2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

This is the new 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E, and it's not your typical Mustang. There is no V8 or even a V6 engine. It's totally electric and, more clearly, it's an SUV. The Mustang coupe and convertible are still available but look at the newest member of the Mustang family, an electric performance SUV.

This is the new 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E, and it's not your typical Mustang. There is no V8 or even a V6 engine. It's totally electric and, more clearly, it's an SUV. The Mustang coupe and convertible are still available but look at the newest member of the Mustang family, an electric performance SUV.

The Fundamentals

So let's speak about Mach-E. First, the fundamentals. The Mach-E comes in four varieties. The entry-level model costs roughly $41,000. It has 266 horsepower and a range of around 250 miles. The GT is the top-of-the-line model, with a starting price of roughly $61,000.

It generates 480 horsepower. And around the same range number in the middle, there is a version of the Mach-E that does up to 300 miles of range, which puts the Mach-E in direct competition with the Tesla Model Y, which starts at about $43,000 and has a performance variant that starts around 52,000.

The Variant Y now has a longer range of 303 125 miles and a somewhat faster base model. On paper, the Mach-E is a significant rival, particularly in mid and top-level trends with the Model Y. For the time being, you're probably wondering why Ford released an electric SUV called the Mustang.

My theory is that the Mustang brand name is one of Ford's most powerful. So they presumably thought it was necessary in order to compete with Tesla, which has acquired such a strong brand identity and has been so popular in recent years.

So today I'm going to go over the Mach-E and see how good of a challenge it is. First, I'll take you on a tour of the Mach-E, pointing you all of its peculiarities and characteristics.

The Core Features

I'm going to start with the core and features of the Mach-E where there are a lot of eccentricities to explore, starting with the key. When you buy one of these, you get one key fob here, which is quite typical, but Ford doesn't think anybody will ever use it.

This is due to the fact that you can download an app to your phone that syncs with the automobile and allow you to perform almost anything. Lock the doors, unlock the doors, start the car, check your mileage, and do a variety of other tasks.

The majority of individuals will be carrying only their phones. That is their key, and they will never need the key fob. It's intriguing. But getting into the muck, the Mach-E gets far quirkier than that.

The Door

You go up to the door with your phone in your pocket to unlock it, and instead of a door handle, you have a small button on the side of the car and a little piece that extends out under that.

You hit the button and then pull on this piece. And that's your door handle scenario in this car, a button and a small handle that you can pull to open the door, but it gets even odder because when you click the button to open the door, you can see the door opens to a suboptimal point and you're meant to pull it the rest of the way.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

The odd thing is that you can't close it when it's in this state. That's because as the door opens, a tiny kickstand appears beneath it to ensure that you don't mistakenly open the door a little bit and then slam it and jam your fingers in the door, causing it to open up an inch and refuse to close.

When you open the door all the way, the kickstand retracts inside the door. After that, you may close it normally. So when you open the door, you can't close it till you open it again. And then you may completely close it, which is really unusual. The back door is much odder than the front. 

You walk up to the rear door again, this time there is no door handle, just a tiny button that you can push to open the door, and it works the same way, you click the button, the door opens out, and you can't close it till you open it all the way.

But how can you do that when there's no handle here? They informed me that when they were constructing this automobile, they experimented with placing a handle in the back just like the front.

However, they observed how individuals opened the door and determined that people just reach in for the rear door and open it like this, rather than using a door handle. As a consequence, you open the door and are then supposed to just extend your hand behind the door panel and open it.

Ford has placed a rubber pad in the exact region where you're meant to reach in and open the door to make it a bit simpler and cleaner. So it's not actually a door handle in the traditional sense.

However, you do have a rubber panel that directs you to where you should be opening the door. Then you may crawl inside Mach-E's end. By the way, if you're interested in electric cars, you might be curious about aerodynamics and the tiny handle that sticks out from the front door, because any protrusion on the outside of an electric car can cost you miles of range.

However, Ford has informed us that this little handle has no effect on the Mach-aerodynamics. E's That's probably due to the mirror immediately in front of it, which blocks all of the wind.

And so the handle doesn't actually cost them anything in terms of range or aerodynamics, since they said handle on handle off would be exactly the same because the mirror is right in front of it fascinating. Next, I'll get into the market in a second, but there are so many oddities to cover in this door neighborhood.

