What Backpack Should I Get: Which is the Best Backpack?

What Backpack Should I Get: Which is the Best Backpack?

Replacing your backpack year after year is not only annoying but also costly and inefficient. You may enjoy being able to choose a new style moment for each year, but is switching up the color of your backpack really worth having to watch your new backpack rapidly deteriorate with regular use?

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In order to answer the question of what backpack to get or which backpack is best, you first have to examine the following crucial factors.

How to Increase the Life of Your Backpack

Replacing your backpack year after year is not only annoying but also costly and inefficient. You may enjoy being able to choose a new style moment for each year, but is switching up the color of your backpack really worth having to watch your new backpack rapidly deteriorate with regular use?

In this article, we will go over how to pick a backpack that is built to last so that you can increase the life of your backpack.

  1. Choose a backpack with more durable materials.
  2. Invest in a higher price point.

Choose a backpack with more durable materials.

We’ve all seen hard-shell suitcases take over the luggage industry, but did you know that there is such a thing as a hard-shell backpack? Choosing a hard-shell backpack can help you to avoid the wear and tear that comes with regular fabric backpacks. Hard-shell backpacks are also better at protecting your belongings!

You may also want to look into backpacks that are waterproof to improve their durability and ability to last in wet environments.

Invest in a higher price point.

This is a tricky piece of advice as some products will be higher in price due to the brand name, but most commonly you will find that with a higher price is a more quality product. To be clear, we discourage you from choosing backpacks that are abnormally cheap. Sure, that $30 backpack from Walmart is affordable, but is it really affordable if you have to buy a new $30 backpack each and every year? Not really.

In conclusion, your backpack needs should not be a yearly expense. You can find backpacks on the market that are built to last. One such backpack is the Cyberbackpack, which is made with quality materials that will help you to stop reinvesting your money into low-quality backpacks.

Visit www.cyberbackpack.com to purchase a backpack that you won’t have to replace!

Best Backpacks for Carrying a Laptop

The COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized the meaning of “working on the go”. In 2022, a backpack isn’t a backpack without being able to properly carry your laptop so that you can be accessible while you’re out and about. Flexibility is key to success in this new modern age of remote work.

Let’s go over what makes the best backpacks for carrying a laptop.

Plenty of Space

In order to be considered a backpack, you should choose to carry a laptop, your backpack should be able to carry your laptop, and more. If all your backpack can carry is a laptop, you might be better off just buying a laptop bag. You will want to be able to carry around your laptop and more when you are working on the go, so look for a backpack that has enough room to do both!


Your new backpack for carrying your laptop should also be durable enough to carry such a heavy electronic item. Some backpacks will fray from carrying such a boxy, heavy item day in and day out, so make sure that you are investing your time and money into a backpack that is built to last. Consider buying a hard-shell backpack that will not have this problem and will do a better job at protecting your delicate electronics!


As well, you should look into a backpack that provides you with comfort and support for your shoulders. Laptop computers can be heavier and bulkier than most items that you would consider putting in a backpack. Make sure that your new backpack has proper shoulder padding so that you can stay comfortable!

If you are looking for the perfect backpack to carry your laptop in, consider the Cyberbackpack. The Cyberbackpack offers all three of these essential items for a laptop backpack while being fun, fashionable, and functional!

Must-Have Features for Backpacks

It is a common misconception that a backpack has only one function. In fact, backpacks can do more for you than just holding your personal items on your back. There are certain features that are quickly emerging on the market as features that people can no longer live without having their backpack provide for them!

In this article, we will go over the new must-have features of backpacks that you will want to have in your new backpack. 

USB Charging

Yes, you read that right. Certain backpacks on the market offer this unique and helpful feature that can allow you to charge your devices via USB cord on the go, wherever you are! Selecting a backpack with this feature will help make sure that your phone never again dies while you are traveling.

Hard Shell Protection

Just as hard-shell luggage has become the top pick for traveling, hard-shell backpacks are starting to emerge on the market as the top way to protect your belongings from harm. Choosing a hard-shell option can help ensure that your items do not get crushed or damaged while you are on the go!


Waterproof backpacks are quickly becoming a must-have feature in the backpack industry. Not only do waterproof backpacks protect your belongings better than those that are not waterproof, but they are also much easier to clean!

Password Protecting Locking System 

Yet another feature on this list that is absolutely wowing people, is this feature that allows you to place your items under secure password protection. If you have concerns about pickpocketing or theft of your items, this is a backpack feature that you should not pass up when you are looking for a new backpack. 

If these features sound like they are something that you are interested in for your new backpack, you should seriously consider investing in the Cyberbackpack. The Cyberbackpack is a state-of-the-art futuristic backpack that has all four of these features and more! 

What is the Difference Between Corporate and Casual Backpacks? 

In general, in the world of fashion, there are somewhat clear definitions between corporate and casual. But did you know that these descriptions also apply to backpack styles? It’s true! There is such a thing as a corporate backpack and a casual backpack, but what is the difference between corporate and casual backpacks? 

In this article, we will go over the difference between corporate and casual backpacks.

What is a Corporate Backpack? 

When thinking of what a corporate backpack might entail, you may be thinking that this backpack needs to be especially fancy in order to be considered corporate. However, there are only a few simple requirements:

Appear professional.

In order for a corporate backpack to be a corporate backpack, it must appear as if it belongs in the professional world. Corporate backpacks should be sleek in appearance and preferably in neutral colors that don’t stand out too much.

Serve purposes specifically for businessmen and businesswomen.

A corporate backpack will need to be able to provide utility for people in the corporate world. For example, being large enough to hold a laptop computer is now a must for corporate backpacks. On the other hand, being waterproof might not be a necessary perk for the work environment.

