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Frankie Ortiz
Awesome Backpack, But….

I absolutely love the backpack but i was worried when I received it because the packaging was all torn apart and taped afterwards

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John Russell
Nice but….well kind of plain…not a lot of features for the money paid!

The backpack is some smaller than I anticipated. I also was looking for more compartments. Only one zipper area on the inside and 1 area on the outside.
Really hard to carry a normal size envelope for example. No designated place for pens and keys. Just not as functional as I had hoped for. Taking it on my first road trip this week to Chicago… we will see how it holds up.


It was a well received gift

Love It

SUPER CONVENIENT… i travel alot with work … the perfect travel back pack !

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Alfredo Villanueva
Excellent product

A+++ product, was very impress with the materials and overall quality, product is well made. Happy with the product, will order more

Great bag 💼

I love it

Formidable Player

A good sized and well featured hardshell backpack. Feature rich, well constructed and lots of room

Great Backpack

This backpack is very cool. While the original reason I got it was an impulse purchase of a cybertruck related accessory. This thing has proved to be useful and durable. I travel on many short trips and this bag is perfect. It fits just enough and keeps it organized to boot. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who could afford it.

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Edith Suarez
Cyberpack & Cybersling bundle

I’m so in love with this purchase, bought it as a present for my husband and I already know he is gonna love it as well! Definitely I will recommend it! Thank you

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Felipe Lebron
Good Materials, seems to be good quality

I received the package on time... Mail packaging was superb.

The Luggage, backpack and the small pack seem to be good quality, LOVE LOVE LOVE the design!!!

I don't have the Luggage at hand at this moment, the only thing worries me a little is the two rivets at the bottom seem to be a little bent... I'll send photos later.

The thing that bugs me are the power banks... (I got thee instead of One!!!🤯😎❤️ much appreciated!!!). But why are these USB-A and MICRO USB???
i bet whoever buys these Luggage and Backpacks do not have Micro USB devices/cables anymore… as a matter of fact, Im willing to bet all of us customers of yours despise Micro USB… please fix this!!!

Other than that…. So far I am happy with my purchase!

Cyber Gear rocks!

I purchased the entire set and love all three. As there is always room for improvement to make the best product possible, here are my thoughts. Battery pack / side input should also include a USB C. The small case should include a few more pockets inside to organize things. The suit case - love it. Would be nice to have a better way to store the battery pack unless I haven’t figured it out yet. On Two of the three bags when you plug in a charging cable into the port on the shell they don’t work. Yes the battery pack is connected inside. Quality is great. Zippers are great. Love the dust bag , rubber wheels - not plastic. Big fan.

Bigger thanm it looks

Was impressed with how much stuff can put in it. Overall a cool functional backpack.

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Doni Torres
Even though

I ordered 2 and only one got delivered because potentially one was stolen but I was sent a replacement free of charge

CyberLuggage 38L Carry-on Suitcase


I love it. its nice and secure enough room for my things and light weight!

An excellent backpack that has all the bells and whistles plus security.

Greatest Backpack ever

This is the most functional and beautiful backpack I ever had or have seen, and I am sure it will fulfill my storage and transportation needs fully. Thank you!


Carryon back is great however the backpack has limited space due to it shape and straps interfiere when on top of the carryon

Great product

I purchased this for one of our interns that spent the last 8 months working with us. He worked with us on several projects, one of them being cybertruck products. He was also traveling with us using a backpack and outdated roller. This backpack was perfect as it would give him something to remember his time with us as well as be useful for future travel. Great product and came with a free charger. A couple others from my team are thinking of purchasing this for their interns as well.

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Ariel Ariel

Muy bonita con estilo y excelente producto.

Sophisticated and Cool

Used it for an airline trip and easy to carry, business classy. And the built in charger was great to have. I paired it with my carry on. Worked well.

Backpack arrived dented

I received the Cyber Back Pack a few days ago and I was impressed and disappointed at the same time. The quality and functionality of the pack is great, the locking zippers and charging pack included with the backpack is great to have if you to charge a device on the go. The downside is, I don't know if quality is checked before it is packaged because my backpack arrived with a very noticeable dent on the lock combination side of the backpack that cannot be taken out. I'm looking to return it for an exchange.


Thanks for your order and we appreciate you letting us know.
The next step would be to send us a photo of the damage and the box it came packaged in. Perhaps the damage might have occurred during shipping. Nevertheless, we will take care of it.
Please email us at

Love this product

The wheels are smooth as silk.

Now that’s pretty smooth. Thank for the support.

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