I'd like to move on to the keypad entry. You can notice a little number pad positioned on the side of the automobile above the door popper button. Ford is well-known for this; their automobiles have always featured keypad entry, allowing you to enter a little code to unlock the doors. You won't have to carry the key with you everywhere.

This might be especially useful with the Mach-E since if your phone dies, the dead phone becomes your key. Thus, even if your phone is dead, you can still get into the car using a keypad. So that's convenient. Also, if you're not approaching or touching the keypad, it disappears and turns black, making it invisible, and there aren't always numbers on the side of your car.

The Center Console

The controls you have with your phone app are by far the best part about this entire phone app unlocking the automobile future stuff. You can lock and unlock the car, as previously noted, pop open the trunk, or roll down the windows with the press of a button.

All of this can be done from the outside of the car using your phone, or by pressing another button in the app to roll up the windows and they'll roll up automatically - all controlled by your phone. That's a really cool quirk.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

Anyway, we eventually get into the Mach-E, and the first thing you see is this gigantic center screen affixed to the dashboard. Clearly influenced by the Tesla Model S and X's central screen. This screen is enormous - 15.5 inches to be precise. It's a massive screen. And there's a photo of some man at the top. Who is this guy? If you click on him, you'll be sent to your driver profile, which is linked to your phone.

So, assuming you've set it up on your phone, it recognizes who's getting in the car based on your phone, and then all of your settings for the infotainment screen or other preferences in the car come up with your driver profile.

You may alter your driver profile image when you get in now, just in case you aren't the man on the screen. Simply take a picture of yourself with the Mach-E app for your automobile to do this. Then you may save it as your profile photo so that every time you get in, you're at the very top of the center screen looking nice and reminding yourself who's car it is while you drive it.

Yes, that's correct. But, as I mentioned, the wonderful thing about this driver profile scenario is that it will adjust the infotainment screen's different settings to each individual driver profile, which you can have up to five of. 

Ford also stated that the car will adapt its range estimate based on the driver's characteristics. So, if you're a really aggressive driver and you deplete your range faster than, say, your husband, the vehicle will provide a lower range estimate for you than it would for your spouse since it has been learned that your spouse is a more reasonable sensible driver and you're more aggressive.

That's a really fantastic idea. The automobile will also adjust its estimated range based on where you're heading. So, if you pick a navigation destination and head into the mountains, it will be aware of the elevation difference and will update its range estimate accordingly.

Meanwhile, if you're coming down from the mountains, maybe returning home after a ski vacation, it will give you a longer range estimate even if the distance is the same since it understands that going down would definitely take less battery power. That's a really nice touch.

However, this massive central screen has a number of intriguing quirks and functions. The dial at the middle bottom is my personal fave. This is the volume dial, which was added after users continually informed Ford that they wanted the volume to be a genuine dial. And instead of seeing anything on a screen, they wanted to be able to turn a dial. 

It's just considerably more convenient and tactile that way, so Ford bowed in and handed them this dial. But the way they've done it is intriguing. This dial is literally glued to the screen; it is not screwed in, and there are no holes in the screen; it is just bonded on. The screen is now configured to alter when tapped by a finger, with your fingertips hitting little symbols on the screen.

So, on the reverse of this dial, there are fake fingers, not actual fingers, but the same general material and texture, fooling the screen into believing a finger is touching it, despite the fact that there is a dial on top. That is a pretty intriguing approach.

I really like how the radio on/off switch is located in the center of the volume dial; you tap it, and then it displays this amazing ripple visual to indicate whether you're turning on or off the radio. That's a wonderful touch, and that dial is insane. This screen's next intriguing touch comes next.

If you go to, say, switch on the heated seats, you'll notice there are multiple levels, and you can slide your finger up or down to adjust. However, if you travel over a bump and your finger slips off the precise area where you're sliding up or down, it will still detect what you're attempting to accomplish. 

It also allows you to glide up and down. Even if your finger has wandered away a little. That's a thoughtful touch. If you don't want to be continually gazing at the exact point on the screen where you have to touch the displays, Ford has you covered. It understands what you're attempting.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

The backup start passcode is the next noteworthy setting on the screen. It's critical to set this up since it will allow you to start the car if your phone dies - your phone is the key.

You'll have a passcode on the screen to turn on the car, just like you have a passcode on the door panel to get in, which means that even if your phone dies or is lost, you can still enter your MachE and turn it on. After that, you may use it to charge your dead phone.

