Leaked Tesla Cybertruck Specs

Leaked Official Tesla Cybertruck Specs: How do they compare to other EV trucks on the market?

We analyze the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck's alleged specs to see how it compares to the Ford Lightning and Rivian R1T. The Cybertruck is poised to revolutionize electric vehicles with its 11,000-lb hauling capability and roomy interior with headroom and legroom. This detailed comparison shows the Cybertruck's utility and comfort and sets the path for an exciting future when accessories like the Cyberbackpack match Tesla's groundbreaking technology.
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Introduction to the Electric Pickup Revolution

With the introduction of many electric pickup trucks, the market for electric vehicles (EVs) is expanding quickly. EV aficionados' interest in the Tesla Cybertruck has increased as a result of the latest specification leak. Now let's get into the specifics and compare it to the Ford Lightning, Ram 1500, Rivian R1T, and Ford Maverick, which are its rivals.

leaked tesla cybertruck specs

Here they are in a nice table for your consumption:

Specification Measurement
Overall Length 18.6 feet
Overall Width (no mirrors) 79.9 inches
Overall Width (medium suspension) 70.5 inches
Wheelbase 143 inches
Curb Weight (Dual-Motor) 6,670 lbs
Curb Weight (Tri-Motor) 6,890 lbs
Tow Rating 11,000 lbs
Max Tongue Weight 1,110 lbs
Bed Length 72.8 inches
Bed Width 51 inches
Frunk Volume 7.1 cubic feet
Weight Capacity of Frunk 420 lbs
Headroom Front 41.6 inches
Headroom Rear 39 inches
Legroom Front 41 inches
Legroom Rear 40.9 inches
Shoulder Room Front 63 inches
Shoulder Room Rear 62 inches
Hip Room Front/Rear 57.2 inches


Tesla Cybertruck: The Electric Behemoth

The industry is ablaze with excitement over the recently disclosed details of the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck. It is 79.9 inches in breadth and 18.6 feet overall, so it should be a serious competitor. With a weight of 6,670 lbs, the dual-motor version is the lightest; the tri-motor version weighs slightly more at 6,890 lbs. With a maximum tongue weight of 1,110 lbs, it has a substantial 11,000 lbs towing capacity. In addition, the Cybertruck has a roomy 72.8-inch bed length and a 7.1-cubic-foot frunk space. There is plenty of headroom and legroom inside, making for a comfortable ride.

Here's a handy chard or how the Tesla Cybertruck specs compare to other EV trucks on the market.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs Comparison

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Cybertruck vs. Ford F-150 Lightning

Despite being a formidable competitor in the electric truck market, the Ford F-150 Lightning can only tow 5,000 pounds and go 240 miles before it loses against other vehicles. In contrast, the Cybertruck excels in terms of power and endurance, with a peak range of 500 miles for the highest trim and a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds.

Cybertruck vs. Rivian R1T

While Rivian's R1T can pull just as much as the Cybertruck, it can only carry 1,760 pounds as opposed to the Cybertruck's 3,500 pounds. Although the Cybertruck's standard range is just 300 miles, the R1T's surpasses it with a 500-mile range, indicating Tesla's emphasis on both performance and range.

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Cybertruck vs. Ford Maverick

The Cybertruck can tow 4,000 to 6,000 lbs., but the Ford Maverick can barely manage 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. Although the Cybertruck offers a completely electric alternative, the Maverick's somewhat larger front legroom does not, making Tesla's offering a more forward-thinking option.

Cybertruck vs. Ram 1500

Based on expected specifications, the Ram 1500 is expected to compete directly with the Cybertruck, perhaps providing a towing capability of more than 10,000 pounds and a range of more than 500 miles. If these specifications come to pass, the Ram 1500 may emerge as Tesla's main competitor.

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A Stylish Segue: The Cyberbackpack

The Cyberbackpack gives a fashionable reference to the Cybertruck and a window into the future of personal accessories. The Cyberbackpack is the ideal accessory for the contemporary, tech-savvy person as it blends futuristic style with useful features like anti-theft technology, just like the Cybertruck stands out in its industry.

Plugging into the Future: The Final Verdict on Cybertruck

With its daring look and strong capabilities, the Tesla Cybertruck seems to be leading the way as we transition to an electric vehicle-fueled future. It outperformed the Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Maverick, toeing the line with Rivian R1T's offers, and setting a new standard in the electric pickup truck category with its greater towing capability and possible range. Expectations for the Ram 1500's specifications point to heightened competition, which can only give consumers more power.

The Cybertruck is a statement on wheels and an insight into the mindset of a company known for innovation, not only about carrying and mileage. It is expected to be more than just a car; rather, it will be the flagship of a lifestyle, enhanced by add-ons such as the Cyberbackpack, which combines functionality with a futuristic design.


To sum up, the Tesla Cybertruck is prepared to surpass expectations and take the lead in the battle for electric pickups. It's about the journey towards performance, luxury, and sustainability rather than merely going from point A to point B. The complete tale will be revealed in the final production model, but for now, the Cybertruck is generating buzz and paving the way for future developments in the field of electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the Cybertruck's towing capacity compare to its rivals?

A: With an 11,000 lbs towing capacity, the Cybertruck outperforms the Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Maverick but is on par with the Rivian R1T.

Q: What is the range of the Tesla Cybertruck?

A: The range for the Cybertruck varies by model, from 250 miles for the base model to 500 miles for the top trim.

Q: Does the Cybertruck offer more interior space than its competitors?

A: The Cybertruck provides ample interior space with competitive headroom and legroom, though the Ford Maverick offers slightly more front legroom.

Q: How does the Cyberbackpack relate to the Cybertruck?

A: The Cyberbackpack is inspired by the design and technological innovation of the Cybertruck, offering a complementary lifestyle accessory for the futuristic vehicle.

Here's a deep dive Youtube video on the specs.

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