Sidechat welcome to social browsing

If you like browsing the web alone, then this chrome extension is not for you. Go be a loner someplace else.

But if you sometimes find yourself wondering who else is on the website you're currently browsing, then 🥳 CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 you've come to the right place.

Known to relieve symptoms of Digital Loneliness, Sidechat is a free chat social productivity browser extension that allows you to random chat with and message anyone (even strangers) currently online browsing the same website as you in real-time.

Yes with Sidechat, it's OK to talk to strangers. Be social while browsing the internet.

**This app is currently in the early stages of development. Please be patient for more features and stability updates!**

- #1 and only tool that allows you to connect & communicate, collaborate, message & chat with active users on a website.
- Get an instant response from other Sidechat users visiting the same website or webpage as you.
- Online chat or messaging tools such as Gmail, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, etc, all require a different login for each platform - Sidechat is 1 Application and ALL platforms.
- With Sidechat, the conversation happens in your browser - no need to visit a separate website. You also don't need to set up multiple accounts across the multiple websites that you frequent!
- Anonymous chat if you want to or choose what information to make public.
- Website owners and power users can "lurk" on Sidechat to provide guidance or tech support to other visitors at any time.
- Increase and improve productivity by getting more out of every website you visit.
- Community members of hobbyist websites can stay on Sidechat to provide guidance (without new users having to register to the website community).
- Be one of the first to try Sidechat.
- Experience a new way to use the internet.
- You no longer have to browse alone.
- You no longer need permission from gatekeepers like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Gmail, etc, in order to connect & communicate with other members.
- Patent Pending Technology
- 5-star reviews.
- Social Browsing is the next Social Networking.

Sidechat alerts you when someone else is currently browsing on the same website as you and allows you to chat online or message online with each other through a Sidechat window (popup) that sits on top of your browser.

Sidechat is a free chromestore (chrome web store) chat alternative that increases and improves your productivity online by allowing you to get more out of every website you visit, creating a collaborative and shared browsing experience.

You don't have to browse the web alone. Increase and improve your productivity while browsing online by connecting and chatting (messaging) with like-minded people around the world who are online browsing the same website and resources as you.

Whether you’re working on a project, following a tutorial and have questions, watching a video on Youtube, or are an e-commerce customer that needs help before purchasing a product, Sidechat is the perfect solution to increase productivity, easily collaborate, connect & communicate, message and chat with strangers who also are like-minded people.

- Click "Add to Chrome".
- Log in to Sidechat from the extension menu.
- Under Profile, choose the information you would like to make public.
- Browse the web normally and Sidechat will automatically alert you when it finds another Sidechat user visiting the same webpage as you.
- Click on the person's profile picture to see their profile details.
- Click on the chat icon to chat with the person.
- Open your “Chats” screen to see all your previous chat statuses.
- Go offline/online without having to delete or reinstall the Sidechat extension
- Connect on the domain level or dive deeper and connect on the actual page level within a domain.

▶️ Watching a video on Youtube or Netflix web player? With Sidechat you can discuss the current video you're watching with other viewers in real-time.

🛒 Shoppers can use Sidechat to connect & communicate with other shoppers visiting a product page on Amazon or Shopify and start a conversation or ask questions before they buy.

🎧 Listening to that new Drake album on Spotify? Get to know who else is a Drake Stan and start chatting with people listening to the same album as you.

😤 Hate paying commission and fees on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, OfferUp, etc? Use Sidechat to connect & communicate with potential customers visiting your page and keep all the revenue.

💻 Software developers can connect & communicate with other programmers visiting the same StackOverflow answer page or a GitHub repo and collaborate to improve productivity.

❤️ Tired of browsing alone? Sidechat is the perfect extension for finding your future soulmate. Sidechat shows you who else nearby is currently browsing the same website as you, and lets you strike up a conversation if they're cute enough! "Hey, I noticed you were browsing the same website as me. Wanna chat about it?"

🏠 With Sidechat, Realtors can connect & communicate directly with active home buyers or other real estate professionals browsing Zillow or Redfin without having to pay a steep fee.

🧑‍💼 Multiple employees browsing the same website at the same time can chat, collaborate and share insights, which will help improve productivity by reducing the amount of time wasted on browsing websites for information or resources.

👋 We built Sidechat as a way for freelancers and clients to connect & communicate on top of Fiverr or Upwork as opposed to within Fiverr or Upwork, thereby avoiding the steep fees and commissions charged by both platforms.

🌳 Perhaps you're both on an outdoors website because you both love RVs and camping.

💰 Maybe you would like to skip Amazon, Etsy, or eBay fees and just transact directly.

Whatever the case may be, Sidechat opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities for connecting, e-commerce, making friends, dating, and finding common interests. Right now, there are other like-minded people on this exact webpage you are currently visiting. You may not see them, but with Sidechat, you can chat, message, and collaborate with them in real-time.

📢 "Woah this is a game changer. Great idea! I like how you can choose to be public or not so you can continue the conversation elsewhere. Looking forward to seeing this take off."
- Blake S.

📢 "That’s really a great freaking idea. companies from every sector need something like that."
- Junior C.

