What Is The Best Laptop Backpack For Travel

What Is The Best Laptop Backpack For Travel in 2022?

Finding the best laptop backpack for you might be difficult, although everyone has various standards for the ideal backpack. Some people prefer fashionable laptop backpacks, while others pay attention to their functionality. Choose a backpack for your laptop with modern features like USB charging, an anti-theft pocket, and passcode locking. You're unaware of where to find a backpack of this kind that is modern, stylish, and trendy. Don't worry; we'll highlight the best laptop bag with modern features.

The best laptop backpacks offer much more than allowing you to move valuable goods without fear of damage.

There's a lot to think about when putting your laptop on the road, from additional large compartments for cables, tablets, and accessories to daily convenience features like anti-theft protection and lightweight materials. Although many different types of backpacks are on the market, can any of them protect your laptop while you travel? Which is the best laptop backpack for travel, and how would you know that?

Finding the best laptop backpack for you might be difficult, although everyone has various standards for the ideal backpack. Some people prefer fashionable laptop backpacks, while others pay attention to their functionality. Choose a backpack for your laptop with modern features like USB charging, an anti-theft pocket, and passcode locking.

You're unaware of where to find a backpack of this kind that is modern, stylish, and trendy. Don't worry; we'll highlight the best laptop bag with modern features.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Laptop Bag

Finding the ideal laptop backpack sometimes can be as tricky as finding the perfect pizza. There are too many choices: pepperoni, Cheese Pizza, Veggie Pizza, and BBQ Chicken Pizza. The point is that there are several laptop backpacks (and pizza flavors) to pick from.

The easiest method to deal with overwhelm is to examine a few crucial factors, which we've mentioned below. You'll be well on choosing the right laptop bag if you can go through these factors and fully grasp your demands. So, let's get started.

Your Commute

It's beneficial to spend time determining the obstacles of your journey and how your backpack will handle those demands. Let me give you an example if you are taking public transportation. If you are riding the subway to college, office, or anywhere you probably need your laptop along with you; you may have a problem with limited legroom and space.

If so, you'll need a small backpack to fit without crowding your legs, bothering your seatmate, accidentally hitting somebody in the face while you're standing up, or taking up more space than your entire body.

Another option is to take a bus with plenty of legroom, but the bus station is more than a mile from where you want to go. You'll want a bag that is cozy enough to take that far.

Your Workspace

You may work at a regular office, a collaborative space, a local cafe, your apartment complex's pool, your father-in-attic, law's, or anywhere else. In today's society, you can work from any place (primarily if you work on a laptop).

Different laptop backpacks are better or worse suited to different work environments. For example, a laptop bag that stands on its own is useful if you do a job at a coffee shop. That way, it won't slide down the table legs and into everyone's path.

Additional Activities

You can use your laptop backpack for many other purposes. So let's consider what else you can do with your laptop backpack. They might include:

  • Carrying cameras
  • Going to the gym before or after work
  • short trips
  • Going for a day hiking

Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop Backpack

Backpacks are the most popular form of bag among undergraduates, workers, and travelers. Finding one that can accommodate your laptop as well as your daily necessities can make travel a little bit simpler. Using the best laptop backpack is the most secure method to carry your laptop while traveling. But where can I find the best laptop backpack for a trip? "What Is The Best Laptop Backpack For Travel? What features should a laptop backpack have? To get the answers to your questions, read this section.


Your laptop bag must be as light as possible because laptops and all their related accessories may be cumbersome to carry.

Your laptop bag should be comfy enough to allow you to work without difficulty, and it shouldn't be so light that you have to strain your back from carrying it. Because laptops are designed portable, the backpack you use to transport them should also be.

Backpacks like the Cyberbackpack with it's weight shifted design allow it to be light-weight while still keeping its durability, large capacity and functionality.


A laptop backpack should be large enough to allow you to adjust your laptop and essential accessories inside it easily. Internal pockets should be large enough to hold not just your laptop and charger but also all of your essentials, such as your wallet, mobile phone, glasses, keys, and anything else you need, so you don't have to carry another handbag or shoulder bag.

