20 Tesla Halloween Costume Ideas 2022

20 Tesla Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022

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With 30 days to go before Halloween 2022, you might be looking to have a Tesla Halloween costume to match your newly purchased Tesla model. In the last few years, Google searches for Tesla Halloween have been increasing drastically as more and more Teslas take over our roads and highways.

Does Tesla have a Halloween mode?

You might be wondering if Tesla has a Halloween mode, after all, it has a Christmas mode. You would be right to wonder and yes, it does.


However, if you want something more hands-on, then this is the article for you. I was the talk of my neighborhood last year with my Tesla Model X Halloween costume which I am going to try and one-up this year. That's because I transformed my Model X into a "Vampire X" for Halloween, complete with fangs and "claws" made from card stock paper purchased from Michaels.

It was a sure hit with trick-or-treat kids and parents alike. Every kid that came up my driveway couldn't help but stop and take pictures with my Tesla before proceeding to get their candy fix.

So knowing that Tesla owners think alike because great minds..., I decided to see what other Tesla owners did to their Teslas over the years in celebration of Halloween.

Here are the Top 20 Tesla Halloween costumes in no particular order. Starting with my Tesla Model X Halloween costume which I captioned Model V on Instagram.

20 Tesla Halloween Costume

1. Vampire Tesla Model V

20 Tesla Halloween Costume
For this Tesla Model X Halloween costume, I can speak from personal experience because I created it. It was quite simple and straightforward to create. I simply took orange card stock, folded it up into 8 layers, and then cut out an isosceles triangle.

For the Falcon Doors, I cut out 6 individual isosceles triangles and placed 3 on each door to represent sharp claws. To round it up, I then tucked in the middle triangles, leaving only the two outer triangles to represent the fangs.

Difficulty Level: 4

2. The Evil Eyes

Tesla halloween costume

This is another Halloween Tesla with the Vampire mode activated. However, this Tesla Halloween costume has the added touch of the evil eyes.

Unlike my Tesla Model X Halloween costume, this one is for a Tesla Model S Halloween costume and lacks the vampire wings as mine did. However, it is a great Halloween Tesla costume if you have a Model S.

Difficulty Level: 2

3. The Shark Bait

Tesla halloween costume

In a year when Baby Shark reigned supreme, this Tesla Halloween costume also for a Tesla Model is sure to delight kids and parents alike. The owner seems to have added cardboard cutouts of teeth (probably just triangles) to both the top lid and base of the Tesla Model S frunk to create his/her own unique and scary Tesla Halloween costume.

The glaring lights also give this Halloween Tesla an added scary presence especially in the dead of night when ghouls and goblins are roaming the streets in search of candy. 

Difficulty Level: 2

4. The Charging Leopard

Tesla Halloween Costume

We enter into the animal kingdom with this Tesla Halloween costume, perfect for a feature on the National Geographic Channel. Observed in its natural habitat and watering hole - the Supercharger station, this Halloween Tesla Model S is fully wrapped in a leopard print that transitions from yellow and black to gray and black.

To top it off, fangs are added to the faux grille to complete that aggressive jungle animal aesthetic. Even with the Tesla frunk closed, this jungle animal Halloween Tesla looks fierce and is sure to delight at any Halloween. 

This look is not entirely DIY like the previous ones as there is a huge cost and time required to wrap an entire vehicle. So I would not suggest embarking on this Tesla Halloween costume unless you are prepared to ride your leopard Tesla, long after Halloween has ended.

Difficulty Level: 10

5. The Floor is Lava

tesla halloween costume

The floor will indeed be lava with this jack-o-lantern-looking Tesla frunk Halloween costume. The color looks like lava flowing on the inside of Tesla faux grille with lava-hot eyes and nose. This is a more minimal approach to a Tesla Halloween costume compared to others. 

However, if you are looking for an easy-to-do DIY approach to designing your Tesla Halloween costume, then this should be your inspiration. Again, Michaels will be your best friend here, where you can find lava red paper or paint for a white paper base.

Difficulty Level: 3

6. How to Train Your Tesla

tesla halloween costume

Toothless strikes again with this How To Train Your Dragon-inspired Tesla Halloween Costume. This is definitely on the top end of the DIY spectrum with the amount of time and attention to detail needed to pull off this Halloween Tesla Model 3.

Complete with the dragon wings, signature Toothless green eyes, and dramatic backlighting for effects, this Tesla car Halloween costume will be the talk of your neighborhood.

The instantly recognizable character will sure to delight and amaze you as trick-or-treaters pay more attention to your Tesla Halloween costume than candy. There are certainly other lower difficulty ways to do Tesla frunk Halloween costumes. But if this is a challenge you are willing to take on, then more power to you.

Difficulty Level: 8

7. The Fang Gang

Tesla halloween costume

This is another simple Tesla frunk Halloween costume that you can do in minutes and not hours. Simply cut out isosceles triangles of varying heights and you are pretty much done.

Don't be fooled because this Tesla car Halloween costume is still pretty scary but also subtle if you don't want to attract too much attention while still enjoying the Halloween Tesla spirit. 

