GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

The phrase 'Environmentally Friendly Hummer' sounds like an oxymoron. That's because when you think of the Hummer, you think of everything that is wrong with ICE vehicles.

The phrase 'Environmentally Friendly Hummer' sounds like an oxymoron. That's because when you think of the Hummer, you think of everything that is wrong with ICE vehicles. Hummers are big, loud, obnoxious, and most of all, extremely inefficient gas-guzzling behemoths.

The reason we all love electric vehicles besides the fact that they are cleaner, much better for the environment, and just a lot easier on the eyes, is the instantaneous torque that electric vehicle drivetrains can deliver at the touch of a pedal. The upcoming Tesla Cybertruck will be a perfect example of this.

What happens when you marry that instantaneous torque with the beast-mode essence of the Hummer? Well, you get the Hummer EV - GM's latest offering into the EV space. When you first gaze upon the Hummer EV, you instantly notice design elements borrowed from the OG Hummers - both the civilian and military versions.

As with almost all-electric vehicles today, GM has done away with the conventional grill and instead has replaced it with a row of lights that spell out the word HUMMER in the center. And yes it all lights up. The front is also styled with two shackles - one on each side of the lower faux grill to allow for all the towing you’re gonna be doing with your new Hummer EV.

Fun fact, if you remember back when the military Humvees were initially commissioned, the shackles were designed specifically to allow the Humvees to be hooked up to and lifted by military helicopters.

The Hummer standard issue shackles were designed for the absolute maximum extreme situations possible and I think it was a good idea for GM to retain this design feature because you never knew when next you might need a tow from a military helicopter.

I also like that GM dispels the pretense of electric vehicles being slick and posh which unfortunately also exudes a sense of being soft. The Hummer EV is ruggedly hard and nothing else currently available for purchase in the EV space even comes close.

However, when you consider announced EVs to come, the Hummer EV can count itself amongst the likes of the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Lordstown Endurance, Bollinger B1, and all-electric Ford F150.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

GM plans to start making deliveries of the first edition Hummer EV in 2022, which is one year after Tesla is scheduled to hopefully start making Cybertruck deliveries in 2021.

The standard package comes with 35-inch tires but can also accommodate 37-inch wheels which happen to be the exact same spec the military Humvees came up with. Right there you can see that GM hasn't forgotten its military roots and plans to someday replace the military's aging fleet of gas-powered Humvees with their all-electric counterparts.

Furthermore, each of the four tires on the Hummer EV comes equipped with a fully adjustable air suspension. The air suspension allows the driver to raise the Hummer EV an additional 6 inches for a total ground clearance of 16 inches which is pretty awesome for a truck.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

Just like the Rivian R1T's signature Tank Turn, each of the tires of the Hammer EV can turn independently. This is achieved by having individual motors control each wheel, giving the Hummer EV the ability to perform what GM calls 'Crab Mode'.

This Is when the vehicle's front tires are angled in the same direction, allowing the vehicle to move diagonally. Alternatively, the wheels can be angled in opposite directions in order to achieve a super tight turning radius. Here's a video for a Hummer EV performing 'Crab Mode' below.

The Battery Packs

Moving on to the battery packs, the Hummer EV has its batteries centered at the bottom of the frame to help with the vehicle's center of gravity and balance. This is standard EV design placement which also helps to lend additional rigidity and structure to the Hummer EV frame.

The Hummer EV's batteries can up deliver 200 kWh of energy which in turn gives the truck over 350 miles of range on a single charge. This battery can charge at up to 800V which equates to 350kW of charging, meaning that the Hummer EV can recharge its batteries within 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

The Cameras & Sensors

As you probably guessed it, the Hummer EV is surrounded by cameras and radar just like every electric vehicle on the market today. The Hummer EV sports cameras on the faux grill, and cameras on the rearview mirror with an additional set facing downwards to help with off-roading.