📢 "This is a GREAT idea. How great to get real-time feedback on items, real estate, craigslist, amazon etc. Endless use cases. If the users get there and progress continues on the app, this could be Huge."
- Andrew V.

📢 "Congrats on building Sidechat. This looks like really useful.
Have you thought about implementing something like this on an e-commerce website like say Amazon or Travel websites?"
- Sachin S.

📢 "Some Pros - instant response available to any Sidechat user on a website, website owners could "lurk" on Sidechat to provide guidance or tech support, Community members of hobbyist sites could stay on to provide guidance (without new users registering to the website community)."
- Jeff P.

When you add the Sidechat extension, you will see the following 3 tabs:
✅ The Home screen: This shows you if Sidechat has detected any other users currently browsing on the same page as you. is always a good place to lurk with the most activity.
✅ The Chats screen: This shows you a history of all your previous chats and any unread messages.
✅ The Profile screen: This shows you all your profile details. This is where you can update your profile & privacy settings, and choose what information to make public or private. You can also change your profile photo here.

👉 See who else is visiting the same page as you.
👉 View their profile information.
👉 Chat with them.
👉 Set some of your profile information to private pr public.
👉 Set your account to Online if you want people to connect & communicate with you and Offline if you don't want to be disturbed.
👉 Set your engagement preference at the domain's Root-level or Page-level.
👉 No limits on the number of people you can connect & communicate with.
👉 Live notification counter when you have unread messages.
👉 Continue chatting even after navigating away from the initial page.

Sidechat requires a valid email to create an account after installation. Once created, you can log in and start using Sidechat to connect & communicate, chat, collaborate and increase your productivity while browsing the web.

💡 Clickable links in the chat.
💡 Emojis, gifs, and images in the chat.
💡 @Usernames.
💡 Turn the notification sound off.
💡 Google Login/Signup.
💡 Email verification and password reset.
💡 Ability to block/delete users.
💡 Dark/Quiet Mode.
💡 Whitelist websites.
💡 Language localization.
💡 Verified badges for website owners.
💡 Firefox, Edge & Safari versions.

🟩 How does Sidechat work?
The extension has 3 tabs, a "Home" tab for everyone on the extension currently browsing the same page as you, a "Chats" tab for everyone you have previously chatted with, and then a "Profile" tab for you to edit your profile and control your privacy settings.

🟩 How do I change my profile photo?
To change your profile photo, you simply click on the 'Choose File' button and it will launch your local directory folder. There you can select the photo you want to make as your profile photo and then click the 'Upload Photo' button. That's all.

🟩 I just logged in and my Chats or Profile screen is empty
This is a known bug we are working on. Simply reload/refresh the popup window and you will be able to see your Profile screen and any Chats screen information.

🟩 What information do you store?
We store the URL you are on when you send a message so we can identify other users to connect you with, based on the domain and webpage. We also store your chat history in order to present it to you in a threaded conversation dialogue on the "Chats" screen. Other than that, we have no idea what you’re doing unless you decide to use the extension. You can read our Privacy Policy below or contact us at to learn more.

🟩 Is there anywhere that we can report bugs or give recommendations?
YES! Please report bugs to and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any feedback, thoughts, suggestions or anything else, please feel free to email me us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

🟩 Are there any websites where you recommend testing it out?
YES! is our most active site fr obvious reasons. You can also try and

🟩 Does Sidechat work on every website?
YES! Sidechat works on every website and webpage you can visit from your browser! Sidechat is still new and so you might not find someone on every site, but if you invite your friends, you can both try it out on any site.

🟩 How do you deal with spam?
This is a potential issue that we have been thinking about from the start. Fortunately, we do not yet have that problem. However, we intentionally made all chats 1-to-1 in order to reduce the propensity for spamming. In future updates, we will add a Block/Delete button that will allow users to simply temporarily block another user that has messaged them, or delete them permanently from their chats.

🟩 Is there a Firefox version?
Not yet but we are working on it.

By installing the Sidechat extension, you agree to our Privacy Policy (

Sidechat processes personal data in accordance with European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. Sidechat’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use comply fully with GDPR, which is the toughest privacy and security law in the world.

Got question? Drop us a line at!

UPDATES - 04/05/22
This update requires you re-register your account due to a needed database reconfiguration.

⭐️ Feature request: Message timestamp should be represented as how long ago it was sent.
✔️Resolution: Changed message timestamp from machine UTC to "how long ago it was sent".

⭐️Feature request: Age and gender should be optional.
✔️Resolution: Age already had the option to switch between public and private. Changed gender from default public to switchable between public and private.

⭐️Some minor bug fixes.

UPDATES - 04/13/22

⭐️Feature request: It's going to get annoying in a hurry the way that the extension pops up to let you know that no one is on the site when you have unread messages. I'd personally make it so it only pops up when users are on the site.
✔️Resolution: The popup was previously activated if only one of two conditions were met namely:
1.) If there is another person found browsing the same page as you,
2.) If you have an unread message in the 'Chats' tab.
Stopped using the popup window as an alert for unread messages and instead added a notification alert badge on the Sidechat icon in the browser header.

