My Tesla Journey

In a moment, I will tell you everything you need to know about the Cyberbackpack.

But, first, a story...

My name is Riz Nwosu. I am an inventor and designer. That's me above on the fourth happiest day of my life when I received my first Tesla Model S70 with the backward-facing jump seats. Can you guess what the other three happiest days were?

Hint: The photo captures 3 of my 4 happiest days.

Long before I could afford a Tesla, I was a Tesla fanatic, always stopping to take photos and videos of any Tesla I came across on the streets of Los Angeles. Motivated with each sighting, I stacked up my chips until I could afford to buy myself a Tesla on my 30th birthday.

Since then, I have owned 3 of the 4 Tesla models — 4 if you count my son's Radio Flyer Model S. Everything seemed to be going well in my world, and then Telsa unveiled the Cybertruck.

Suddenly, there was a paradigm shift in product design and the possibilities were endless. Having a background in bulletproof backpack design and manufacturing, the irony wasn't lost on me that the Cybertruck was also "bulletproof". So it was only logical that I develop a Cyber-esque design for backpacks and two years later, the Cyberbackpack was born.

"Cyberbackpack is my opening salvo in a line of Cyber-esque products"

Introducing Gen T, a Tesla generation

There is now a generation of kids that have grown up entirely in the world of Tesla. My 6-year-old son is one of them and it warms my heart to see him come full circle as the first kid in the world to own a Cyberbackpack.

An iconic design with intergenerational appeal

I initially designed the Cyberbackpack as a work and travel accessory for myself. However, the moment my kids laid eyes on it, they immediately wanted one and so did their friends. I wasn't surprised, as the Cybertruck also enjoys intergenerational love and admiration. Cyberbackpack is one of those rare products that both adults and kids agree is cool. It's also the only backpack that causes people to stop, stare and ask "Is that a Cyberbackpack?".

  • The design and function of backpacks (and luggage) has not changed in over 100 years. It's time to reimagine luggage.

Kid walking through airport wearing a cyberbackpack and rolling a carryon luggage

The Future Is Electric

Just as EVs reimagined the automobile, Cyberbackpack reimagines the backpack. CyberBrands is a luggage and travel accessories company building smart, functional, and fashionable products inspired by the EV revolution. We are on a mission to inspire and empower people to go places while leaving a positive impact on the planet. Our dream is to one day have every Cybertruck delivered with a Cyberbackpack included.

Riz Nwosu

CEO & Founder

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