Tesla Cybertruck Design Finalized

Tesla Cybertruck Design Finalized

Elon Musk believes the final Tesla Cybertruck design is "fully locked" after multiple tweaks, and he increased the manufacturing timeframe to mid-2023.

When Tesla revealed the Cybertruck in 2019, the company stated that the electric pickup truck will be available by the end of 2021. 
As the deadline approached, the carmaker revealed that manufacturing will be delayed until 2022.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, later stated that the electric pickup truck will begin production at Gigafactory Texas in "late 2022." With the emphasis obviously on getting the Model Y into production at the plant, which was also delayed, it looked probable that the Cybertruck manufacturing timetable would slide as well. Tesla revealed in March 2022 that it plans to finish Cybertruck development this year for production in 2023.

A substantial portion of the delay has been ascribed to Tesla altering the design of the Cybertruck on many occasions, and it was unknown until today if the company had ultimately landed on the final design.
Musk stated the Cybertruck design is now "locked" in a recent interview with the Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley:

We need to get started [producing the Cybertruck]. At the very least, the design is now complete. We got a little carried away with the design modifications. ​

Tesla added rear-wheel steering to the Cybertruck and made many minor design adjustments, according to Musk. That's good news because the Cyberbackpack and Cyberpowerbank designs are also locked.
However, the CEO noted that regardless of design changes, Tesla would not have been able to get the electric pickup truck to volume production due to a chip shortage. During the conversation, Musk revised the Cybertruck's manufacturing timeframe to "mid-2023."

Earlier this year, fresh Cybertruck prototypes were discovered being tested by Tesla and utilized for event advertising.

You can see the complete interview video below:
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