    The general concept is that the quarter of the dashboard that is located closest to the driver is set aside for information and controls that the driver may require while driving. These features include a graphical representation of the status of the autopilot as well as shortcuts to the trip computer, charge status, and other features.

    Oh, and the pace you're going at the moment. It would be beneficial for Tesla to incorporate a head-up display with crucial information into the Model 3.

    Even though the fundamental controls for operating the vehicle couldn't be made much easier, this isn't a car that you can fully understand in the first five minutes of driving it. You will need to devote some time to learning the shortcuts, identifying the settings that you might require, and ingraining these into your brain, just as you would with a brand new smartphone.

    However, the touchscreen's functionality in and of itself is fantastic. The responsiveness of the menus is comparable to that of an iPad, yet the menus themselves are not convoluted stacks of multi-layered mayhem. The graphics have a level of crispness that leads the industry.

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    The Easter Eggs

    tesla model 3 interior

    Have you made sure that everything is in order? Good. You and your passengers are now able to have a good time discovering some of Tesla's "Easter eggs," which are modes that are there for no other reason than to make you and them chuckle.

    Modes such as the "Mars" button, which transforms the map into the surface of the Red Planet; the "Santa" setting, which is only accessible when Autopilot is activated and transforms your vehicle into a sleigh, the road into a rainbow, and other drivers on the road into reindeer; and a wide variety of classic arcade games that can be played using the scroll buttons on the steering wheel, even when traffic is at a standstill.

    You will either enjoy doing these things or find them to be quite unpleasant to you. Especially when you find out that the racing games, which use the real steering wheel and pedals of the car, won't do your tires any good at all because you'll be dry-steering them about while you try to get a new high score.

    However, when was the last time you played the in-car version of Mario Kart that came with your Audi? Exactly. Welcoming you to a novel approach to designing interiors, in which the manner in which you pass the time while waiting for a charge is given equal weight to the tedious and routine business of conventional transportation.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: What exactly does it look like on the inside of the Tesla Model 3?
    A: A single slab of wood serves as the dashboard in the Tesla Model 3, which also features a full-width air vent and a 15.4-inch touchscreen that is presented in landscape position. The interior design of the Model 3 is spare. The cockpit has an extremely limited number of actual buttons; rather, the majority of the controls are located on a touchscreen.

    Q: Is the Model 3 a suitable vehicle for people of a greater stature?
    A: Those who are taller than six feet may find the space in the back seats to be uncomfortable; nevertheless, this drawback is more than made up for by the breathtaking view afforded by the sunroof that runs the length of the vehicle.

    Q: How does the build quality and the materials stack up against the standards of other premium European automobiles?
    A: The construction quality and materials are worse in comparison to those of well-established premium European players; nevertheless, because everything is kept to an absolute minimum, this is rarely an issue.

    Q: In the Model 3, what functions are controlled by the touchscreen?
    A: Everything, including the climate control, the radio, and the ability to stream music, is controlled via the touchscreen. Through the use of the touchscreen, the driver can also access shortcuts to many features, such as the trip computer, the charge status, and others.

    Q: Where can I find the "Easter eggs" hidden throughout the Model 3?
    A: The "Easter eggs" in the Model 3 are settings that are designed to provide the driver and passengers with a chuckle. For example, the "Mars" button transforms the map into the surface of Mars, and the "Santa" setting changes the vehicle into a sleigh. Both of these "Easter eggs" are included in the Tesla Model 3.

    Tesla Model 3 Exterior Dimensions

    Wheelbase (inches)


    Length (inches)


     Width, without mirrors (inches) 


     Height (inches)


     Front Track Width (inches)


    Rear Track Width (inches)



    Tesla Model 3 Interior Dimensions

    Passenger / Seating Capacity


    Total Passenger Volume (cubic feet)


    Front Head Room (inches)

    Front Leg Room (inches)


    Front Shoulder Room (inches)


    Front Hip Room (inches)


    Second Row Head Room (inches)


     Second Row Leg Room (inches)


    Second Row Shoulder Room (inches)


    Second Row Hip Room (inches)



    Tesla Model 3 Interior Cargo Dimensions

    Trunk Space (cubic feet)




    The interior of the Tesla Model 3 is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, with the touchscreen serving as the primary method of control. The interior design of the Model 3 takes a novel approach, placing equal importance on the ways in which passengers can spend time while waiting for a charge as does the vehicle's ability to move passengers from one place to another.

    Everything is kept to an absolute minimum, despite the fact that the build quality and materials are not up to the same standard as those found in well-established premium European automobiles. The Tesla Model 3 also includes a number of hidden features, or "Easter eggs," that make the ride more entertaining and exciting. On the other hand, getting used to the touchscreen may take some time, and passengers who are taller may find that the back seats are uncomfortable.

    In general, the interior of the Model 3 provides an experience that is both unique and functional. Here's the best review we've seen so far from Tesla Torque on youtube.

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