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Our story


Born out of a deep love of good design and quality products, we create futuristic luggage and travel accessories fit for the modern lifestyle. Our goal is to inspire and empower people to go places while leaving a positive impact on the planet.

Behind Cyberbrands

A Passion for design

My name is Riz Nwosu. I am a US patent-holding inventor, product designer, and bulletproof backpack designer.

I started designing bulletproof backpacks for my kids in 2018 as a way to give my kids some protection (however little) after a spat of shootings.

I soon began getting calls from other parents desperate to buy one of my bulletproof backpacks. However, every sale was bittersweet and I began working on other concepts that instead brought joy to my customers.

Our mission is to elevate the way we carry and travel

The Cyberbackpack is a modern anti-theft hardshell laptop backpack that is perfect for travel, work, and play. Vacuum formed from a single sheet of polycarbonate, the Cyberbackpack is purposely lightweight, weighing less than 2.9 lbs, and ergonomically designed to protect your back and shoulders while carrying your belongings.

Product Timeline

Guardpack lined up outside a class room.

My First Backpack Product

My name is Riz Nwosu. I am a patent-holding inventor and product designer. I started designing bulletproof backpacks for my kids in response to all the school shootings.

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