That's a fantastic concept. The second fascinating feature on this screen is the driving modes; simply tap the small vehicle symbol in the top left corner to be led to a page that displays three distinct drive modes. Now, the default option is called Engage, and it's the basic regular kind of athletic sort of economical mode in the center.

Whisper, as the name says, is the silent mode, as well as the most economical and least thrilling of the drive modes. The third one is called Unbridled, and it's a play on the Mustang. It's an uncontrolled horse, and that's your performance mode, your sport mode, the most thrilling drive mode available.

It's an uncontrolled horse, and that's your performance mode, your sport mode, the most thrilling drive mode you can be in. These are the three options available to you. The nice thing about this is that changing between the three distinct drive modes alters what you see on this gauge cluster screen.

This is a 10-inch screen located immediately behind the steering wheel, and the gauge screen changes as you change drive modes. However, you must be moving to see the difference. The screen seems normal in untamed mode, but as you accelerate, the unfettered image begins to move across the screen to indicate that you are in the sportiest driving mode.

However, when you slow down, the visual disappears till you restart your acceleration. The same is true for a whisper. As you speed up, the image changes to indicate that you are in whisper mode. So the visual on this gauge panel varies depending on the drive mode, but you must be driving to see it.

That's a nice little detail. Aside from that things - the various drive modes - the gauge cluster screen is fairly plain and doesn't have anything on it. You can only see the speed you're traveling at, the gear you're in, how much charge you have left, the direction you're traveling in, and your distance. It's not some sophisticated, highly customizable gauge.

It's not a sophisticated, highly customizable gauge cluster like other automobiles has. This is certainly a dig at Tesla, which only has the giant central screen and requires you to lean over to see relevant information while driving.

Ford has given us the large center panel, but there is also a basic gauge screen that provides you with the relevant information you want to know without having to go over to the center screen, which I enjoy. The next step for Tesla is a new challenge. On the steering column itself, there is a tiny screen located just behind the steering wheel. 

That is not a screen; it conceals a camera system that can watch you while you drive. This is due to the impending self-driving technology that Ford claims this car will have. This function is scheduled to be available within the next six months, and the camera positioned there will watch you as you drive to ensure you're paying attention.

As long as you're gazing forward with your eyes wide open. You don't have to tap the steering wheel while the car is driving for you, which was an annoyance with Tesla's Autopilot. 

So it will steer, accelerate, and brake all the way to a stop, and you will never have to touch the steering wheel because the camera is watching you and making sure you're looking forward. That's quite impressive, and it's one step closer to true self-driving pleasure.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

As we move away from the Mach-displays, E's the dashboard is undoubtedly the most noticeable element. It's a massive speaker on the driver's side that wraps around the gauge cluster screen. This massive dashboard speaker is considerably bigger on the passenger side.

This vehicle includes the Bang and Olufsen sound system package as an extra bonus. Next, we walk inside the center console, where you can see the gear lever dial, exactly like in previous Ford models. When you switch on the Mach-E, it starts in park, but you can then spin the dial to go into reverse, neutral, or drive. This is standard on most foreign automobiles and is simple to use.

It's also worth mentioning that in the center console, right behind the dial, there's an armrest that can be pushed up and out of the way, or pushed down and into position to serve as your armrest.

Below that is a little storage compartment, which isn't all that small. When you roll down the top, you have a rather large area where you can put your belongings, and of course, this car has a glove box with adequate inside storage. The internal door handle is another unusual feature. It's right on the door, as intended, and works as predicted. Simply pull it back, and the door will open. 

Simply pull it back, and the door will open. When contrasted to the exterior doorknobs, it appears a little too ordinary. Above you is another interesting feature. When you sit in this automobile, you have this big glass panel that spans almost the whole roof. It does not, however, open.

Also, unlike some other automobiles, it cannot be made darker or tinted with the touch of a button, yet it is there, large, and all glass. Furthermore, you may gaze out of it and see the sky in a truly cinematic perspective.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

Next, as we go on to the outside of the Mach-E, I'd want to discuss the style and design. One notable feature on the outside is the lack of door handles (those small buttons I showed you previously). The whole side of the automobile is free of door handles.

This gives the Mash-E a sleek and stylish appearance, making the whole thing look cleaner and simpler because you don't have to shove ugly door handles out of the door to break up the lines.