Difficulty Level: 2

8. Tesla Pumpkin 1

tesla halloween costume

This one is pretty straightforward. It is a traditional Halloween pumpkin carving made out of the Tesla 'T' logo. However, don't be fooled by the amount of work required to pull off this cut. Be prepared to print out a Tesla logo stencil and then spend about 30 minutes cutting it out.

9. Tesla Pumpkin 2

Tesla halloween Costume

Difficulty Level: 5

10. The Grim Reaper

tesla halloween costume

This one looks more like a demonstration of the Model 3 frunk capacity than a DIY Halloween Tesla costume. The only difficulty here is the time and money required to purchase all the Halloween props. 

Howenve, once on hand, you simply pile them into your Tesla to create a Tesla frunk Halloween costume that will be a show stopper. No arts and crafts are required here, just Amazon shopping skills.

Difficulty Level: 4

11. The Vampire Diaries

tesla halloween costume

Vampires Tesla Halloween costumes seem to be a favorite for Tesla owners as we have already seen numerous variations of this Tesla costume. Similar to my Model X Halloween costume, this one also puts the Falcon Doors to good use.

The fangs are pretty explanatory. However, the wings seem to be made from black fabric cut into shape. With the price of fabrics today, this is a one-and-done use so be prepared to reuse it again and again.

Lastly, the eyes are a nice touch and seem to be cut out of white cardboard and the eyeballs painted in.

Difficulty Level: 6

12. The Ghost in the Shell

tesla halloween costume

This Tesla Model S Halloween costume is simply a bedsheet with a fangs cutout. That's it...nothing more, nothing less.

Difficulty Level: 1

13. The Spiderverse

tesla halloween costume

This Tesla Halloween costume demonstrates a perfect use of the surrounding environment to create a Halloween Tesla that is sure to delight and scare.

Again no low-level arts and crafts skills are required here. Simply purchase spiderwebs and skull cutouts from Amazon or your local Halloween store, and you are good to go.

However, there is an added level of set design and creative use of the surroundings that goes into this Tesla Halloween costume. You can see that the spiderwebs begin on the driveway and then continue onto the Tesla Model X costume to complete this Halloween look that is sure to entertain.

Difficulty Level: 4

14. The Funhouse

tesla halloween costume

Is this a Tesla Halloween costume or a Halloween funhouse? This Model X Halloween costume employs the use of vinyl body wraps and Halloween props to give you a mishmash of Halloween fun.

Again, unless you are planning to drive this Halloween Tesla for the rest of the year, I will stay away from the vinyl wraps. 

Difficulty Level: 10

15. The Back Biter

Tesla halloween Costume

Business at the front and Halloween party at the back is definitely what's going on here. Like the previous Vampire design, this Tesla Model X costume also uses the black sheet with custom cuts approach.

The addition of the fangs and eyes on the opened trunk is definitely a nice touch and easy for anyone with some sheets and scissors to achieve. Definitely, a low-level DIY task and will take you the better part of an hour to accomplish.

Difficulty Level: 4

16. The Horns are Out

tesla halloween costume

This is the first we've seen of the use of horns for a Tesla Halloween costume and the devil is in the details...literally. If you look closely, you would see that the Tesla emblem is also painted or wrapped to match the orange horns.

This is a very simple and minimal approach to a Halloween Tesla costume you can do with your Tesla Model S, X, Y, and 3. Just be sure to place the horns in front of the Falcon Doors so that it does not affect the safe opening of the doors.

Difficulty Level: 1

17. The Snaggletooth 1

tesla halloween costume

Spiderwebs and two fangs (or snaggletooth) are pretty much all you will need to pull off this Tesla Halloween costume. Simple and quick to set up and take down, this Halloween Tesla costume can be done in all under 10 minutes.

18. The Snaggletooth 2

tesla halloween costume

This frunk Halloween Tesla costume design switches out the spiderwebs for a wreath. The candy in the frunk is a nice touch and is sure to be the center of attention with trick-or-treaters.

Difficulty Level: 1

19. The Halloween Superhero

tesla halloween costume

Up Up And Away. This Tesla Halloween costume is definitely fit for comic books. This pink-on-pink ensemble is a great option if you already have a uniquely wrapped Tesla and want to match it.

Similar to how you can wrap a Cyberbackpack to match your Tesla, you can also buy a Halloween costume to match your Tesla wrap. This should be as easy as searching Amazon for costumes that match your Tesla color. 

Difficulty Level: 2

20. For the Win

tesla halloween costume 

This kid takes the Tesla Halloween costume cake.  It is a Model S made entirely out of cardboard and it's the cutest thing you would see all day. This costume can be used far beyond Halloween day. I call this an everyday costume and for the creativity and execution, I will give this a 10 out of 10.

Difficulty Level: 100


So there you have it. With Halloween around the corner, we have given you 20 awesome Tesla Halloween costume ideas to run with. Please be sure to take lots of photos and send them to us. We may feature it in an update to this article.

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