⭐️Feature request: It's not very clear how you change the profile photo.
✔️Resolution: Moved photo upload settings to the top of the Profile page and added a large 'Upload Photo' button.

⭐️Some minor bug fixes.

We are always working to improve Sidechat and give you a 5 STAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ EXPERIENCE!! We would really appreciate a review if you have a minute or two.

Based on 1283 reviews
Great Backpack but….

Received my backpack and love it but the shipping carrier destroyed the box where the backpack was in and taped it together like nothing happened feel like UPS should be more carful with people’s deliveries

Awesome Backpack, But….

I absolutely love the backpack but i was worried when I received it because the packaging was all torn apart and taped afterwards

Shipping Protection
John Russell
Nice but….well kind of plain…not a lot of features for the money paid!

The backpack is some smaller than I anticipated. I also was looking for more compartments. Only one zipper area on the inside and 1 area on the outside.
Really hard to carry a normal size envelope for example. No designated place for pens and keys. Just not as functional as I had hoped for. Taking it on my first road trip this week to Chicago… we will see how it holds up.


It was a well received gift

Love It

SUPER CONVENIENT… i travel alot with work … the perfect travel back pack !

Shipping Protection
Alfredo Villanueva
Excellent product

A+++ product, was very impress with the materials and overall quality, product is well made. Happy with the product, will order more

Great bag 💼

I love it

Formidable Player

A good sized and well featured hardshell backpack. Feature rich, well constructed and lots of room

Great Backpack

This backpack is very cool. While the original reason I got it was an impulse purchase of a cybertruck related accessory. This thing has proved to be useful and durable. I travel on many short trips and this bag is perfect. It fits just enough and keeps it organized to boot. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who could afford it.

Shipping Protection
Edith Suarez
Cyberpack & Cybersling bundle

I’m so in love with this purchase, bought it as a present for my husband and I already know he is gonna love it as well! Definitely I will recommend it! Thank you

Shipping Protection
Felipe Lebron
Good Materials, seems to be good quality

I received the package on time... Mail packaging was superb.

The Luggage, backpack and the small pack seem to be good quality, LOVE LOVE LOVE the design!!!

I don't have the Luggage at hand at this moment, the only thing worries me a little is the two rivets at the bottom seem to be a little bent... I'll send photos later.

The thing that bugs me are the power banks... (I got thee instead of One!!!🤯😎❤️ much appreciated!!!). But why are these USB-A and MICRO USB???
i bet whoever buys these Luggage and Backpacks do not have Micro USB devices/cables anymore… as a matter of fact, Im willing to bet all of us customers of yours despise Micro USB… please fix this!!!

Other than that…. So far I am happy with my purchase!

Cyber Gear rocks!

I purchased the entire set and love all three. As there is always room for improvement to make the best product possible, here are my thoughts. Battery pack / side input should also include a USB C. The small case should include a few more pockets inside to organize things. The suit case - love it. Would be nice to have a better way to store the battery pack unless I haven’t figured it out yet. On Two of the three bags when you plug in a charging cable into the port on the shell they don’t work. Yes the battery pack is connected inside. Quality is great. Zippers are great. Love the dust bag , rubber wheels - not plastic. Big fan.

Bigger thanm it looks

Was impressed with how much stuff can put in it. Overall a cool functional backpack.

Shipping Protection
Doni Torres
Even though

I ordered 2 and only one got delivered because potentially one was stolen but I was sent a replacement free of charge

CyberLuggage 38L Carry-on Suitcase


I love it. its nice and secure enough room for my things and light weight!

An excellent backpack that has all the bells and whistles plus security.

Greatest Backpack ever

This is the most functional and beautiful backpack I ever had or have seen, and I am sure it will fulfill my storage and transportation needs fully. Thank you!


Carryon back is great however the backpack has limited space due to it shape and straps interfiere when on top of the carryon

Great product

I purchased this for one of our interns that spent the last 8 months working with us. He worked with us on several projects, one of them being cybertruck products. He was also traveling with us using a backpack and outdated roller. This backpack was perfect as it would give him something to remember his time with us as well as be useful for future travel. Great product and came with a free charger. A couple others from my team are thinking of purchasing this for their interns as well.

Shipping Protection
Ariel Ariel

Muy bonita con estilo y excelente producto.

Sophisticated and Cool

Used it for an airline trip and easy to carry, business classy. And the built in charger was great to have. I paired it with my carry on. Worked well.

Backpack arrived dented

I received the Cyber Back Pack a few days ago and I was impressed and disappointed at the same time. The quality and functionality of the pack is great, the locking zippers and charging pack included with the backpack is great to have if you to charge a device on the go. The downside is, I don't know if quality is checked before it is packaged because my backpack arrived with a very noticeable dent on the lock combination side of the backpack that cannot be taken out. I'm looking to return it for an exchange.


Thanks for your order and we appreciate you letting us know.
The next step would be to send us a photo of the damage and the box it came packaged in. Perhaps the damage might have occurred during shipping. Nevertheless, we will take care of it.
Please email us at

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