The Lighting

Next, we'll look at another unique design aspect in the Mach-E, which is lighting. Starting at the back, you can see three vertical bars of light, much like Mustangs have had for years.

This is carried over to the Mach-E, but what's nicer here are the turn lights, which sweep over the rear sequentially like the Mustang coupe and convertible sports car variants. This is carried over to the Mach-E. And, to be honest, I think it's really awesome. Same as before, you have sweeping turn signals, but this time there are no small vertical bars to break them up. 

So it simply sort of sweeps across the top of the headlight, but it's still a very fantastic aesthetic that stands out on the road. When it comes to the front of the Mach-E, there are many designs and trim materials available.

The fancier ones have a piano black finish around what would have been the grille, giving it an elegant appearance. However, the lesser-grade version of the automobile has more plastic and does not appear to be as classy.

That is one of the primary distinctions. The grille shutters beneath the front bumper are another intriguing feature upfront. They may open and close as needed to optimize aerodynamics and free range.

The Exterior

They can open and close in response to what is best for aerodynamics and free range at the time. They are dynamic grille shutters that may close or open based on the driving circumstances. The Mustang badge is another feature worth mentioning right away.

The traditional horse emblem may be seen, but it has these black lines running through it. This is similar to a virtual Mustang. Ford stated that they reinvented what the Mustang would be like if it were electric and designed the Mach-E logo to seem like a future electric horse.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

Speaking of horses that run on electricity, the Mach-charging E's port door is located on the front fender. Simply push it in and it will open. It also reads horsepower on the inside since this is where you give the Mustang horsepower.

To be honest, that's a little extreme with the pons, but it's in there like a small quirk of the Mach-E. Next, I'd like to discuss this car's design in general because there are several key design characteristics to note.

The front is one such design feature. A long front end in front of the windshield containing a huge long hood was a design characteristic shared by all previous Mustangs, and this car possesses it. The goal here was to pull the front out a little bit to make it appear more Mustang-like, making the Mach-E a more obvious design element.

The roofline of this automobile is visible on the side and drops down in the rear. Ford refers to this as a fastback roofline, and as you can see, it slopes down to the rear brake lights.

However, this is a bit of an optical deception since, as Ford claims, the painted area of the fastback roofline slopes down, but the roof itself remains quite level. The painted area sliding down covers the fact that the roof does not have a fastback shape, but rather is rather flat, like a typical SUV. It may appear eccentric to others, but it isn't. 

The Trunk

The roofline of this automobile is visible on the side, and it dips down in the rear. Ford calls this a fastback roofline, and you can see how it slopes down to the rear brake lights.

However, this is a bit of a visual deception since, as Ford claims, the painted area of the fastback roofline slopes down, but the roof itself remains relatively level. The painted area dipping down hides the fact that the roof isn't a fastback design, but rather a rather flat SUV top.

It may appear odd to some, but it isn't. This is wonderful packing, and I'm amazed with how much space there is in the back. The Mach-E is substantially more spacious than bigger and more family-oriented vehicles. I'm astonished at how much space the Ford Mach-E provides.

With that considered, there's not much going on back there besides the room and the rear. There was nothing intriguing, distinctive, or remarkable in the Mach-back E's seats. Except for the glass roof. Back here, it's much more noticeable because you can see the full roof panel. And it simply gives you the impression that you're in this world of gleaming openness. This prevents feeling claustrophobic in the backseat.

I enjoy having this glass panel just over me. I like how this glass panel above me allows me to view the trees in the sky and the stars. And, to be honest, it's a good sensation.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

The Interior

We next proceed to the Mach-cargo E's compartment. To access the cargo space, simply press and hold the trunk button on the app, and the tailgate will open to reveal the cargo room. You may also open it by pressing a little popper on the outer side of the tailgate handle.

But once inside, you'll notice it's pretty large and flat. However, if you want to put taller objects in here, you are hindered in terms of height since the sloping roofline really does start to take effect in the cargo compartment, making it a little bit smaller back there. However, there are a number of noteworthy items.

The first is the floor, which begins in a very conventional posture. However, the floor may be lowered, and the floor has two locations. When you lower the floor, you get a little extra space in case you need to carry anything bigger that you couldn't fit in due to the roofline.

