Cybertruck specs leaked - Get ready to be blown away by Tesla's latest creation!

Cybertruck specs leaked - Get ready to be blown away by Tesla's latest creation!

Attention car fans: the wait is over! Tesla has finally shared exclusive information about the Cybertruck, their newest creation. We now know about the Cybertruck's size, wheels and tires, configurations, variants, storage, bed size, performance, prices, weight, and more thanks to an interview that writer Matthew Donegan-Ryan did with Tesla executives at the recent Investor Day. This truck is sure to turn heads and change the way cars are made because it is so big and has so much power. Prepare to be amazed by Tesla's new work of art.
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People, don't move! We just got some juicy details on the Cybertruck straight from the horse's mouth (or should we say, Tesla executives?). Hold on to your seats! A journalist by the name of Matthew Donegan-Ryan was able to secure some exclusive information about Tesla's newest and greatest invention during the company's most recent Investor Day, and let's just say that the information is enough to make any enthusiast of automobiles drool.

When it comes to dimensions, wheels and tires, configurations, variants, stowage, the size of the bed, performance, prices, and weight, we have it all covered. And if that isn't enough to get your blood pumping, we also have a video for you to watch (with some of Matthew's own forecasts tossed in for good measure).

What exactly do we know about the Cybertruck at this point? To begin, it's a very large item. Extremely large. We're talking about a wheelbase that's 145 inches long, a length that's 231 inches long, a breadth that's 84 inches wide (not including the mirrors), and a height that can change because of its air suspension. And let's not forget about that bed, which measures 73 inches in length, 49 inches in width, and 57 inches in the aperture at the back. Believe us when we say that you won't be able to whine about there not being enough room in this bad boy.

However, size is not the only factor, as the Cybertruck possesses a significant amount of strength as well. At the time of introduction, customers will be able to choose between two different models: a standard model with two motors and a performance model with three motors (fingers crossed for rocket boosters). This thing is capable of handling some serious off-road maneuvering thanks to its rear-wheel steering and air suspension, both of which come standard on all models (think Baja-style racing).

Inside, you'll find five seats and Tesla's biggest display to date: an 18.5-inch touchscreen that blows the doors off of any and all other displays found in automobiles. Even though there isn't going to be a head-up display or gauge cluster, the back passengers are going to have their own screen in the center console. Oh, and have we mentioned that the top and bottom of the steering wheel will be flat, while the edges of the wheel will be rounded? Because this is a significant point.

Wheels and tires are an obvious component that must not be overlooked. The Cybertruck will be available with a number of different packages to choose from, each of which will include 18-inch wheels as well as choices for both all-season and all-terrain tires. In case you were wondering about the specific dimensions, they are 285/65/R18 and come equipped with Goodyear tires as standard.

Now that we have your attention, we know the true question you want answered: how much is this bad boy going to set you back? Now, if we are to believe Matthew's forecasts, the cost of the most advanced version of the Cybertruck will be somewhere in the range of $90,000 to $100,000. But believe us when we say that the investment is well worth it.

And if that isn't enough to get you excited, there is also a top-secret Cybertruck accessories squad that is working on winches, off-road lights, bumpers, bike racks, and other camping and overlanding equipment. In light of this, prepare to deck out your Cybertruck and travel the open road (or off-road, as the case may be).

And with that, gentlemen and ladies, I've covered everything there is to know about the Cybertruck. If you'll excuse us, we need to go start putting money away (or maybe we'll just create a GoFundMe page). Thank you for your time.

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