The size of your laptop will determine the size of your backpack. Laptop backpacks feature a designated, cushioned area for your laptop, so be sure the pocket is large enough to hold your laptop.

Laptop compartments with standard dimensions are 15-, 16-, and 17-inch. Remember that the thickness of your laptop might affect whether or not it fits, so keep that in mind. It is important to note that the Cyberbackpack can comfortably fit up to a 17.3-inch laptop.

Sleeve Size

This should go without saying, but make sure to buy a pack with a laptop sleeve that will fit your laptop. You don't want anything too little or too large. During transit, your laptop may move about, increasing the possibility of damage.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it seems. The claimed laptop sleeve size might differ from one vendor to the next. A 13" sleeve from one manufacturer will comfortably accommodate a 16" laptop, while another's 13" sleeve will barely fit a 13" laptop. (Isn't it exasperating? 

Brands, get your act together!). It's usually advisable to size larger just in case.

If the sleeve becomes too large, you may quickly put your laptop inside a case or an extra cushioned sleeve beforehand. In the Protection part of this tutorial, we'll go over laptop security in further detail.

Similarly, if you want to place your laptop in a separate sleeve or cover before placing it in your luggage, consider this when looking at the laptop size constraints. If your extra protection is too large, it could not fit inside.

Material and Durability

One of the most essential components of your laptop backpack's function is the kind of protection it provides. Your laptop has to be protected not just from bumps and drops but also from rain and snow.

Some of the best laptop backpacks on the market are constructed of waterproof (or at least water-resistant) material that protects your laptop from the weather while still being easy to clean.

Ensure the fabric used to construct your laptop backpack is durable, abrasion-resistant, and won't rip or break.

Other helpful backpack design features which can also be found in the Cyberbackpack include mesh backs, hardshell cases, curved back systems, and cushioned through-flows on their back panels, which prevent you from sweating when wearing your backpack for extended periods or in hot weather.


We recommend spending money on a backpack expertly crafted from premium materials. When looking for a laptop bag, you may run across the following materials:

  • Canvas
  • Ballistic Nylon and Ripstop Nylon
  • Standard Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Tarpaulin or TPE Fabric Laminate
  • Leather
  • PE Material
  • And more

In this article, we won't dive too deeply into any of these fabrics. Ballistic and Ripstop Nylon, as well as other brand fabrics, are likely to be your most durable options.

Leather and canvas laptop backpacks appear stylish and elegant, but they are heavier and more subject to the environment than synthetic alternatives. As a result, we don't suggest them for travel or if your commute requires a lot of walking. However, if you'll essentially be driving to and from work, a leather or canvas laptop bag can be a good choice (and impress your fashionista coworkers.

Tarpaulin or TPE Fabric Laminate bags are very water-resistant; however, they are also readily marked and scratched. Finally, Dyneema and X-Pac materials offer good weather resistance and are often lower in weight, although they are more costly.

Laptop Compartment and Pockets

A great laptop bag should have plenty of pockets and storage space for all your belongings.

The laptop compartment should be well-padded to protect your computer from bumps and damage.

Additional compartments should be thoughtfully designed to accommodate your chargers and wires without squashing or tangling them. There should also be a good selection of inside compartments that can be tightly zipped up to protect USB sticks and other gadgets.

There should be enough space for your wallet, keys, and phone, which should be stored safely away from the laptop compartment to minimize scratching or damage when you reach in to retrieve what you need.

Cyberbackpack has multiple pockets allowing you to separate your belongings for safe keeping and easy access.

Style & Design

We probably don't need to remind you that aesthetics are essential when selecting a laptop bag. You'll probably use it regularly, if not daily, so you should appreciate how it appears. Fortunately, there are so many high-quality laptop bags on the market that you should be able to find one that not closely matches your taste but is also sturdy, has clever organization, and provides enough laptop protection.

We designed the Cyberbackpack for Tesla and Cybertruck fans to have a backpack that reflect their appreciation for the Tesla Cybertruck and electric vehicles as a whole.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the biggest danger to your laptop when traveling is you. While it is conceivable for your laptop to be stolen, you are much more likely to break or misplace it during a long vacation. It is preferable to follow all of the instructions discussed in this article to protect your laptop.

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