Under the floor, there is also a bag carrying the Chargers that came with your Mach-E, which, when connected to a typical 240-volt outlet, may provide around 21 miles of additional range for every hour of charging. Meanwhile, connecting it to the Ford wall charger that comes with it will add around 30 miles of range for every hour of charging which is a little faster.

In either case, if you charge at home, it will take overnight to fully recharge this automobile. Another intriguing component back there is the moveable cargo cover. The premise here appears to be that you can pack everything into the cargo section.

However, if it begins to overflow and become too tall within the cargo space, you may utilize this area as bins and it will still cover your items, even if you have a lot back there. That's a clever concept. It makes sense, I suppose.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach e Full Review

Finally, we arrive at the other storage location of the Mach-E. And it would be the trunk or frunk up front. But, to be honest, it's a mess. There is no button anyplace in front that you may press to open it. So you have to go to the key fob, but it doesn't have a front trunk opening button anywhere, which means you have to pull out your phone simply to reach this screen.

The only issue is that there is no front trunk opening on your phone app. Only the doors, windows, and tailgate are affected, not the front. The only entry inside this front trunk is by a lock in the driver's footwell, so if you want to get in, you must remove your shoes.

The only entrance into this front trunk is by a latch in the driver's footwell, which means you have to come up to the car, unlock it, open the door, pull the latch coming to the front, and then you can get in. What a calamity. And when you close the frunk, you have to close it extremely hard because if you don't and just close it halfway, you can't lock it until it's already open, and you can't reopen it unless you go pull the latch in the driver's footwell again. 

It's just a shame that this isn't more practical because when you open it up, you can see there's a very sizable trunk within. It's a shame that this front storage section is so difficult to reach if you've ran out of space in the cargo area or want a little more seclusion upfront. So there are the Mustang Mach-peculiarities E's and characteristics. It's now time to put it on the road and see how it performs.

The center of gravity in the Maki is only 1.2 inches higher than in the standard Mustang which everyone knows and loves while driving the Mach-E. That's intriguing since it implies that it should be able to handle similarly to a conventional Mustang. And I learned that this is somewhat accurate. When you speed quickly in this automobile, you will hear a sound that you cannot switch off or on.

However, you do hear a sound that sounds nearly like an exhaust note. But it's almost as though you can tell I'm moving quickly. I'm really amazed at how well this car steers. Steering is accurate and simple.

The Performance

Little motions have a big impact. One thing that really impresses me about this car is how well it handles. That is, how well it goes through corners and how well it feels on your body. There's no doubt that it's better than in Teslas. It is unquestionably superior to the Model Y.

It truly feels like a little sports car. I hate to mention it since I don't want to add to any marketing or public relations efforts. However, I'm astonished by how athletic the Mach-E truly feels. It feels fantastic when you're driving it and you accelerate quickly. Without a doubt, it accelerates really quickly. But then you come to a fork in the road and, to your surprise, it is quick.

It accelerates through the turn. This degree of EV handling hasn't been seen since my Tesla Model S.

The Tesla Model S was the one electric vehicle that demonstrated to me that electric vehicles do not have to be bad. And, regardless of whether you like it or not, that car certainly handles well. This is similar, although it seems tighter, which is a trait I appreciate in a sports vehicle. I'm startled to say this, but I truly enjoy this automobile. Except for Teslas, I believed most EVs up to this point had been sort of boring. 

The Mach-E, on the other hand, drives fairly nicely. It drives athletic and enjoyable, much like the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which likewise drives quite well for an EV. The Model 3 Performance is also entertaining, speedy, and well-handled. But the Mach-E comes very close, if not a bit better.

I know a lot of people will be against the Mach-E since it isn't a true Mustang. And I understand. You might also argue for days about whether Ford should have utilized the Mustang moniker in this automobile. However, in terms of the driving experience, and how this car feels on the road, it can stand on its own, Mustang name or not.

The steering is fantastic. I adore the execution. I like how responsive you are. It's also pretty peaceful and pleasant. The issue that I believe many people will have when comparing this to the Model Y is that the range isn't as excellent. However, I believe that the truth for most people is whether the range is 250 miles or 300 miles.

Many people do not even come close to traveling that far in a day, let alone a week. So, when you think about it sensibly, it doesn't actually matter all that much. The issue then becomes which one is the superior automobile, which has greater technology, which drives better, which looks better, etc.

Based on what I've observed thus far, I believe the Mustang Mach-E makes significant inroads toward Tesla in several of these areas. I also believe the Mach-E is a more attractive vehicle. The Model Y appears strange to me, like a pregnant Model 3.