What is a Casual Backpack?

On the other hand, a casual backpack really has no requirements other than not having to fit into the corporate world. Casual backpacks can be any color, any material, and any size. They are meant to serve whatever purpose you may need in your backpack for daily casual use!

How Can You Get the Best of Both Worlds? 

Meet the Cyberbackpack, the option that you can wear professionally and casually while only making people turn their heads to give you compliments. This backpack checks off all of the boxes of a corporate backpack while also being cool enough to rock as a casual look.

Visit www.cyberbackpack.com to purchase the backpack that will allow you to rock both corporate and casual styles!

What Are the Current Backpack Trends?

As with any other accessories, backpacks also go through different fashion trends. In some years, there are specific materials that are hot and desirable, whereas others have certain size requirements. We saw the rise of the mini backpack as well as the rise of the outdoorsy style, but what are the current backpack trends?

In this article, we will go over what is hot in the trends for backpacks in 2022.

Modern is especially in this year

The 2020s are starting to look more and more like the 2000s with every passing day as old trends become recycled. With this return to Y2K fashion, the future is back in and the days of worshiping vintage are being reframed. Silvers, metallics, and general Y2K styles are starting to come in! This trend is passing along to backpacks as well. Picking an especially futuristic style will help you be on trend in 2022.

Comfort and quality

A general theme of the decade is the distaste toward cheaply made and mass-produced products. Comfort, quality, and investment in products are starting to become the way of the future when it comes to shopping. This applies to backpacks as well, with brands that are known for their quality starting to rise to popularity!

Water resistance

People are starting to lean into using their backpacks for more than just school or work. In fact, many people are starting to look for quality multi-use products in line with the second trend on this list. To go along with this, backpacks that are waterproof and water resistant are especially hot right now!

Where Can I Find a Backpack That Does All Three?

Look no further than the Cyberbackpack! This modern and futuristic backpack is perfectly on trend with its silver color and high-quality manufacturing. As well, the Cyberbackpack is fully waterproof and appropriate for use for school, work, adventure, or travel!

Visit www.cyberbackpack.com to purchase the backpack that perfectly meets the main backpack trends of 2022!

Should You Bring a Backpack to a Theme Park? (Disneyland, Disney World, Universal)

When you are planning your next trip to the theme parks, you may be wondering what exactly you need. Your list may be pretty lengthy depending on how many people you are traveling and what their ages are. If you are traveling with young children, you will definitely have more to pack than others. But how should you bring all of that to a theme park? Should you bring a backpack to a theme park?

We think that the answer to this question is an absolute yes! In this article, we will go over exactly why you should bring a backpack with you to the theme parks. For your next Disneyland, Disney World, or Universal trip you will be so thankful that you listened to us!

Skip unnecessary trips to the hotel.

Packing everything that you might need while at the theme parks will help you avoid spending any money on your essentials at the parks, or even worse, avoid having to go back to the hotel. You can also pack extra snack options, water bottles, and other emergency options to help give you peace of mind while you are enjoying the theme parks.

Shoving an extra set of clothes into a backpack also can save you time if you’re planning on going on a wet ride to cool off on a hot day! People always think that wet rides are an amazing idea on a hot day until they end up totally soaked and having to make the trek back to their accommodations. Picking a backpack over a smaller accessory will allow you to plan ahead for sticky situations like this!

Have a durable option that you can bring on rides too.

Small purses do not do well on rollercoasters, and neither do small drawstring-style backpacks. These items are very light, and you will find yourself having to clutch desperately to them in order to avoid losing them if you are going on a thrill ride!

What is the Perfect Backpack for a Theme Park?

The Cyberbackpack is a top pick for a day at Disney or Universal. With plenty of room to hold all of the items that your family may need during your trip to the theme park, Cyberbackpack is an obvious choice.

 As well, Cyberbackpack features a password-protected locking system that can help you to feel comfortable with leaving your backpack behind if you are riding on a rollercoaster that requires that you place all personal items on the ground near the ride. Cyberbackpack is also waterproof if you are planning on beating the heat by going on a wet ride!

Visit www.cyberbackpack.com to purchase the perfect backpack for your upcoming Disney and Universal trips!

Are Backpacks Bad for Your Back?

As we age, we need to pay attention to what is good and bad for our bodies. With how much weight you might be carrying around with you with a heavy backpack, you may find yourself wondering if it’s really good for you to wear backpacks. So, are backpacks bad for your back?

The answer is yes…and no. Some backpacks can be harmful for your back, but most often if a backpack is going to be harmful to your back it is because it does not fit you properly. As well, you may be trying to carry too much with you!

Let’s dive into two ways to avoid unnecessary back pain and strain by wearing a backpack.

Be careful with your shoulder straps!

Placing a heavy load of objects on your shoulders incorrectly can be extremely bad for your back and shoulders alike. It can have disastrous effects on your posture as well.

Be sure to not tighten your straps too tight and carry the load on your shoulders more than on your back. As well, you should look to purchase a backpack that features padded straps to help to distribute the weight that you are carrying better.

Limit your total carrying weight. 

Studies show that children should not carry more than 10 to 20 percent of their body weight on their backs. For young adults and teens, this number is no more than 13 to 15 percent of their body weight. And finally, for adults, no more than 15 to 20 percent of your body weight should be carried on your back. This is to avoid having too much pressure on your spine which can cause damage to your back.

The Cyberbackpack

A great option for you if you are looking to avoid back pain while carrying your items is the Cyberbackpack. With wonderfully padded straps and a lightweight design, the Cyberbackpack is designed to be ergonomic and better for your back than other backpacks on the market!

Visit www.cyberbackpack.com to purchase your back-friendly backpack!

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