There are also cameras on the tailgate, the back roof looking down at the bed so that you can keep an eye on your stuff jostling around while off-roading. Speaking about off-roading, there is also a camera on the undercarriage between the wheels, giving you a view of the rocks and sand beneath as you dominate with the Hummer EV.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

The Detachable Roof

My absolute favorite feature of the Hummer EV by far is the detachable roof. Just like the jeep wrangler before it, the Hummer EV allows you to completely detach not only the front roof but also the back roof so that you can have that true in-car out-car experience while driving.

However, the Hammer EV does not stop there. It also allows you to remove the center beams at the roof frame so that you can have the roof completely opened up from the front and back seat. You don't have to imagine the views you will get from the seats with the open roof because GM has provided us with a great shot that captures that experience.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

Another improvement on the Wrangler’s detachable roof is that the Hummer EV comes with ample storage space for the detached roof pieces due to the fact of no pesky engine taking up the frunk.

Unlike the Wrangler where you have to find a place in your garage or somewhere else to store its detached roof, the Hummer EV allows you to take the roof pieces with you in your truck so that you can easily and quickly reassemble the roof when needed or perhaps if you suddenly come across a downpour.

Speaking of rain, the Hummer EV comes with not two but three windshield wipers to make sure that the extremely wide Hummer EV windshield stays clean during sudden downpours.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

The Hummer EV sports a 5-foot bed with a tailgate that functions as both a step and a speaker compartment which makes the Hummer EV perfect for those tailgating parties you're sure to be invited to once your friends find out you have a Hummer EV. The tow package also comes standard which is no surprise because it is after all a Hummer.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

Stepping into the Hummer EV, GM makes it instantly known that the rugged aesthetic on the exterior was not forgotten on the interior. The seats are two-tone which gives a bit of a high-end feel to the Hummer EV the least GM could do for a vehicle with a base price is $79,995.

Like Tesla before it, the center console sports a large touchscreen that allows control of all the important driving features of the Hummer EV including the 'Watts To Freedom' launch mode which once initiated, drops the suspension and allows the Hummer EV to go from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds.

For context, the Ferrari 488 GTB also goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat. Now let that sink in for a moment. I guess for speed freaks, that could justify the steep price tag of the Hummer EV.

The Hummer EV comes standard with over 1000 hp and 11,500 ft-lb of torque which are some really insane numbers even for a Hummer or any truck for that matter. These numbers are similar to the mid-range Dual Motor Tesla Cybertruck which comes with 10,000 ft-lb of torque but at about half the cost of the Hummer EV's base model. Here's a side-by-side comparison.

GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

The one thing that has persisted about electric vehicles since Tesla came on the scene is that they were sleekly designed, fast, and clean but never rugged and dirty. The Hummer EV destroys that notion once and for all. The Hummer EV is not afraid to get down and dirty while also delivering a touch of class and elegance in its interior styling.

I personally can attest to the fact that I have found myself often in situations where I need to move some large object or dirty cargo from one place to another and all I have is my Tesla model X. Suffice it to say that my Model X now has the scars to prove it.

That’s why as soon as the Tesla Cybertruck was available for pre-order, I placed in my reservation and quickly joined the over 1,000,000 reservations to date for the Tesla Cybertruck. That way I can get the best of best of both worlds i.e. electric mobility and rugged utility.

Now that the Hummer EV is in production, I am tempted to make a reservation there as well. However, when you look at the side-by-side above, you are immediately struck by the difference in value and what you get from a lower priced top-of-the-line Tesla Cybertruck compared to the base model but higher-priced Hummer EV.

One thing Tesla could learn from GM is the cameras embedded in the steering wheel for the Hummer EV. The steering wheel comes with a rear-facing camera inside that can you detect if the driver's attention of face is turned away from the driving position and will alert the driver to stay focused.

This is crucial for the Hummer EV's 'Super Cruise' feature which can be described as a paired-down version of Tesla's Autopilot feature.

GM put a lot of work into the design of the Hummer EV and it definitely shows. I’m very excited to see what the future brings with the Hummer EV and other rugged all-electric trucks in the pipeline. Like most EV owners who have been exclusively all-electric for many years now, I am ready to ditch my luxury premium EV's for more rugged premium EVs and I think the Cybertruck will do it for me.

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