That is not to suggest that pregnancy is not attractive since it is the most attractive thing on a woman, not a car. In terms of handling, the Mach-E obviously outperforms the Model Y, however, I believe the base model is slower but the performance version is the same. And as for the technology, I'm sorry to break it to you, Tesla fans.

I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for saying this, but this system is very good, plus you get a gauge cluster screen in the middle that you can glance straight down on instead of having to look into the center to see what speed you're going, and you get a true volume dial.

In addition to one on the Tesla, it is crucial to note that you do not have Tesla's supercharging network. However, Ford, through the app we stated earlier, Ford Pass, gives you access to Ford's network of EV chargers, and Ford is partnered with one or two of the larger public EV charging providers.

The App

It's quite convenient that they're all in the Ford app, allowing you to see what's compatible, what's in your network and the Ford network, and what isn't. It also tells you where you can charge, as well as the rating of the charging station and even app photographs of the charging station, so you don't have to drive around a parking lot looking for the charger. It also displays images shot by users and pinpoints their location. Overall, I'm quite happy with this vehicle.

If Ford's self-driving development goes as planned, I believe the Mustang Mach-E will be the first serious contender to Tesla.

The Delivery Timeline

This is crucial to remember because it has now been postponed for six months. They say it won't change lanes for you, but it will do everything else. And you don't always have to tap the steering wheel. To be honest, I would exchange the lane changes for the steering wheel because Tesla's still need you to tap the wheel.

However, aside from the Porsche Taycan, which is in a completely another price category, I would say that this car is incredibly stunning as the first, really, really close Tesla rival. The Mach-E is an EV that meets Tesla at its current dollar tag and comes with all the bells and whistles. I believe this is a wonderful vehicle and hope it is successful.


This is an amazing vehicle, and I hope it performs well because it surely deserves it. So there you have it: the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, a viable rival to the Tesla Model Y. Also, I believe the Mach-E has several benefits over the Model Y. I believe the inside is prettier, the technology is somewhat improved, and it looks better.

However, it does have certain drawbacks, such as a limited range and poor performance for the price. Still, this is an amazing vehicle that is unlike any other Mustang we've ever seen. Based on my prior experience, this is how I would evaluate the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

To begin with, I believe the Mach-E looks okay, not gorgeous, but it's an appealing spin on the conventional EV design. As a result, it receives a 6 out of 10.

Acceleration: I drove the premium variant, which has roughly 350 horsepower and goes from zero to 60 in 4.8 seconds, earning it a 6 out of 10. The GT variant, which is quicker, will be available soon.

Handling is surprisingly good for a vehicle of this size. However, it is still an SUV, therefore it receives a 5 out of 10 ratings. But I contemplated raising this to a 6 for quite some time.

Fun Factor: It's fairly decent, with a 6 out of 10 for acceleration, steering, and handling. Again, I'm looking forward to using the GT to see if my score can increase.

This automobile has a high cool factor in my opinion. However, the backlash from utilizing the Mustang brand has alienated it from certain automotive fans, causing it to receive a 5 out of 10 ratings.

The Mach-E is filled with fantastic technology, but it falls short of Tesla in terms of self-driving, earning it an 8 out of 10. However, Ford claims that it will be available shortly, which would raise this score.

Comfort: For this portion, I believe it is as expected, and hence it receives a 7 out of 10.

Quality: The Mach-E is superb, far superior to Tesla, and receives a 7 out of 10.

Again, I'm looking forward to using the GT to see if my score can increase.

Quality: The Mach-E is superb, far superior to Tesla, and receives a 7 out of 10.

Practicality: The Mach-E receives a 9 out of 10 for internal spaciousness, cargo space, and the electric nest.

Value: It's a good buy for the pricing. However, considering the price in the performance level, I believe the range should be somewhat greater to compete with Tesla. As a result, it receives a 6 out of 10.

In my perspective, the Mach-E is quite well positioned in comparison to its competitors. However, it is less expensive than the Model Y and Model 3 Performance models. However, they do not directly compare to the Mach-E Premium which I drove.

The impending Mach-E GT, on the other hand, should be the closest competitor to those Tesla models. The Mach-E is the first ultra-credible inexpensive Tesla challenger, and I believe many drivers will choose it over its EV competitors.

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